ICC WCL Division 7 Guernsey 2009

ICC World Cricket League Division Seven 2009
Venue King George V Sports Ground, Castel on 23rd May 2009 (50-over match)
Balls per over 6
Toss Guernsey won the toss and decided to bat
Result Guernsey won by 263 runs
Points Guernsey 2; Suriname 0
Umpires PK Baldwin, BD Papworth
Referee DT Jukes
Scorers SM Drinkwater, S Veillard
Reserve Umpire TC Magee
Man of the Match JDJ Frith


Guernsey innings    RunsBallsMins4s6sSR Suriname bowlingOvMdnRunsWktsWNbSRER
L SavidentbSingh45615-73.8Ramjohn60721123612.0
†M Oliverrunout(Ramjohn / Meghoe)52824-63.4C R Baker806205-7.75
J D J FrithcCR BakerbRamjohn10686111123.3Gokoel70430-16.1
*S E Le Prevostnotout67734191.8Singh100201--602.0
K B Moherndlnotout12311400.0Oemraw101400224.0
R KnellerdnbMohabir503501-7.0
L B FerbrachednbK D R Baker40330--8.3
S R M Bissondnb
G J Richdnb
B A Queripeldnb
M P Renoufdnb
Extras (b4, lb6, w18, nb5)33
Total (for 3 wkts in 50 overs)315
Fall of wickets

Suriname innings    RunsBallsMins4s6sSR Guernsey bowlingOvMdnRunsWktsWNbSRER
V A Singhrunout(Moherndl- / Oliver)10151-66.7Savident701413-422.0
D S SewananbRenouf424--16.7Renouf822121-242.6
B PrasadcOliverbSavident016--0.0Frith4285--52.0
C R DouglascKnellerbFrith10201-50.0Rich2.1151--132.4
†S MeghoecFerbrachebRenouf28--25.0
A K GokoellbwbFrith9232-39.1
*S RamjohncRenoufbFrith03--0.0
K OemrawcKnellerbFrith982-112.5
K D R BakerbRich07--0.0
C R BakerbFrith03--0.0
D W Mohabirnotout00--
Extras (b1, lb3, w4, nb0)8
Total (in 21.1 overs)52
Fall of wickets
6-34(Ramjohn,14.6ov),7-48(Oemraw,18.3ov),8-52(Gokoel,20.3ov),9-52(CRBaker,20.6ov),10-52(KDR Baker,21.1ov)


‘Frith the magnificent’     by Aaron Scoones

A Cornford   J Shambrook    R Kneller    M Oliver   S Bisson   L Savident   B Queripel   J Nussbaumer   S Le Prevost   G Rich   D Hearse

M Renouf    D Hooper    J Frith    K Moherndl    T Kimber    B Ferbrache                                 ICC/CricketEurope

Another day, another stand-out Jeremy Frith performance.  It is becoming monotonous talking about the Guernsey all-rounder.  He has grabbed the headlines all week.  One day he is the greatest thing since sliced bread as he produces match-winning performances against Japan and Nigeria, but on other days he is almost regarded as a pantomime villain by the Guernsey cricket supporters.  He was accused of batting too slowly to nearly cost the island side the game against Gibraltar and in the defeat at the hands of Bahrain on Wednesday.
But at the KGV on Saturday against Suriname, ‘Mr Cricket’ was certainly the hero again as he notched up his second century of the week and took five wickets to see Guernsey defeat the South American country by a massive 263 runs and earn a place in Division Six in Singapore at the end of August.
“He’s a good illustration that you get out of the game what you put in,” said Guernsey manager Dave Hearse.  “He works tirelessly at his game and the rewards are plain to see.”
After winning the toss and deciding to bat, the island side’s openers, Lee Savident and Matt Oliver, made hay in the sun.  They put on 106 before former Hampshire professional Savident was bowled by Vishaul Singh for 45.  Oliver, who had been due some runs, passed 50 and was eyeing up a big score.  This would have probably been the case had he not been cut short in his prime when Frith promptly ran him out after arriving in the middle.  Frith dropped the ball into the covers and Oliver, who was maybe sitting on his haunches, was run out by a country mile for 52.  “Frithy apologised to the team by scoring a hundred,” said Hearse afterwards.

Jeremy Frith swats the ball away one handed                              ICC/CricketEurope

Frith was joined at the wicket by his captain Stuart Le Prevost and the pair were clearly determined to build on the great start given to them by the openers.  And build they did as they put on a partnership of 182.  Frith swept with authority and was happy using his feet against the spinners.  He eventually went for 106 off 86 balls when he hit Suriname captain Shazam Ramjohn down to Carlton Baker at long off, where he palmed the ball up in the air before grabbing it one-handed. Le Prevost continued in his rich vein of form and remained unbeaten on 67.

Stuart Le Prevost drives during his record partnership with Jeremy Frith                                      ICC/CricketEurope

Suriname were never going to get near Guernsey’s 315 for three and they capitulated for 52 all out in the face of the imposing total.  That man Frith again did most of the damage taking five wickets for just eight runs from four overs. 

Lee Savident looks a little discombobulated as to how the batsman is still there.                                  ICC/CricketEurope

Veteran swing bowler Mark Renouf, who came in for Jamie Nussbaumer after the seamer strained his groin in the warm-up, produced the next best figures, taking two for 21.

Mark Renouf strikes early                                ICC/CricketEurope

But it was Frith who received the plaudits again as he was named man-of -the-match for the third time of the week.  “I’m just keeping it simple to be honest,” he said.  “The situation was slightly different to come in at 106 for one instead of 30 for one.  Instead of losing wickets early we got ourselves a really good partnership up front and that allowed us to play with a solid foundation.”

 Jeremy Frith receives his man-of-the-match award from the Bailiff, Sir Geoff Rowland                            ICC/CricketEurope