France v Guernsey

on Mon 11th May 2015

at FB Fields, Jersey

Umpires: H Kearns, Azam Baig

Scorers: J Mountford (G), R Holyer (F)

Toss won by France who elected to bat

Guernsey won by 5 wkts

France innings   RunBallsMin46S/R Guernsey bowlingOverMdnRunWktE/RS/R 
K Thavalingamb J Nussbaumer18141121128.57J Nussbaumer40321832
Waseem Bhatti†b J Martel22183020122.22M Stokes402215.522(w 3)
A Ayyavooraju*not out3140651077.5D Hooper401814.518(w 1)
Usman Khanc J Martinb D Hooper2740028.57J Martel402225.511(w 3)
Williamdeep Singhb M Stokes718140038.89T Ravenscroft40201520(w 2)
Zika Alist J Martinb T Ravenscroft69100066.67
C Chauhanrun out (T Ravenscroft)5960055.56
Rameez Ehsanb J Martel023000
S Tambidourenot out113211366.67
Extras (w 12, b 4, lb 6) 22
Total(for 7 wktsin 20.0 overs)124at 6.20RPO
Did not bat: R Murphy, T Liddiard
Fall of Wicket: 20-1( KThavalingam 2.5 ov), 54-2(Waseem Bhatti 7.2 ov), 58-3(Usman Khan 8.4 ov), 77-4(Williamdeep Singh 13.1 ov), 96-5(Zika Ali 16.3 ov), 110-6(C Chauhan 18.5 ov), 111-7(Rameez Ehsan 19.2 ov)

Guernsey innings   RunBallsMin46S/R France bowlingOverMdnRunWktE/RS/R 
JAJ Nussbaumer*c K Thavalingamb Rameez Ehsan2223203195.65C Chauhan301916.3319
TCR Kimberc R Murphyb C Chauhan913271069.23Williamdeep Singh401714.2517
TJ Ravenscroftst Bhattib Zika Ali1014161071.43T Liddiard1011011-(w 1)
OE Neweyst Bhattib Singh118620137.5Usman Khan3.402807.64-(w 2)
LB Ferbracheb Rameez Ehsan16142010114.29Rameez Ehsan302327.6711.5(w 1)
JC Martin†not out33293112113.79Zika Ali402516.2525(nb 1)
MWR Stokesnot out17121220141.67
Extras (w 4, nb 1, b 4, lb 1) 10
Total(for 5 wktsin 18.4 overs)128at 6.86RPO
Did not bat: J Butler, DR Hooper, JL Martel, OB Nightingale
Fall of Wicket: 33-1(J Nussbaumer 5.3 ov), 39-2(T Kimber 6.6 ov), 53-3(O Newey 8.6 ov), 57-4(T Ravenscroft 9.5 ov), 86-5(B Ferbrache 15.3 ov)

Martin’s lusty finish dispels the growing tension at FB      by G Le Prevost

THEY made hard work of it, but Guernsey saw off France at FB Fields yesterday morning to make it three wins from three in the ICC European Division One T20 Championship. It was the first time in the tournament that the Sarnians had been asked to chase a total and a largely tense reply came to a spectacular conclusion as man-of-the-match Jason Martin hit two sixes over long off in the penultimate over, which sandwiched a costly four byes from the French, to seal a five-wicket victory over plucky opposition. France certainly arrived wanting to play positive cricket as Guernsey captain Jamie Nussbaumer quickly found out after he lost the toss. Opener Thavalingam resembled more of a softball hitter than a batsman as he rocked back and attempted to hit virtually every ball over mid-wicket.


Jamie Nussbaumer hits the stumps against France       GEP

When he connected, the ball stayed hit as a hole in one of the pavilion windows will testify. However, a full and straight ball from Nussbaumer in the third over brought an end to the fireworks. The French continued to try and make the most of the power-play, even if it was in a kamikaze style at times, and they finished those six overs 47 for one, which had the potential to grow into a testing score to chase down. But the Guernsey attack reigned them in impressively once the field was allowed to spread and wickets began to fall at regular intervals. Jordan Martel, who produced four fine overs, struck with his second ball that clipped the top of Waseem Bhatti’s off stump and in the next over David Hooper combined with Martin to remove Usman Khan. Nussbaumer’s decision to reintroduce Matt Stokes to the attack after the first three of Martel’s overs reaped immediate rewards when he skittled Williamdeep Singh and then Ravenscroft got in on the act when he deceived Zika Ali in the flight and Martin did the rest.

By this stage, the run-rate had dropped significantly and in the push for late runs, France made the mistake of trying to take two to Ravenscroft at deep mid-wicket and Chetan Chauhan was well short of his ground as Martin whipped off bails. Martel was entrusted with the final over and he picked up another wicket as Rameez Ehsan missed a straight ball as he swung wildly across the line. However, Tambidoure struck a four and a six off the last two legitimate deliveries, which were split by a wide, to push France up to 124 for 7. In a change from Saturday, Nussbaumer promoted himself up the order to open the reply with Tom Kimber and the skipper looked to be positive from the start, mixing the odd swing-and-miss with some well-timed boundaries against a varied attacked that included any type of spinner imaginable. The openers added 33 for the first wicket with Nussbaumer making 22 of those before he attempted to scoop the ball over short fine leg and only succeeded in giving him a regulation catch.

Then the wheels started to come off as Kimber quickly followed, chipping up a catch to long on, and before the reply had reached halfway, both Ollie Newey and Ravenscroft had lost their balance coming down the track and been stumped – 57 for four in the 10th over. Ben Ferbrache and Jason Martin set about repairing the damage and added 29 for the fifth wicket, largely in ones and twos, before the former was bowled through the gate by medium pacer Ehsan. Stokes joined Martin and there were a few tense moments as the overs were ticked off, but a couple of fours down to third man from Stokes started to ease the pressure and left Guernsey requiring 14 off the final two overs. A single was followed by Martin lofting the next ball over long-off’s head for six down to the short boundary,

The next ball evaded everything and raced to the rope for four byes and Martin finished the game in style, smacking a six into the car park to clinch a five-wicket victory with eight balls remaining.