ICC WCL Division 5 South Africa 2017

Guernsey v Germany

at Willowmoore Park B, Benoni
on Sat 9th Sept 2017
Umpires R D’Mello, H Jansen, 3rd A Holstock
Guernsey won the toss and elected to bat
Germany won by 4 wickets
Man of the match         V Garesan (Germany)
Ghana Innings        Guernsey Bowling      
BatsmanHow outBowlerRunsMinBls4s6sOvMdnRunWktwdnb
F Baaleri+c Brebanb Newey80320OE Newey60272--
PK Ananya*lbwb Stokes00100MWR Stokes601712-
IKO Aboagyec Nussbaumerb Newey1702521MT Breban4.111101-
SKA Awiahc Butlerb Hooper65012841JAJ Nussbaumer7.203431-
OH Agbomadziec Nussbaumerb Le Tissier4106940LC Le Tissier1003612-
S Ateakb Nussbaumer10500MLA Ellis50150--
JH Mensahc Neweyb Hooper3302540DR Hooper90462--
M Aboagyec Martinb Nussbaumer902300
KS Bagabenac Hooperb Nussbaumer40600
V Ateaknot out00000
G BakiweyemAbsent Hurt
extras(b0 lb4 w8 nb0)12
TOTAL(for 9 wkts in 47.3 overs)190
Fall of Wkts
1-8(F Baaleri) 2-8(PK Ananya) 3-42(IKO Aboagye) 4-131(SKA Awiah) 5-134(S Ateak) 6-143(OH Agbomadzie) 7-190(JH Mensah) 8-190(KS Bagabena) 9-190(M Aboagye)

Guernsey BattingHow outBowlerRunBall4s6sSR Germany BowlingOvMdnRunWktEcon
J Butlerrun out (H Singh)29455064.44Sajid Liaqat301204
B Fitchetb R Singh14203070Rana Singh602313.83
OE Neweylbwb Pillai70956073.68Asad Mohammad604407.33
MWR Stokesc Westonb Ganesan28411068.29V Ganesan1013213.2
T Nightingalec Essb M Muhammad14372037.83Ahmed Wardak804325.37
LB Ferbracheb Wardak302202136.36Mudassar Muhammad804615.75
JC Martinc Sarmab Wardak212020105H Singh502004
LJ BarkerNot Out231321176.92R Pillai402516.25
JAJ NussbaumerNot Out9810112.5
DR Hooperdnb
LC Le Tissierdnb
Extras(nb 1, w 6, b 6, lb 18)31
Total(for 7 wickets in 50 overs)269
Fall of wickets
53-1 (B Fitchet, 9.5 ov), 59-2 (J Butler, 13.1 ov), 138-3 (MWR Stokes, 28.3 ov), 178-4 (OE Newey, 37.1 ov), 188-5 (T Nightingale, 40.6 ov), 231-6 (LB Ferbrache, 45.4 ov), 242-7 (JC Martin, 47.4 ov)

‘German batting star Ganesan downs Greens’     by Rob Batiste

Ollie Newey continued his rich vein of batting form to the end, but Guernsey left South Africa yesterday relegated and having finished sixth in the eight-team World League Five.

All looked good for Ash Wright’s young side to snatch fifth place from Germany in Saturday’s last-day positional playoffs, but then the Sarnian bowlers ran into Venkatraman Ganesan who smashed an undefeated 123 off 133 balls to finish his tournament with a remarkable average of 182. Ganesan. who hit 16 fours, ensured that newly-promoted Germany, raced to their target of 270 with almost five full overs to spare.

All the Guernsey batsmen got in, but none apart from Newey could get to fifty and that inability to build on a start cost them. Newey, who opened with Josh Butler, hit six fours in his 95-ball 70, while Ben Ferbrache was next highest scorer with 30. Matt Stokes, who later took two wickets, hit 28, Jason Martin 21 and Lucas Barker 23 not out.