ICC WCL Division 5 Malaysia 2014

Guernsey v Malaysia

Played At Kinrara Oval. Kuala Lumpur, 10-Mar-2014, WCL Division 5
Malaysia Won by 63 runs
Toss won by Malaysia who decided to bat
Umpires Iftikhar Ali (UAE) – VA Kulkarni (India) – P Loganathan (Malaysia)
Umpire notes Match referee: GF Labrooy (Sri Lanka)
Player of Match Ahmed Faiz

Malaysia Innings        BowlerOvMdnRunWktwdnb
Fikri Rosdic JAJ Nussbaumerb LC Le Tissier2706620Peatfield816411-
Nasir Shafiqc LB Ferbracheb LC Le Tissier5705790Stokes70411--
*Ahmed Faizb WA Peatfield103082142Ellis82360--
SK Alagaratnamc IDA Damarellb JAJ Nussbaumer3704621Le Tissier80412--
+Shafiq Sharifc OE Neweyb MWR Stokes80720Hooper40280--
Anwar Arudinc IDA Damarellb JAJ Nussbaumer70810Nussbaumer60363--
Khizar Hayatnot out3302630
Hassan Ghulamc LB Ferbracheb JAJ Nussbaumer20300
HB Ralalagenot out30500
Sharulnizam Yusofdnb-
Pavandeep Singhdnb-
extras(b1 lb4 w4 nb0)9
TOTAL(for 7 wkts)286
1-90(Nasir Shafiq) 2-91(Fikri Rosdi) 3-150(SK Alagaratnam) 4-165(Shafiq Sharif) 5-180(Anwar Arudin) 6-258(Ahmed Faiz) 7-264(Hassan Ghulam)

Guernsey Innings        BowlerOvMdnRunWktwdnb
LJ Barkerb Pavandeep Singh902110Pavandeep Singh101412--
IDA Damarell+c&b Sharulnizam Yusof3104760Hassan Ghulam1004023-
OE Neweyc&b Khizar Hayat3407622Khizar Hayat102342--
L Savidentc Pavandeep Singhb Nasir Shafiq7607992Sharulnizam Yusof1025011-
JAJ Nussbaumer*c HB Ralalageb Khizar Hayat1201620Nasir Shafiq50291--
MWR Stokesb Hassan Ghulam2302720
LC Le Tissierb Hassan Ghulam901100
LB Ferbrachenot out1201600
WA Peatfieldc SK Alagaratnamb Pavandeep Singh40500
DR Hoopernot out20200
MLA Ellisdnb-
extras(b0 lb4 w7 nb0)11
TOTAL(for 8 wkts)223
1-15(LJ Barker) 2-52(IDA Damarell) 3-119(OE Newey) 4-138(JAJ Nussbaumer) 5-192(L Savident) 6-199(MWR Stokes) 7-212(LC Le Tissier) 8-218(WA Peatfield)

GCB webpage Mark Latter blog
So, folks, we are relegated back to ICC WCL6 with the loss to Malaysia by 63 runs to Malaysia today.
In the end this group have found the going a little too much at this stage in the development of the squad but we all know we can do better. Looking at the games played to date we have never been out of a game and know on a given day we could beat the teams faced thus far.
For now our relative lack of experience has meant we have not executed our skills and plans consistently enough and at the key moments in games. That will come. Today we played a Malaysia team who up to the loss yesterday to Jersey were soundly beating their opposition which given our form always suggested a hard day’s work.Malaysia won the toss and batted first and soon started to look to score quickly and after 10 overs were on 47/0 and a score of 300 plus looked likely. However the spin twins of Max Ellis and Luke Le Tissier started to claw things back.
By 20 overs they had reached 89/0 and by 40 overs Malaysia had reached 182/5 with Jamie (6-0-36-3) and Luke (8-0-41-2) grabbing the wickets, but their skipper (Ahmed Faiz) was still there and he suddenly cut loose going to a century in flamboyant style with a flurry of boundaries.
Overs 43 – 47 went for 64 runs as everything Ahmed hit went over the rope until eventually falling to Will Peatfield for 103 from 82 balls.
This final flourish looked like it might have taken the game away from Guernsey as the final total for Malaysia reached 286/7.
Which Guernsey batting would turn up to chase this mammoth total down?
The Guernsey chase started poorly with Lucas out early but Zac (31 off 47) and Ollie Newey (34 off 76), making his first start soon got the innings established and played both watchfully when required but also looked to hit boundaries when a poor ball came up. When Zac was out Sav entered the fray and set about showing his ability still with the bat as he started to hunt down the Malaysia total. He and Ollie played sensibly rotating the strike and going big when able. At 34 overs Guernsey were only 20 behind the comparative Malaysia total but this was before Ahmed’s fireworks. In the end Guernsey were always too far off despite a great effort by Matt Stokes (23 off 27) who went through his repertoire of strokes and showed again that this level of cricket does not intimidate him, even at the tender age of 18. Sav finally fell for a fine innings of 76 off 79 balls and Guernsey ended on 223/8 from their 50 overs. So we’re down but certainly not out and the learning continues with a group who can only get stronger and will target a swift return to ICC WCL5 to settle a few scores.
Rest day tomorrow and then the little matter of an unbeaten Jersey team…that will be worth looking out for!

CricketEurope by Andrew Nixon
An unhappy tournament for Guernsey continued today in Kuala Lumpur as they lost to Malaysia at the Kinrara Academy Oval, confirming their relegation to Division Six. Batting first after winning the toss, Malaysia’s opening pair of Fikri Rosdi and Nasir Shafiq put on 90 before Shafiq was dismissed by Luke Le Tissier for 57, scored at exactly a run a ball. Le Tissier removed Rosdi later in the same over, leaving Malaysia on 91-2. Having two new batsmen at the crease didn’t effect Malaysia, and the third wicket pairing of Ahmed Fiaz and Suhan Alagaratnam put on 59 before Alagaratnam was dismissed for 37. Fiaz dominated the innings, scoring 103 – the second century of the tournament – from 82 balls before he was out in the 47th over. The final Malaysian total was 286-7. Jamie Nussbaumer was the pick of the Guernsey bowlers with 3-36. Guernsey batted better in reply than they did in their first three matches, but it still wasn’t enough to overcome that challenging Malaysia total. Former Hampshire player Lee Savident top scored for Guernsey with 76 as Guernsey were restricted to 223-8 from their 50 overs, losing by 63 runs.