European T10 Cricket Championship

Guernsey v Croatia

on 28th September 2023 at Cartana Oval, Malaga

Toss won by Guernsey who elected to bat
Umpires: Nirmal Singh (ITA), Charles Croucher (CZE) and Asad Ali (ITA)
Referee: Shubh Navjot Anand (HUN )

Guernsey won by 78 runs

Guernsey innings  RunsBalls4s6sS/R Croatia BowlingOvMdnRunsWktNBWDE/R
Zak Damarell +c Davidovicb Maheshwari702866250Jared Newton203400417
Ben Fitchetc Bosnjakb Thakur6301200Jai Thakur202520212.5
Tom Nightingalec Svilicicb Thakur02000Nikola Davidovic203710218.5
Matt Stokes *c Bosnjakb Davidovic17612283.33Aman Maheshwari203810119
Josh Butlerc Maheshwarib Khan281051280Naseem Khan203310016.5
Ollie Nightingalenot out19712271.42
Alex Bushellnot out12411300
Nathan Le Tissierdnb
Adam Marteldnb
David Hooperdnb
Luke Bicharddnb
Extras(B0, LB3, W15, NB0)18
Total(for 5 wkts at 17 runs / over)170
Fall of Wickets:27-1 (B. Fitchet, 1.3 Overs) 27-2 (T. Nightingale, 1.5 Overs) 68-3 (M. Stokes, 4.3 Overs) 126-4 (J. Butler, 7.5 Overs) 145-5 (Z. Damarell, 8.5 Overs)

Croatia innings  RunsBalls4s6sS/R Guernsey bowlingOvMdnRunsWktNBWDE/R
Jared Newton *c O Nightingaleb Stokes633456185.29Luke Bichard20140007
David Lambasab Hooper171630106.25Matt Stokes202010110
Jai Thakurnot out8710114.28Tom Nightingale20140107
Aman Maheshwaric T Nightingaleb Hooper130033.33Adam Martel202700013.5
Nikola Davidovicnot out1100100David Hooper20172008.5
Naseem Khandnb
Mate Jukicdnb
Vedran Zankodnb
Josip Jukicdnb
Damir Svilicicdnb
Petar Bosnjak +dnb
Extras (B0, LB0, WD1, NB1)2
Total(for 3 wkts at 9.2 runs/ov)92
Fall of Wickets75-1 (D. Lambasa, 7.5 Overs) 88-2 (J. Newton, 9 Overs) 91-3 (A. Maheshwari, 9.5 Overs)


‘Batters aiming to make hay in Malaga’    Gareth Le Prevost   Guernsey Press  27 Sept 2023

Batters prepare to go ballistic but bowlers beware. That is the message from Guernsey vice-captain Tom Nightingale as the island squad make their European Cricket Championship debut tomorrow in Spain. The Sarnians are in Group B and will face Croatia, Bulgaria, Belgium and old foes Jersey over the next three days with tha ain of topping the group to reach Championship week in the 31-nation tournament at Cartama Oval in Malaga.

‘It really is exciting to go and play for Guernsey and the standard is going to be really, really good,’ Nightingale told the Guernsey Press Sports Podcast before the team headed out yesterday. ‘Obviously we’ve got a quite group that we’re going into, but we’re going to give it our best and there’s no reason why we can’t hopefully get to the Champions Week.’ Nightingale is one member of several members of the Guernsey squad with European Champions League experience, having played for Indies this year in the club tournament that runs to the same format as the ECC. He believes that should stand the national squad in good stead. ‘For a batter like myself it’s quite enjoyable. Bowling is tough work there,’ he said. ‘But luckily, Griffins and Indies have experienced it, the bowlers can go back with a bit of a better game plan because when we both first went, it was a bit rabbit-in-the-headlight stuff. Obviously for batters it’s a bit different, you just try and turn up and whack the ball as far as you can, pretty much as consistently as possible. But with the team that’s been selected, we have 11 guys who we can trust to go out there and do that. As far as the other teams go, it’s going to be a bit different again this time because each team we expect to have four or five, six proper batsmen, whereas when we’ve been in the past with our club sides, you normally only have two or three, maybe a maximum of four batters that are really going to hurt you ….. so it’s a bit of a different proposition going this time.’

He added that the T10 format makes it easier to cause an upset, so despite being drawn in a group with Jersey who Guernsey have not beaten for several years, they will fear no-one. ‘The shorter the game, the more even it becomes – you get bigger upsets in the shorter format of the game. Belgium played Germany and the Netherlands recently and I think they beat both those teams and you would never expect that to happen over a 20-over and especially not a 50-over game, so it definitely is a bit of an equaliser. So there’s no reason why we can’t go and we’re going to be confident in ourselves that we can beat them and beat any team that we come up against.’

Squad:         Matt Stokes (C), Luke Bichard, Charlie Birch, Josh Butler, Alex Bushell, Zak Damarell, Ben Fitchet, David Hooper, Nathan Le Tissier, Adam Martel, Ollie Nightingale, Tom Nightingale, Adam Wakeford.