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Up to the end of Nov 2016 the following stats make interesting reading:

1405 players have played in the World Cricket League (Afghanistan, through Ireland and Scotland, to Zambia) since 2007

Top run aggregateJDJ Frith now 10th dropping from 3rd in 2013 and from 1st in 26 matches, 24 innings, 1234 runs
Top run scorer by position TCR Kimber for #9 with 82*
Batting averageJDJ Frith now up to 1st from 2nd in 2013 and from 4th with 61.7
MWR Stokes is 18th with 45.58
Highest scoreMWR Stokes is 15th with a score of 135*
Most 4s in an inningsL Savident is 12th with 16
Most 4s in calendar yearJDJ Frith 7th in 2009 and now 14th in 2016, in 13 innings scored 50
Most runs in a seasonJDJ Frith is 2nd with 755
Most balls faced in an innings OE Newey faced 148 balls in scoring 129* and is 15th in the list
Top partnershipJDJ Frith and SE Le Prevost now 19th from 18th with 182 v Suriname in 2009 at KGV
Most 100sJDJ Frith up to equal 1st with 3
Most 50sJDJ Frith down to 5th from 1st in 2013 with 11 in 24 innings. (P Gough now 1st with 15 from 51 innings)
Most unusual dismissalsJAJ Nussbaumer the only player to be dismissed Handled the ball. Three others have been out Obstruction of the field.
Top wicket takerJAJ Nussbaumer now up to 11th from 27th with 54
Best bowlingJDJ Frith 32nd with 5-8 v Suriname
Bowling averageMLA Ellis 16th with 143.1 - 25 - 445 - 28 at 15.89
Best economy rateMLA Ellis 12th at 3.11
Top strike rateD Hooper dropped from 1st in 2013 with 16.63 to 27th with 25.59 balls/wicket
Most wickets in calendar yearJDJ Frith dropped to 12th in 2016 from 9th with 24 in 2009
Most 5 wickets in an inningsJAJ Nussbaumer 9th with 2 (8 others have 3 times)
All-roundersJDJ Frith dropped to 9th in 2016 from 2nd in 2013 with 37 wickets and 1234 runs
Most catches by wicketkeeperTCR Kimber 21st
Most catches by fielderJAJ Nussbaumer is 21st with 18 and LB Ferbrache 24th with 17
Most catches in a matchT Kirk 4th with 5
Most catches in a match by a fielderT Kirk 1st with 5
Most catches by wicketkeeper in a matchJC Martin 35th with 4
Most catches in calendar yearR Kneller 22nd with 8 and T Kirk 23rd with 7
Longest serving players(P Gough and B Stevens 15th with 9 years)
Most matches playedJAJ Nussbaumer 36th with 39 games
Captains resultsSE Le Prevost down to 11th from 2nd in 2013 with 16/26 win ratio = 61.5%
Highest umpiring gamesMB Gray 31st with 14 games
Highest team scoreGuernsey 25th with 315 for 3

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