Inter Insular  Timeline

Time line of important milestones in the Guernsey / Jersey Inter-Insular matches

1950    First Inter-Insular match played at Elizabeth College

1951    First match at Victoria College

1952    Jersey failed to turn up for match

1953    Highest aggregate of 492 runs scored in 113.1 overs



1956    Jersey failed to select a side for the match



1959    R F B O’Callaghan (Bush) scored 105

1960    D Le Marquand becomes 50th player to appear for Jersey. Guernsey award caps for first time

1961    P Le Cocq becomes 50th player to appear for Guernsey

1962    Stan Cleal scores 103




1966    First sponsorship – Players Gold Leaf Trophy



1969    Guernsey dismissed for 47





1974    Guernsey won by 10 wickets


1976    J Holmes becomes 100th player for Jersey, R Mills and W Barrett put on record 151 for 3rd wicket


1978    Sponsor changed to Haig Scotch Whisky, limited over matches and man-of-the-match introduced


1980    First match at Grainville, Jersey dismissed for their lowest score of 96

1981    K Clark becomes 100th player for Guernsey








1989    Sponsor now Carlsberg Lager, Stuart MacKay scores 100*

1990    Warren Barrett plays in record 23rd match and achieves highest aggregate with 523 runs

1991    Barry Middleton plays last match having claimed a record 51 wickets


1993    Chris Searson claims 9 wickets for 46, M Smith becomes 150th player to appear for Jersey

1994    Tetley Bitter become sponsors



1997    First match at KGV

1998    Flemings now sponsors, Ralph Anthony plays in his 23rd consecutive match



2001    Jersey won for 10th consecutive time

2002    Deutsche Bank sponsor for one year

2003    Cherry Godfrey take over as sponsor, T Duke becomes 150th player for Guernsey

2004    Bowlers limited to 10 overs

2005    Jersey and Guernsey become Affiliate members of ICC, Guernsey score a record 284, highest         aggregate of 479 runs scored in 93.2 overs since limited overs

2006    HSBC become sponsors

2007    Jersey gain Associate status with ICC

2008    Guernsey gain Associate status with ICC

2009    Lee Savident scores 102*

2010    Marlborough latest sponsors and coloured clothing first introduced

2011    Jeremy Frith scores 129

2012    Jersey won by 9 wickets. Guernsey total 10 000 runs in Inter Insular matches

2013    Jersey total 10 000 runs in Inter-Insular matches

2014    NatWest sponsor. First game at Farmers Field

2015    Odey Wealth sponsor. First game at Port Soif. E Miles becomes 200th player for Jersey. 50th year of sponsorship

2016    No sponsor (Jersey responsibility). P Gough became captain of Jersey most times. P Gough became 1st player on either side to score 3 consecutive half centuries (2014-2016)

2017    Odey Wealth sponsor. C Perchard captain of Jersey for first time. M Stokes and O Newey set new Guernsey partnership record for 2nd wicket of 103 after 44 years.

2018    No longer format game.

T20 Infra Tech sponsor for first time. J Butler captain of Guernsey for first time. New format of three T20 games to form part of both countries preparation for the European T20 qualifiers to be played in the Netherlands later in the month.

2019    This was the first year that there were three T20 games played in preparation for the European T20 finals as well as the longer format game. Ollie Newey became the 29th captain for Guernsey. It was the first game to be decided by the D/L/S system after a rain interruption after the first innings. C Bisson and N Greenwood set new Jersey partnership record for 4th wicket of 75 after 40 years.