David Nussbaumer

David has always been a keen supporter of local cricket. Although he never achieved the distinction of representing his island at senior level his son Jamie is a regular member of the side. David’s father Tony Nussbaumer moved to Guernsey from his native Austria as a young waiter in 1956. Although kept busy establishing an enviable reputation in the Guernsey tourism and hospitality industry, Tony found just a little time to meet and marry local girl Margaret. After years of hard work and dedication Tony and Margaret developed two of Guernsey’s finest hotels: La Hougue Fouque Farm Country Hotel (now The Farmhouse Hotel) and The Cobo Bay Hotel. David, together with his wife Julie, and now their two sons, Jamie and Luke, personally oversee the family business thus continuing the tradition of excellence laid down by Tony some 50 years ago. David was educated at Elizabeth College where his love of sport and involvement was fostered. He became President of the Guernsey Football Association but his relinquishing of that position has been replaced by his elevation to the Chairman of the Guernsey Cricket Board. David is renowned for his hospitality and bonhomie and is a familiar sight on cricket fields, home and abroad, especially with a barbecue and glass of wine nearby.

From an article by Sportsprom in the Guernsey Press in December 2012

“NEW Guernsey Cricket Board chairman David Nussbaumer describes local cricket as starting on a ‘fourth innings’ as he spearheads a new-look team to take Guernsey cricket forward.”

Nussbaumer, a former chairman of the Guernsey Football Association, said both the appointment of a full-time Director of Cricket, and the re-structuring of the board will determine the future of the game in Guernsey, with successes at home and further afield ensuring continued ICC funding and juniors flowing through the GCB Player Pathway.

In the wake of appointing Nic Pothas as Director of Cricket, Nussbaumer said while GCB are proud of the progression of island cricket in recent years they are guarding against any notion of slipping into complacency.

The apparent desire to drag local cricket out of its comfort zone brings a breath of fresh air. ‘We have all come along way in a very short space of time, but there is so much more we can achieve. At the top we must become more professional both on and off the field in order that we can continue to punch above our weight,’ Nussbaumer said.

‘We see our island as “25 square miles big” and will continue to make use of all the resources and great facilities available to us here. ‘The ICG and Jon Ravenscroft’s vision is evidence as to how serious we are about playing at the very top table of the game.

‘Players will need to be fitter, faster and better prepared and as a business we must be professional, efficient and even more focused on the challenges that lay ahead.’ The addition of Jon Ravenscroft, Pete Vidamour and Dave Brooks to the GCB Board strengthens an already high calibre team sheet and suggest that the GCB remains well up for the game. It is, indeed, quite remarkable how the domestic game has changed. From a ‘first innings’ built upon volunteers and an attitude embedded within a amateur ethos contesting games such as the inter-insular, progressing through to a ‘second innings’ of gaining ECB membership and MCC visits, Guernsey Cricket moved into the current ‘third innings’ with membership of ICC, first as an Affiliate and now Associate Member, driven by the work of Dave Piesing. This brought overseas cricket and teams from around the world to Guernsey and established the island on the world cricket map, competing as far away as in Malaysia and Singapore.

Nussbaumer points out that, ‘the final innings’, though, is now the most crucial one, and if played correctly, will see Guernsey cricket firmly embedded in the ICC ‘Global Game Pathway’. If not, then unfortunately, we will be facing a less than certain future. For that reason new GCB chairman is convinced that appointing a full-time Director of Cricket was vital. ‘To have got to where we have today has been phenomenal considering the challenges we face relative to the countries we compete against. ‘The efforts in this period of Dave Piesing, Andy Cornford and the players now demand that we aim even higher and look to compete with the likes of the Netherlands, ranked 12th in the world, and, as a minimum, for Guernsey to become at least fourth ranked in the ICC European region. ‘To achieve this, we will be looking for the drive and passion we saw in Nic Pothas to run throughout all of our players and the GCB.’

While excited about the prospects of international cricket with the ICC, both the new chairman and GCB CEO Mark Latter also recognise the need for an inclusive cricket programme here in the Bailiwick that gives everyone the chance to shine. The GCB Appleby CATS initiative goes from strength to strength working in all local schools while the women’s and disability cricket programmes have also seen great successes. Coupled with this the GCB has formed a Domestic Cricket Committee to look after the local game with divisional representatives created to ensure clubs get a voice in their game.

