ICC Europe T20 Division 1 Sussex 2013

Guernsey v Italy

Played at Horsham on11th July 2013
ICC European Division 1
Toss won by Italy who elected to field
Result Italy beat Guernsey by 29 runs
Match Referee R Holyer
Umpires A Dowdalls (Scotland), S Chandiramani (Gibraltar) 3rd: D Kenworthy (Isle of Man)

Italy InningsHow outBowlerRunsBalls4s6sS/R BowlerOvMdnRunWktWdNbE/R
D Maragec&bb Nussbaumer01000Nussbaumer40361209.0
+A Northcotest Kimberb Ellis272221122.7Martel303520011.7
P Petricolac Martelb Stokes693084230Frith40320108.0
*D Crowleyst Kimberb Ellis111110100Stokes40311007.8
C Sandrib Ellis01000Ellis41154003.8
A Bonorarun out(Frith/Kimber)780087.5Hooper101100011.0
M Rasoc Nussbaumerb Martel272511108
SMW Fernandoc Martelb Ellis04000
G Munasingherun out(Nussbaumer/Martel)13141092.9
D Arsakulasuriyanot out3200150
L Di Giglioc Frithb Martel02000
Extras(b0, lb2, nb0, w3, p0)5
Totalall outin 20 overs162at 8.1 runs per over
Fall of wickets
1-1 (Marage,0.1 overs), 2-94( Petricola,8.2 overs) ,3-106( Northcote,9.3 overs), 4-106( Sandri,9.4 overs), 5-115(Crowley,11.5 overs), 6-121( Bonora,13.1 overs), 7-121(SMW Fernando, 13.5 overs), 8-159( Munasinghe, 19. 1 overs), 9-159( Raso, 19.2 overs), 10-162(Di Giglio, 19.6 overs)

Guernsey InningsHow OutBowlerRunsBalls426sS/R BowlerOvMdnRunsWktsWdNbE/R
L Barkerb Munasinghe571071.4Munasinghe40172104.25
J Frithc Northcoteb Crowley353051116.7Crowley40152003.75
I Damarellb Sandri242212109.1Sandri40301007.5
R Knellerc&bCrowley10901111.1Arsakulasuriya40282107.0
D Hooperc Petricolab Marage8150053.3Marage30241108.0
GH Smitb Munasinghe181430128.6Di Giglio101000010.0
*J Nussbaumerc Northcoteb Arsakulasuriya250040.0
+T Kimberc Petricolab Arsakulasuriya151020150.0
M Stokesnot out360050.0
J Martelnot out120050.0
M Ellisdnb
Extras(b0, lb9, nb0 ,w3, p0)12
Totalfor 8 wickets in 20 overs133at 6.65 runs per over
Fall of wickets
1-13(Barker, 2.1ov), 2-72(Damarell, 9.4ov), 3-74(Frith,10.3ov), 4-86(Kneller,12.3ov), 5-100(Hooper, 15,2ov), 6-111(Smit, 16.3ov), 7-113 (Nussbaumer, 17.2ov), 8-130(Kimber, 19.3ov)


‘Guernsey’s Italian job’ by Rob Batiste

ITALY already look the team to beat this week in Sussex, but Nic Pothas has no doubt that his men can overcome the side who lead the way in group A, two points clear of Guernsey. The two unbeaten sides in the group meet on the Horsham second pitch this morning and having watched the Italians overwhelm the tiring Norwegians at Preston Nomads on Tuesday, the Guernsey coach will work on a game plan to beat them.

‘At this level, they are a very good team and have all the bases covered,’ he said. ‘They are obviously a pretty well-drilled team who come together from all over the world. They have a couple of Aussies and South Africans, who are massively competitive individuals who don’t like losing. But we have a definite game plan for them.’

Pothas reflected that the ease of the opening victories against Norway and Austria had put them in something of a catch-22 situation. ‘We’ve got some nice momentum going but the only negative is that we have won by seven and nine wickets and other guys haven’t had a hit yet.’

Of the 14 here, two – Ollie Newey and Matt Breban – have yet to get a game in the competition, although they both played in the warm-ups in Eastbourne.
Pothas would like to use all the squad at some point, but is promising nothing on that score. ‘We hope to get everyone a [group] game, but the bottom line is to get the best team out there.’ After the clash with the Italians, Guernsey face Gibraltar this afternoon. Back-to-back wins would all-but guarantee Guernsey a place in the semi-finals.

• ICC Europe in partnership with Quipu have announced a live streaming package for the Pepsi ICC European Division One Championship Finals Day at Hove on Saturday. In addition, selected matches from each of the day’s play are available on the highlights package shown on the ICC Europe YouTube channel and on the tournament website. Live streaming of both semi-finals and the final under floodlights at The BrightonandHovejobs.com County Ground on Saturday will be available for viewing across Europe at ICC Europe TV.

Guernsey Press

‘Italy show their strength’     by Rob Batiste

2013 Horsham ground

The ground at Horsham                                ICC/CricketEurope

THE Italians were always going to take some beating and so it proved. Guernsey gave them a few worries – particularly the excellent Max Ellis who took four for 15 – but ultimately the tournament favourites, in most people’s eyes other than, probably, the Danes, had too much depth in both batting and bowling departments.
Requiring a shade over eight an over to end the Italians’ flying start to the week, for a decent part of their run chase Guernsey were in the hunt. To be fair, Guernsey had done well just to get back into the match after the blues made a rapid start after the shock of losing their opener in Jamie Nussbaumer’s opening over.

