Rob Batiste’s ‘The Big Book of Guernsey Sport – Top 100’

The following Cricketers are included in Rob’s book –

#22 Colin Gervaise-Brazier

‘Gerve’ as he was known went to Elizabeth College. A true sportsman when one considers that he played soccer for St Martins and the Island, cricket for Harlequins, St Martins and St Saviours and the Island, basketball at island level, captained Guernsey in swimming and water polo, a good middle distance runner and driving a Class One powerboat in 5 World Championship events and became British Champion twice. He made 19 Muratti appearances in soccer and 2 in cricket. In 1968 he took 2 for 40 in a rain abandoned match, and 2 for 48 in a drawn match in 1972.

#23 John Le Lievre

He went to Elizabeth College and was an excellent sportsman. He is best known for his achievements on the squash court where he represented England but it was while he was still at school that he won his first Inter-Insular cap. He took 2 for 38 in the drawn 1973 match, 1 for 15 in a 10-wicket win in 1974 and 1 for 36 in the high-scoring draw in 1976.

#27 Lee Savident

Lee was a product of the Grammar School and it was while he was there that he first came to the attention of Hampshire. Besides cricket he was an able goalkeeper in soccer and a good basketball player at Island level. Domestically he scored 1409 points in a short career with the highest average of 30 points per game. He played 8 Inter-Insular matches and is one of only 4 players to have scored a hundred. He also took 6 wickets. He represented Hampshire CCC. On his return to the island it was in the ICC European and World Cricket League that he excelled. Overall he scored 1560 runs, second in the list, and took 45 wickets in 51 appearances.

#30 Jeremy Frith

Jeremy Frith was the finest all-round cricketer Guernsey has had. For a decade he was the central figure in a successful side. Overall he scored a record 2640 runs with 19 fifties and 6 centuries, he took 105 wickets with his left-arm spin and took 35 catches in his 66 appearances. In Inter-Insular matches he scored 516 runs in his 13 appearances, took 25 wickets and 12 catches. He also represented Derbyshire 2nd XI, Gloucestershire 2nd XI and Berkshire. He is honoured with one of the seats at KGV.

#33 Warren Barrett

The finest all-rounder to play for Guernsey post war. He firstly played for Gloucestershire 2nd XI but when he took up a teaching appointment in the island he dominated the local cricket scene. He was an island regular for 23 years from 1961 and scored 523 runs, being the highest total to date, as well as 50 wickets with his vicious off-spin bowling, his best being 7 for 52. He represented Optimists, Rovers, Cobo and St Saviours and won every domestic trophy there was. Had he played in the era of ICC cricket he would have revelled in the challenge. He is also rightly honoured with one of the seats at KGV.

#40 John Martel

John was mainly a soccer man although attending Elizabeth College. He played in the great Rangers side and was capped several times. During the summer when he was not teaching he played cricket and turned out 3 times for the Island, firstly in 1974. He scored 70 runs in those appearances. He has a plaque on a bench at KGV.

#60 Roger Self

He went to Elizabeth College and became a hockey player to a high level. He made his mark as a coach to the Great Britain side that won gold at the Seoul Olympics. He played 4 times in Inter-Insular cricket, the first being in 1958. He scored 105 runs and took 10 wickets. He was awarded the OBE for his hockey services.

#79 Robin Roussel

A product of Elizabeth College Robin was one of the finest all-round sportsmen in their history. He played hockey, soccer in the Priaulx league, and Inter-Insular cricket. In his 13 appearances he scored 303 runs. He maintained his influence in cricket when he continued to coach the younger generation. He was also a recipient of one of the benches at KGV.

#80 Vernon Collenette

Another from the Elizabeth College stables. He was a very fine athlete especially in the long jump and sprinting. He played cricket for the island on 3 occasions, scoring 36 runs and taking 1 wicket. He captained the island team on each of those matches.

#91 Pierre Le Cocq

An outstanding all-rounder from Elizabeth College, Pierre excelled at hockey and cricket. He played 22 times for the island and scored 410 runs and took 25 wickets with his canny seam bowling. Another player who features on a bench at KGV.

#97 Stuart Mackay

Stuart was at Elizabeth College when he was selected to play for the island side after scoring centuries against Victoria College in Jersey. A dream debut when he scored a century at College Field in 1989. Overall he played 3 times and scored 149 runs. Whilst at Oxford University he played soccer and skiing to a high level.