The GCB will also look to work further with current and future local sponsors and partners such as Elizabeth College and the Lord’s Taverners so as to ensure that the success and growth of local cricket and the national team is best served. CEO Mark Latter is optimistic. ‘We are fortunate to have the support of so many on the island for what we are trying to achieve. ‘They clearly see and share our vision and ideals for this sport which requires dedication and discipline but still importantly, having fun. ‘Our aim is to provide both excellent sportsman and young people with a respect for their island and community.’

To that effect, both Latter and Nussbaumer sincerely hope they can convince the island’s politicians too that local sport now provides a tremendous window to the
world on what Guernsey has to offer. ‘The successes of Matt Le Tissier, Heather Watson, Lee Merrien, Andy Priaulx and Carl Hester, to name but a few, put Guernsey on the world map. As important to us, though, is the fact that at home we help get people up, out and fit, and we really do hope that this is recognised by all of our deputies, even in these times of austerity,’ said Latter. ‘Now is not the time to be cutting sports funding without looking at the bigger picture.’

Nussbaumer picked up further on this theme. ‘When I was in Singapore with the team in February it was clear that the guys felt proud .to represent their island and acted as true ambassadors. ‘Anyone wishing to support us further along the pathway can be certain that both the GCB and the players will do them proud.’

The Vision for Guernsey Cricket:

To see Guernsey Cricket firmly embedded within the ICC in all forms of the game available to it.

To provide cricket for all and provide a pathway that allows everyone to reach the level their talents deserve.

To see the Guernsey Cricket brand recognised across the world of cricket.

To achieve these goals, the GCB Strategic Plan will:

(i) enthuse, cajole, inspire and innovate to make the very most of the resources available to it;

(ii) see small is big and push beyond the boundaries in whatever they do;

(iii) provide all within Guernsey Cricket the leadership, opportunity and trust to succeed and realise joint goals;

(iv) never assume the job is done;

(v) to be financially stable;

(vi) to increase the participation base whilst providing a successful Elite Playing Performance Pathway; and

(vii) to operate in an environment that adheres to good Governance and Compliance Principles.

‘New GCB chairperson sought as Nussbaumer steps down’

By Gareth Le Prevost    Guernsey Evening Press        5th November 2020

After nearly eight years in the role, on top of many more years involved with the GCB and the preceding Guernsey Cricket Association, he will not be standing for re-election at the annual meeting next month.

David Nussbaumer             Guernsey Evening Press

‘On behalf of the board we would all like to thank David for his time, input and energies overseeing a period when Guernsey Cricket took on our first full-time head coach, expanded the development team, moved into the world of international T20 cricket and ended with a new National Squad sponsorship deal,’ said GCB chief executive Mark Latter.

Nussbaumer said he had too many fond memories from his tenure to list them all, but seeing the island punch above its weight on the international stage made him particularly proud.

‘The main highlights for me have been twofold really – what we have managed to achieve in world cricket and, on a personal note, having the opportunity to present Jamie [his son] with the Inter-Insular Trophy at Port Soif when we beat Jersey the last time,’ Nussbaumer said.

‘Seeing local cricketers raise their capabilities and put in brilliant performances against top-quality opposition is always memorable.

‘From a self-satisfaction viewpoint, we did have financial difficulties when I joined the board but now we have a reserve and are well set moving forward.

‘I am very grateful to Mark Latter, who I think has done a fantastic job as CEO, my fellow board members and many others for their help.

‘We have been lucky to have lovely, dedicated people who have done their best for Guernsey cricket. From the coaches like Nic Pothas – whose first year in the role was probably the most professional we have ever been – as well as Andy Cornford and Ash Wright, to the groundstaff like Stuart Le Prevost at the KGV where the facilities are second to none and Phil Roussel at the College Field which he has looking magnificent.

‘There’s too many to mention really.’

Nussbaumer added that he believes his successor will have exciting times ahead.

‘I would like to see us moving back up the ladder internationally. We have been through a transition period and other countries continue to get stronger, but in the summer we saw that there are positive signs there,’ he said.

Members of the GCB have been speaking to potential candidates and the process also allows anyone seeking to fill the role to ‘throw their cap’ into the ring.

‘Whilst we believe we are in a good place currently, despite all that is going on in the world, we recognise the need to always be challenged and the value that scrutiny brings so will be looking for someone who can bring this to the role over the next few years,’ Latter said

At the AGM the board will also be nominating Philippa Stahelin to be elected as an overseer with a specific role in ensuring the growth of the Women and Girls Programme continues apace.

Stahelin is a Guernsey national team player and is also well known with her involvement at Headway Guernsey based at KGV.