Inter Insular  Wicket partnerships

WicketGuernsey   Jersey  
1st104*1974A Taylor and A Lewis1221992S Blampied and S Carlyon
2nd1032017M Stokes and O Newey1232012N Watkins and B Stevens
3rd1511976W Barrett and R Mills1321996T Carlyon and W Jenner
4th1412011J Frith and S Le Prevost721979S Burrow and T Forster
5th1221953H Stone and W Druce1131976D Hunt and M Weaver
6th911996G Tapp and G Kimber86*1978D Breed and M Weaver
7th581968P Le Cocq and B Hill732001D Gorman and C Douglas
8th721987A Tapp and I Damarell771966R Pearce and D Billingham
9th571959J Tranter and C Eley232006T Minty and D Morfee
10th301954J Brache and V Chapell351969R Howeson and B Thorp
1st112018J Butler and L Barker232018B Ward and J Jenner
2nd82018J Butler and Z Damarell82018B Ward and B Stevens
3rd112018M Stokes and Z Damarell81*2018H Carlyon and C Bisson
4th292018B Ferbrache and Z Damarell82018H Carlyon and C Bisson
5th422018T Nightingale and M Stokes372018D Blampied and C Bisson
6th592018B Ferbrache and L Le Tissier382018J Jenner and J Sumerauer
7th92018B Ferbrache and J Martel122018B Kynman and D Blampied
8th72018B Ferbrache and D Hooper122018B Kynman and J Sumerauer
9th132018B Ferbrache and A Stokes23*2018B Kynman and C Perchard
10th152018A Stokes and D Hooperx2018