2013 hooper italy

David Hooper                     ICC/CricketEurope

Second ball he had Dinidu Marage beaten for pace on the hook and the bowler took a simple caught and bowled. Peter Petricola was then totally beaten for pace by a shortish delivery which whistled under his chin through to Kimber. The captain was working up an impressive head of steam, but speed has its downsides, too, and when players like Petricola flash hard, the ball can go far, emphasised when he edged high over third man for six just out of the fielder’s reach.

2013 Martel italy

Jordon Martel                      ICC/CricketEurope

Young Jordon Martel felt the heat of the challenge from the start of his spell. His third ball was deposited high over long on by the left-hander who then followed it by smashing a slow full toss for four through wide long on and then cut another four through point. Italy were flying at 27 off two.

2013 stokes italy

Matt Stokes                               ICC/CricketEurope

Nussbaumer bowled a fine second over which yielded just two until the final ball when Damian Crowley drove him for a sweet four through cover to make it another agreeable over for the Italians who then got stuck into Martel, the right-handed Crowley going down the track and depositing him straight back over the bowler for another maximum. The two Australians were clearly intent on attacking the youngster and, in fairness, both looked very fine players. The fourth over ended with 47 on the board. Frith missed an under-arm run out attempt after Petricola slipped mid pitch and if he was not feeling bad about that miss, he will have been fuming when he allowed a cover drive slip through his fingers for four next ball. Petricola then swung a shortish leg-side ball out of Kimber’s reach for four and when Nussbaumer pitched it up next ball Petricola clobbered him for a massive six over long on. Italy were 63 for one after five and Petri cola’s 50 came up early in the next as he tucked Frith off his hip for a single. With 75 leaked from the first six overs, the Greens were in dire need of salvation of some sort or they faced chasing a total in excess of 200.

Matt Stokes started well but after just three singles his last ball was deposited high over mid wicket for another big six. There was no respite for the Guernseymen and boys until Stokes’ second over when Petricola, having hauled another four through two boundary fielders, cut the ball straight into the hands of Martel at short third man for 65. There was palpable relief in the Greens’ camp, but the runs kept coming at a very decent rate for those following their side back in Naples, Rome and Australia.

2013 martel catch italy

Catch in the deep by Jordon Martel                    ICC/CricketEurope

The hundred came up at the end of the ninth at which point Ellis replaced Frith and although hit for four second ball after more miss fielding, this time by the captain on the long-off boundary, Kimber produced some very neat work to stump the opener Andrew Northcote down the leg side and next ball bowled Carl Sandri as he tried to hit one of the passing trains beyond the midwicket boundary. At 113 after 11, Ellis had a confident shout for leg before rejected, but before the over was out he had drawn Crowley down the wicket and Kimber completed a second stumping.

2013 crowley st kimber b ellis italy

Neat piece of stumping from Tom Kimber to get rid of Crowley                      ICC/CricketEurope

Italy were suddenly five down, followed an over later by the loss of a sixth as a mid wicket misunderstanding and Frith’s throw to the keeper sent back Alessandro Bonora. In the same over Ellis collected his third wicket as Damian Fernando jumped out of his crease and spooned a high ball towards extra cover where Martel ran forward and completed a fine catch. Italy had slipped to 121 for seven in 14.

Ellis blotted his copybook with a piece of fielding more reminiscent of an England International left- arm spinner of yesteryear now a celebrity, but Guernsey had wrested back control and with five overs remaining Italy were way off the 180-plus they had wanted, at 128 for five.

They eventually edged their way up to 162, which Nussbaumer’s men will have settled for after the early pyrotechnics. Guernsey were in with a chance. As per normal, Frith and Barker opened and with an inside edge past leg stump off the fourth ball Guernsey ended the opening over bowled by the dangerous Gayashan Munasinghe. Five without loss. A further seven came off the second, but at the start of the third Munasinghe bowled Barker playing across the line and he gave Frith a severe testing as the third ended on 18 for one helped along by four leg byes. Damarell welcomed the leg spinner by hitting his first ball straight for six and then forcing him off the back foot for two through the covers.

2013 barker bowled italy

Lucas Barker bowled                   ICC/CricketEurope

Italy replaced main man Munasinghe and his replacement was soon being pulled for four and six by Frith and Guernsey ended the fifth more or less up with the rate at 38 for one. Damarell joined in the six hitting fun with a second maximum which took the total to 46 off six. Just two came off the next and the 50 came up in the eighth, but the introduction of the left-arm seamer for the ninth brought two boundaries and the over ended with 63 on the board.
Guernsey were in a half decent position, which improved as Frith started the 10th with a crisply swept four all along the ground, which he repeated next ball, albeit a touch more aerially. But in the same over Damarell was bowled trying to force off the back foot. It could soon have been worse, but Kneller got a major reprieve when he swept high to mid wicket and the boundary patroller put it down – a bad miss.

2013 damarell italy

Zak Damarell                                  ICC/CricketEurope

Halfway was reached with 73 on the board, but then Frith’s attempted lap flew up off his shoulder and the keeper took a sprawling catch. Kneller swept a six over mid wicket as Guernsey ended the 12th on 84, but he then hit an airy drive straight back at the bowler and Guernsey were, for the first time in the week, four down.

Could GH Smit overcome his rustiness? He would need to, but it was perhaps unrealistic to expect him to. The 15th was reached with Guernsey sitting on 99 and the rate up to 12 over before the skipper was brought to the crease as Hooper fell to a stunning catch in the deep. Smit crunched one four in the 16th over, but the task was getting harder by the minute and the introduction of Munasinghe was not likely to make it easier. So it turned out. Smit smote one four through wicket but next ball had his stumps flattened by a full-pitched ball of almost yorker length. Kimber threw the bat as best as he could and found the boundary a couple of times, but the game was now up. Italy had deservedly lived up to their billing.