ICC WCL Division 6 Singapore 2009

Bahrain v Guernsey
ICC World Cricket League Division Six 2009
Venue Kallang Ground, Singapore on 31st August 2009 (50-over match)
Balls per over 6
Toss Guernsey won the toss and decided to field
Result Bahrain won by 62 runs
Points Bahrain 2; Guernsey 0
Umpires Riaz Chaudhry, SJA Taufel
Scorers L Meyer, S Veillard
Man of the Match Adil Hanif


Bahrain innings    RunsBallsMins4s6sSR Guernsey bowlingOvMdnRunsWktsWNbSRER
Imran SajjadlbwbQueripel35--60.0Savident92490115.4
Fahad SadeqcWarrbQueripel661-100.0Queripel311422294.7
†Shahzad AhmedcQueripelbNussbaumer836--22.2Nussbaumer602211-363.7
Adil HanifcFrithbSmit921234274.8Bisson5.50340-26.0
Ashraf YaqoobbFrith729--24.1Rich100410--4.1
Qamar SaeedcSavidentbSmit232211104.5Smit6.104221-186.9
Tahir Darnotout2013-2153.8
*Yaser Sadeqdnb
Halal Abbasidnb
Zafar Zaheerdnb
Extras (b0, lb5, w9, nb6)20
Total (for 6 wkts in 50 overs)251
Fall of wickets
1-8(Imran Sajjad),2-18(Shahzad Ahmed),3-39(Fahad Sadeq),4-70(Ashraf Yaqoob),5-157(Adil Hanif),6-196(Qamar Saeed)

Guernsey innings    RunsBallsMins4s6sSR Bahrain bowlingOvMdnRunsWktsWNbSRER
G H Smitrunout(Adil Hanif)46--66.7Yaser Sadeq611911-363.2
J D WarrstShahzad AhmedbYaser Sadeq122--4.5Halal Abbasi62161--362.7
†T C R KimberlbwbHalal Abbasi8101-80.0Qamar Saeed7.50332--234.2
J D J FrithcShazad AhmedbFahad Sadeq5682368.3Zafar Zaheer502302-4.6
L SavidentbFahad Sadeq34542-63.0Fahad Sadeq1004733-204.7
*S E Le PrevostcHalal AbbasibTahir Dar25332-75.8Imran Sajjad601801-3.0
L B Ferbrachenotout3650--72.0Tahir Dar603021-185.0
J A J NussbaumercShazad AhmedbFahad Sadeq12--50.0
B A QueripelcAshraf YaqoobbTahir Dar911-81.8
S R M BissoncsubbQamar Saeed03--0.0
G J RichcImran SajjadbQamar Saeed48--50.0
Extras (b0, lb3, w8, nb0)11
Total (in 46.5 overs)189
Fall of wickets
1-4(Smit),2-12(Kimber),3-35(Warr),4-98(Savident),5-113(Frith),6-157(Le Prevost),7-161(Nussbaumer),8-174(Queripel),9-180(Bisson),10-189(Rich)


GUERNSEY must beat Norway today if they want to stay in Pepsi ICC World Division Six after they lost to Bahrain by 62 runs yesterday.  The result at the Kalang Cricket Ground means that the island side have now lost their first two games, after Singapore defeated them on Saturday.

At the end of the week, the top two teams will be promoted to Division Five and the two bottom sides will go down to Division Seven, leaving third and fourth place to stay where they are.  ‘It’s a must win game tomorrow,’ said Guernsey manager Dave Hearse yesterday.  ‘We’ve got to win two games in the tournament to give us a chance of staying in this league and before the tournament we’d have thought that that those two games were against Botswana and Norway.’

After winning the toss, Guernsey had Bahrain reeling at 39 for three.  But they were then guilty of some undisciplined bowling which let their opponents off the hook. In total they gave away 19 bowling extras.  Stuart Bisson particularly struggled with the muggy conditions.  The Rovers seamer bowled two above-waist height full tosses and Test umpire Simon Taufel, who was officiating the match, had no choice but to take him off.

Adil Hanif, coming in at number four for the Bahrainis, took advantage of the wayward bowling as he reached 92 before he fell to the off spin of GH Smit, who had replaced Bisson. The island’s spinners, Gary Rich and Jeremy Frith, also added some respectability to the Sarnian’s attack.  Both had to overcome injuries as well.  Veteran off-spinner Rich had dislocated a finger warming up before the game and Frith had trapped a nerve in his hip when fielding earlier on.  He had to undergo some intense physiotherapy before returning to the pitch to bowl.  ‘We underperformed in the field but it there was 95% humidity so you’ve got to give the boys some leeway,’ said Hearse.

In reply, the Sarnians got off to a bad start with Smit suffering a second freak run out this week after he was the victim of a direct throw from the boundary in the first over.  With James Warr and Tom Kimber also going cheaply, it was left to Guernsey’s best two batsmen Lee Savident and Frith to settle the ship.  They batted superbly as they knocked Bahrain’s spinners around.  They even had to contend with a quick rain shower that saw the plastic covers rushed on.  If the Sarnians were to win, a lot depended on them.  However, it was not to be as they both fell playing back to leg spinner Fahad Sadeq.

Savident was first to go as he chopped one down on to stumps for 34 and Frith went just after passing his 50, caught behind.  The score was now 113 for five with 20 overs left. A captain’s knock was required from Stuart Le Prevost and he looked like he was on his way to delivering it before he chipped left arm spinner Tahir Dar to Halal Abbasi at long off for 25.  With him going so did Guernsey’s realistic chances of tasting success. However, Ben Ferbrache impressed with 36 not out off 50 balls as the match wound down.

The day’s other games saw Singapore get the better of Botswana by 55 runs and Malaysia defeat Norway by nine wickets.

Guernsey’s match with Norway today starts 10am local time at the Indian Association ground.  Hearse set his team’s mission for the rest of the week.  ‘It’s now a battle of survival,’ he said.  ‘They are going to have to up our game and they are going to have to be more accountable to themselves and to the team. We want to see improvements in their games.’