ICC WCL Division 5 Malaysia 2014

Playoff 5th/6th positions

Guernsey v Cayman Islands

Played At Bayuemas Oval, Kuala Lumpur
on 13-Mar-2014
Toss won by Cayman Islands who elected to bat
Umpires Iftikhar Ali (UAE) – B Ramani (Malaysia) – P Loganathan (Malaysia)
Match referee: GF Labrooy (Sri Lanka)
Guernsey Win by 7 wkts
Player of Match  L Savident

Cayman Islands InningsPlay off 5th/6th              
O Bryanc Nussbaumerb Peatfield601210Savident8328122
IR Rotsey+c Damarellb Newey1102710Peatfield1024932-
RA Sealyc Damarellb Savident802410Newey4030231
OR Willisb Peatfield5808071Hooper101301--
AE Hallc Ferbracheb Hooper2805821Le Tissier30210--
D Catolbwb Peatfield1803320Ellis1014431-
C Wrightc Damarellb Ellis1401720Nussbaumer501401-
RN Roachb Newey2102420
Ronald Ebanks*c Savidentb Ellis2101540
KR Ebanksc&b Ellis80610
A Morrisnot out110720
extras(b1 lb5 w9 nb3)18
1-9(O Bryan) 2-35(IR Rotsey) 3-35(RA Sealy) 4-108(AE Hall) 5-143(D Cato) 6-161(OR Willis) 7-161(C Wright) 8-193(Ronald Ebanks) 9-208(KR Ebanks) 10-222(RN Roach)

Guernsey Innings Playoff 5th/6th             
LJ Barkerc Sealyb Bryan5403991Wright3014111
IDA Damarell+c Hallb KR Ebanks40310KR Ebanks404612-
OE Neweyc Rotseyb Wright00700R Ebanks805803-
L Savidentnot out980104160Morris704301-
JAJ Nussbaumer*not out5206560Bryan1013111-
TCR Kimberdnb-Willis30250--
LB Ferbrachednb-Sealy1.1080--
DR Hooperdnb-
WA Peatfielddnb-
LC Le Tissierdnb-
MLA Ellisdnb-
extras(b0 lb1 w16 nb1)18
TOTAL(for 3 wickets)226
1-13(IDA Damarell) 2-36(OE Newey) 3-113(LJ Barker)

GCB webpage Mark Latter blog
So the final 6.00am alarm call and coach journey of this ICC WCL5. Our journey today took us to the Bayuemas Oval which has become a favourite Guernsey venue. Today as we approached the ground there was the usual smog but this morning thicker than previously, and also more clawing at the back of the throat. The possibility of a delayed start loomed again but the umpires decided all was okay to start on time despite the medical staff on site at the ground wearing masks! Guernsey were asked to bowl after losing the toss and some weary bodies strode out on to the outfield. Once again Matthew Breban missed out, due to the ankle he turned on Match Day 2 but his shirt got onto the field courtesy of Will Peatfield whose bag had gone off to Kinrara and the Jersey v Malaysia match. There Jonty Jenner was probably wondering what an earth had happened to his clothing…….they have the same bag. Some quick transport negotiations soon solved the problem.
The Cayman Islands innings did not get off to a great start and into the 11th over they were 35 for 3 with Will, Ollie and Sav(ident) taking one each and Zac picking up 2 catches behind the stumps. It was clear though that if the ball was in the slot their batsman would take it on and soon the boundary was being peppered. Despite the weary bodies the Guernsey boys were highly vocal in the field and kept pushing each other along. Sav bowled his spell straight through to finish with figures of 8-3-28-1 and was backed up by Hoops who finished with stats of 10-1-30-1 whilst Bam (Nussbaumer) tried a few overs when Cayman looked like putting a partnership for the 4th wicket which was broken at 108 in the 27th over when Ferbrache and Hoops combined to remove Hall for 28. Willis hit a well paced 59 from 79 balls and many of the Cayman batsman got into double figures as they chased a big total. Regular wickets stopped the total rising and Will finished with 10-2-49-3 figures and Max Ellis 10-1-44-3. Ollie Newey also chipped in with a couple of wickets.
So 222 to chase down and win our first game here. Lucas and Zac once again opened and after Lucas had smoked one drive and then clubbed another shorter ball over the boundary from the first over Zac top edged one into the skies to depart in the second. Ollie Newey clipped a shortball behind to be caught and Guernsey were 36/2 in the fifth over. Lucas was clearly taking his frustrations over the past few innings out on the Cayman bowlers and joined by Sav he started finding boundaries for fun. He reached his 50 at a strike rate of 150 with Sav going along at a run a ball as well and the Guernsey 100 coming up in the 13th over. Lucas tried one more big shot but this time fell at long on for 54 off 39 balls.
Sav reached his 50 in the 20th over and having been joined by Jamie they put together a 50 partnership as they moved Guernsey to 164/3 by the 25th over. They took Guernsey past 200 in the 32nd over and without any real scares saw Guernsey over the line with what in the end was an 113 run partnership in 21.2overs. Sav finishing 98 not out off 104 balls and Jamie not out 52 off 65 balls.
After the game there was no great celebration more a sigh of relief and then a team chat to review the week and start the process of ensuring every lesson is learnt from the week. In the final analysis playing our first two games on what was the slowest pitch maybe did not help us get into our batting straight up and playing on the quicker wickets revealed we can score runs. There were many plus points and these will be highlighted and worked upon, alongside the obvious shortcomings. Inexperience will sort itself out as this group plays more high quality matches but making the right decisions at the critical moments will require the players to look into their own minds. The conditions here have also been very tough with temperatures in excess of 40C on many days which whilst the same for everyone found out some of our younger players and also those carrying injuries. The Squad has worked so hard with Andy Perkins coming into this tournament but know there is even more work to do.
The skills are there and working with Nic Pothas will improve further. There are also players in and around the system who will need to be looked at and worked with to shape the National Squad for next few years. Yes it has been disappointing but we deserve no more than we get. This group though will return and show their true colours and a swift return to ICC WCL5 is already being plotted.