Inter InsularĀ  Wicket partnerships

Partnerships in Inter-Insulars       
1st104*1974A Taylor and A Lewis1221992S Blampied and S Carlyon
2nd1032017M Stokes and O Newey1232012N Watkins and B Stevens
3rd1511976W Barrett and R Mills1321996T Carlyon and W Jenner
4th1412011J Frith and S Le Prevost752019C Bisson and N Greenwood
5th1221953H Stone and W Druce208*2023J Jenner and Z Tribe
6th911996G Tapp and G Kimber86*1978D Breed and M Weaver
7th581968P Le Cocq and B Hill732001D Gorman and C Douglas
8th721987A Tapp and I Damarell771966R Pearce and D Billingham
9th571959J Tranter and C Eley232006T Minty and D Morfee
10th301954J Brache and V Chapell351969R Howeson and B Thorp

Int Ins T20WktRunsGuernsey30+  WktRunsJersey30+ 
2018 a5th31T NightingaleandB Ferbrache5th37C BissonandD Blampied
2018 b6th59L Le TissierandB Ferbrache6th38J JennerandJ Sumerauer
2018 c5th42T NightingaleandM Stokes3rd73*C BissonandH Carlyon
2019 a8th36A StokesandD Hooper
2019 b3rd63J ButlerandM Stokes2nd79N FerrabyandB Stevens
3rd52N FerrabyandD Blampied
2019 c2nd50H CarlyonandB Stevens
4th37C BissonandD Blampied
2022 a4th58B FerbracheandM Stokes1st50H CarlyonandN Greenwood
2nd34A TribeandN Greenwood
5th84*J SumerauerandD Blampied
2022 b3rd40J ButlerandM Stokes2nd84A TribeandH Carlyon
4th62J SumerauerandJ Jenner
2022 c1st70Z DamarellandL Le Tissier3rd85A TribeandJ Jenner
4th43T NightingaleandM Stokes
2023a6th31T NightingaleandO Nightingale1st106H CarlyonandC Brennan
2023b2nd43T NightingaleandB Fitchet4th42J LawrensonandJ Jenner
7th49*H CarlyonandD Blampied
MostM Stokes5D Blampied5
B Ferbrache3C Bisson3
T Nightingale5J Jenner4
H Carlyon5
A Tribe3
J Sumerauer3