Miles Dobson

Miles started his career as a schoolboy at Elizabeth College when he played for Rovers before moving to Optimists later. His right-arm in-swing bowling, especially with the Kookaburra ball, was prodigious. Nowadays under strict interpretations of the Laws many of his deliveries would be classed as ‘wides’ but back in the 70s and 80s he was unplayable with the ball starting outside off stump and swinging away down the leg side. He must have been one of the fastest bowlers produced in Guernsey and generated considerable pace from a relatively short run-up. He was lethal on the bitumen tracks at KGV and later the ruberoid pitches.

He played in many of the GCA v JCL games as well as 13 appearances in the Inter-Insular matches. He was voted Young player-of-the-year in 1976 and was capped the following year, #68. His bowling record is 162-40-428-25 at a strike rate of 19.9 and an economy rate of 2.6 including two best performances in 1982 with 15.3-5-37-6 and a comeback game in 1991 with 18.1-3-37-6.

Another outstanding player who made Rob Batiste’s best XI in 2009

Everyone has probably seen his trades van – “Better by Miles”