Jeremy Frith

2011 final frith manoftournament

Jeremy winning one of his many ICC awards

Jeremy came to the island as a coach and lived and breathed cricket. He was known as ‘Mr Cricket’ a term now overtaken by maturing years and settling into a married lifestyle.

His record speaks for itself, he has been the backbone of Guernsey cricket for a decade and his stats are truly amazing. He must be rated as one of the very best to have represented Guernsey.

He was capped in 2001, #123. At Inter-Insular level he has scored 499 runs at an average of 62.4 with 129 being his highest in 2011 at KGV. He has bowled 85-7-271-21 with a strike rate of 12.9 and an economy rate of 3.2 in his 11 appearances. He has been the man-of-the-match 4 times, has taken 12 catches including 3 in the match in 2002.

In ICC European 50 over tournaments he has scored 491 runs since Guernsey began playing in 2006. His bowling is 115-20-321-25 at an average of 12.8 and an economy rate of 2.8 in 14 matches with 10 catches.

In ICC European T20 matches he has scored 114 runs since 2011 at 22.8 and bowled 25-0-151-10 at an economy rate of 6. Best performances have been 100 v Germany and 109 against Norway, 5 for 25 v France and 4 for 18 v Croatia.

In the World Cricket League he has scored 1234 runs at an average of 61.7 in 24 innings. He has bowled 213-28-772-37 at a strike rate of 20.9 and an economy rate of 3.6, with 11 catches in his 26 appearances. The best performances have been 101 v Nigeria, 106 v Suriname and 101 v Malaysia while bowling is 4-2-8-5 v Suriname and 10-4-16-3 v Malaysia.

As of February 2012 out of 958 people who have played in the World Cricket League he is 1st in the aggregate of runs, 4th in average, is 5th in the number of centuries scored and 1st in the number of 50s. He holds, with Stuart Le Prevost, the highest partnership of 182 v Suriname. He is 2nd in the list of all-rounders. His best bowling is 5 for 8 against Suriname.

In 2002 Jeremy was voted Player-of-the-year and not surprisingly this was repeated in 2008,2009 and 2010. He was voted one of the GCB Cricketers-of-the-year in 2010 and 2012.

Not unexpectedly he is included in Rob Batiste’s best XI and without doubt is a cricketer of the highest calibre seen in recent years.

Jeremy was listed 30th in the All time Top 100 Guerney Sporting Heroes  by Rob Batiste in his Big Book of Guernsey Sport, published in 2016.