ICC World Cricket League Division 7 Guernsey 2009

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18th MayGibraltarLeague
19th MayJapanLeague
20th MayBahrainLeague
21st MayNigeriaLeague
23rd MaySurinameLeague
24th MayBahrainFinal


Guernsey Press

‘Guernsey face tough exams without students’ by Aaron Scoones

Exams have hit the Guernsey squad’s preparations to win World Cricket League Division Seven.  Next month, the island is hosting the tournament, which will see the Greens up against Japan, Suriname, Nigeria, Bahrain and Gibraltar.

But the week-long event clashes with school and university exams which has ruled out the likes of Tim Ravenscroft, Jonny Clark and Pete Le Hegarat.  “Availability has been hampered as it falls right in the middle of exams,” said Guernsey manager Dave Hearse.  “We totally accept that position as educational needs should come first.  That said, other people have been given a chance and it’s an opportunity for them to step up to the plate.”

One player who has been given an opportunity is 26-year-old Wanderers’ batsman Ross Kneller.  The Yorkshireman had a great season with the bat last year and was named one of the five GCB cricketers of the year.  “He played a game or two last year and he put his name in the hat,” said Hearse. 

Kneller is delighted to have been chosen.   “I’m a little bit surprised, but I knew I was in contention,” said the accountant.  “I thought I had a good chance because I had a good season last year.  Hopefully it will be a good tournament and hopefully we’ll get some decent weather.”

Another pick is Guernsey over-40s swing bowler Mark Renouf, who has been out of the island set-up for a number of years. “We’re a few bowlers down and we had a long think as to who would be effective,” said Hearse.  “We know what Mark can do and some of the teams may find a swing bowler difficult to deal with, especially on grass.”

Argyll Investments’ young wicket-keeper-batsman Tom Kimber is also named.  He will act as back-up to Matt Oliver.  “He’s proved that he’s a capable batsman,” said Hearse.  “He’s got a chance here.  Will he take it?  Let’s hope so.”

Someone who misses out is Tim Duke.   The Rovers all-rounder ruled himself out of the tournament.  “He made himself unavailable to play unfortunately,” said Hearse.  “He’s not in at the moment, but that’s not to say he won’t be in the future.”

Hearse’s side are in Jersey at the weekend to take on their great rivals in two friendly matches.  It is one of the few opportunities that they have to play on grass wickets before the tournament starts on 17 May.

“These are just warm-up games and it is kind of Jersey to offer themselves as opposition in preparation for the May tournament,” said Hearse.  “The more we play on grass the better.  Realistically we can’t get outside until this time of year.  You’ve got to go with what you can.”