ICC WCL Division 5 Malaysia 2014

Guernsey v Tanzania

Played at Bayuemas Oval, Kuala Lumpur, 09-Mar-2014
Tanzania Won by 48 runs
Toss won by Guernsey who decided to field
Umpires A Kapa (PNG) – VA Kulkarni (India) – P Loganathan (Malaysia)
Match referee: GF Labrooy (Sri Lanka)
Player of Match BM Nyaikani

Tanzania Innings        BowlerOvMdnRunWktwdnb
AR Patwab MWR Stokes1101920Stokes1012321-
S Abdulc MLA Ellisb MWR Stokes1304900Nussbaumer9125341
AA Jasanilbwb LC Le Tissier1504210Le Tissier70241--
RK Kisetob WA Peatfield2604210Ellis602301-
HH Abdallah*b JAJ Nussbaumer2705220Hooper80321--
BM Nyaikanib JAJ Nussbaumer00100
K Nassorolbwb WA Peatfield1001510
KZ Rehmtullahc DR Hooperb WA Peatfield2404221
AM Kimotec LJ Barkerb DR Hooper10500
N Mapunda+c TCR Kimberb JAJ Nussbaumer601700
R Amrinot out50810
extras(b3 lb8 w12 nb2)25
TOTAL(in 48.2 overs)163
1-17(AR Patwa) 2-53(S Abdul) 3-53(AA Jasani) 4-99(HH Abdallah) 5-99(BM Nyaikani) 6-119(RK Kiseto) 7-120(K Nassoro) 8-122(AM Kimote) 9-143(N Mapunda) 10-163(KZ Rehmtullah)

Guernsey Innings        BowlerOvMdnRunWktwdnb
LJ Barkerc N Mapundab BM Nyaikani40710Nyaikani931331-
IDA Damarelllbwb K Nassoro2905131Kimote601902-
JSJ Galelbwb BM Nyaikani00500Nassoro7.11282--
*JAJ NussbaumerHandled Ball401600Kiseto40802-
MWR Stokesc BM Nyaikanib HH Abdallah2406020Abdallah911831-
DR Hooperrun out RK Kiseto00500
+TCR Kimberc S Abdulb HH Abdallah802200
LB Ferbrachec AA Jasanib K Nassoro1404400
LC Le Tissierc N Mapundab BM Nyaikani10900
WA Peatfieldlbwb HH Abdallah1502720
MLA Ellisnot out00100
extras(b1 lb3 w12 nb0)16
TOTAL(in 41.1 overs)115
1-9(LJ Barker) 2-15(JSJ Gale) 3-25(JAJ Nussbaumer) 4-53(IDA Damarell) 5-53(DR Hooper) 6-77(TCR Kimber) 7-84(MWR Stokes) 8-86(LC Le Tissier) 9-115(WA Peatfield) 10-115(LB Ferbrache)

ground v Tanzania

Bayuemas Oval                                    ICC

GCB webpage Mark Latter blog

So another match day and another loss, the third in a row. On another sweltering day the Guernsey team made for the Bayuemas Oval one of the finest grounds we get to plat on around the world. Today though the ground was covered in a smog that was quite choking but behind it a big red sun burned brightly. A delayed start seemed possible but in the end we were away on time and with Jamie winning his third toss on the trot Tanzania were inserted.
Will Peatfield (8.2-0-25-3) and Matt Stokes (10-1-23-2) opened up and kept things quiet through the first 10 overs Stokesy claiming the first wicket with the score on 17 as Patwa chopped on. He claimed another, with the assistance of Max Ellis pulling a skier out of the now clear blue sky, and with Luke Le Tissier (7-0-24-1) taking a wicket with his first ball Tanzania were 53/3. Jamie Nussbaumer (9-1-25-3) replaced Will and as ever was soon amongst the wickets sending stumps flying in successive balls to arrest a partnership that was gathering momentum and 99/5 looked a good days work….. so far. Before these two wickets Jamie might have had another when a nick behind was given as a wide confusing many as to what they had then heard. Tanzania fought to bat time and set a score but Guernsey kept chipping away and a final total of 163 looked gettable on what was now a pretty flat looking deck. A few chances missed and some fielding wobbles meant that maybe 20 or so runs had got away.
After lunch Lucas Barker (4) and Zac Damarell opened up again starting the chase of the Tanzania total. Lucas went second over nicking behind before James Gale was adjudged LBW shortly after and Guernsey were teetering again at 15/2. Jamie (4) then came up the order to take control of matters and he and Zac had added a quiet 10 to the score when Jamie was controversially given out ‘handled the ball’. The decision was both baffling given he really only picked up a ball to throw back to the opposition and also judgmentally given the umpires twice asked the Tanzania captain if he really wanted to stick with the appeal. He did, and Jamie was gone and also maybe an element of the ‘Spirit of Cricket’.
Matt Stokes (24 from 71 balls) joined Zac and looked assured beyond his 18 years as he stroked the ball around. Zac was then adjudged LBW and went for 28 and wickets kept falling, Hooper run out after a mix up in the calling and Kimber holing out to mid-off. At 86/8 things looked pretty bleak but Ben Ferbrache (15) and Luke Le Tissier (15) started a recovery that when it reached 115 started to turn thoughts to previous Malaysia miracles but it was not to be this time. In the end a loss by 48 runs was highly disappointing in all the circumstances.
So Guernsey now need in all likelihood 2 wins from 2 against Malaysia and Jersey to stay in ICC WCL5 which will be a huge ask. This is a young squad and today with no Sav the average age of the starting XI was only just over 21. There is no denying the effort and potential in these players however their relative experience is showing itself when the pressure is on. Time now for those who have been here before to grasp the games by the scruff of the neck and turn the fortunes around. Whatever the outcome this group will be the better for it and with many embarking surely on several years of WCL tournament cricket, if not today then tomorrow will be worth waiting for.

CricketEurope by Andrew Nixon
It’s certainly been a tournament of contrasting fortunes for the two Channel Island participants in WCL Division 5 so far. Whilst Jersey have won all three matches they’ve played, Guernsey have lost all three matches. Despite the poor performance of their batsmen in the tournament, Guernsey have bowled well, and they did so again today, bowling Tanzania out for 163. Jamie Nussbaumer and William Peatfield both took 3-25. The batting though was another story. Zak Damarell scored 29 at the top of the order, but 23 from Matthew Stokes was the only other score over 20. Six batsmen were dismissed for single figure scores, including Jamie Nussbaumer being given out “obstructing the field”, a rare occurrence in international cricket. Guernsey were eventually bowled out for 115, losing by 48 runs. Benson Nyaikini and Hamisi Abdallah both took three wickets for the Tanzanians.