Inter Insular #20 1971

The match was played at College Field, Guernsey at 11.30am
on Saturday 14th August 1971
for the Players Gold Leaf Trophy
Umpires K G Clayton (Guernsey) and F Crumpton (Jersey)
Scorers J J Henry (Guernsey) and H W Hall (Jersey)
Jersey won toss and elected to bat (delayed start until 1.30pm)
Match drawn

Jersey innings    RunsBallsMins4s6sSR Guernsey bowlingOvMdnRunsWktsWNbSRER
L BecheletcFooksbCallaway18-8710Callaway211024300421.1
P OsmentbCallaway7-5400Le Cocq196301101141.6
A ConwaybHowick44-9150Wherry15345201453.0
P R Le CrascHowickbWherry3-1600Howick7212300141.7
H Jonesc&bLe Cocq10-1910
*D C HuntcMechembWherry10-2720
B ThorpbHowick2-700
M Conwayc&bHowick8-2300
†+J Reynoldsnotout9-3200
R PearcebCallaway0-100
I Kearnsrunout0-600
Extras (b3, lb2, w1, nb1)7
Total (in 62 overs)118
Fall of wickets
1-23(Osment),2-38(Bechelet),3-59(Le Cras),4-71(Jones),5-91(A Conway),6-97(Hunt),7-97(Thorp),8-117(M Conway),9-117(Pearce),10-118(Kearns)

Guernsey innings    RunsBallsMins4s6sSR Jersey bowlingOvMdnRunsWktsWNbSRER
A C Taylorc&bM Conway0-200M Conway9139204274.3
N K HowickcOsmentbKearns11-3800Thorp51110002.2
G F ForteylbwbPearce15-4010Kearns941240013.51.3
M J MechemcHuntbKearns0-700Pearce9226100542.9
R W MillscHuntbKearns1-1100Jones72230003.3
R C N Rousselrunout33-7221
P L Le CocqcJonesbKearns35-5860
+†M A FooksbM Conway14-1110
*S J Hollyer-Hillrunout1-300
G A Callawaynotout1-300
M Wherrynotout0-100
Extras (b1, lb, w, nb4)5
Total (for 9 wkts in 39 overs)116
Fall of wickets
1-0(Taylor),2-28(Howick),3-28(Fortey),4-28(Mechem),5-29(Mills),6-97(Le Cocq),7-104(Roussel),8-111(Hollyer-Hill),9-116(Fooks)


‘Inter-island cricket may be washed out.’ by John Le Poidevin

A great pity, but the eagerly awaited Guernsey-Jersey cricket match at the College Filed tomorrow may be a washout – literally. Weather experts say there will be rain.
Teams are:
Guernsey: SJ Hollyer-Hill (capt.), AC Taylor, MJ Mechem, NKHowick, RCN Roussel, MA Fooks, M Wherry, G Callaway, CJ Gervaise-Brazier, PL Le Cocq, R Mills, GD Fortey.

F Fortey A Taylor C Gervaise-Brazier (12th man) K Howick R Roussel P Le Cocq M Fooks

M Mechem M Wherry R Mills G Callaway S Hollyer-Hill (Capt)

Keith Howick’s debut was perhaps overdue having scored 3 centuries for Elizabeth College against Victoria College for the previous 3 matches. He scored 100* in 1969, 102* in 1970 and 114* in 1971

Jersey: DC Hunt (capt.), B Thorp, L Bechelet, H Jones, P Osment, A Conway, M Conway, I Kearns, R Pearce, P Le Cras, J Reynolds.
The match will start at 11 am, Lunch will be taken at 1pm.

M Weaver (12th man) I Kearns L Bechelet H Jones P Osment B Thorp P Le Cras M Crompton (umpire)

J Reynolds A Conway M Conway D Hunt (Capt) R Pearce

[Keith Howick, born 14th March 1954 in Guernsey, played 8 times for Oxford University in 1974 and scored 51 runs in 10 innings. His highest score was 82 for the Oxford Authentics against Glamorgan 2nd XI. He also gained a blue in hockey]


‘Dramatic moments in cricket draw.’ by John Le Poidevin
An always interesting encounter came to the boil in dramatic manner when Guernsey and Jersey fought out a draw at the College Field on Saturday in the top match of the Channel Islands cricketing calendar.
With one ball to go Guernsey needed three runs for victory – and their last pair were at the wicket. The ball flew through to the wicket-keeper as Mick Wherry flashed outside his off stump and honours were shared. Shared, however, only in the sense that it was a draw. Most of the honours of the day went Guernsey’s way.
It was not a classic match for the purist, for neither side batted well. In fairness the pitch was far from suited to stroke play. The night and early morning rain made it doubtful that the match would be on. At scheduled start of play the wicket was still very wet, but, fortunately, there was brilliant sunshine and a drying breeze.

Osment square cuts a ball from Pierre Le Cocq                 GEP

Play started at 11.30am and it was decided to limit the lunch interval to 30 minutes and do without a tea break. It meant a possible 320 minutes’ play. To get a result one side had to be decisive … or the wicket prove nigh unplayable. Neither event occurred and the fact that the finish was so tense was because of a Guernsey challenge that was so fierce that wickets tumbled in the process. Jersey’s approach was cautious to say the least. Negative batting gave them only 63 runs in the two-hour pre-lunch session.
Alan Conway alone was prepared to put bat to ball with real authority, and though he gave chances and though he played the ball in the air his was the only bright contributions to the innings.

Alan Conway, Jersey’s best batsman, seizes the initiative as he clips a Geoff Callaway delivery to leg

Forty-four runs came from his bat – including 14 from a Mick Wherry over – and when he was bowled in Howick’s first over Jersey were struggling at 91 for five. Worse was to follow. Two more wickets fell in the 90s and Jersey’s skipper was giving instructions to occupy the crease. But no, Jersey were hustled out for a meagre 118 as Pierre Le Cocq smartly ran out Kearns.

Mick Wherry in action        GEP 

Jersey’s innings had lasted 187 minutes – a longer than planned interval between the innings gave Guernsey only 128 minutes.
The Sarnian bowlers had played excellently, especially Geoff Callaway, who extracted life out of a pitch in a lively stint of 21 overs which earned him three for 24. Slow bowler Howick came in with a tidy three for 12 in seven overs. Victory was certainly on for Guernsey, who badly needed a good start. In the first over, however, Tony Taylor drove strongly but uppishly and the ball struck David Hunt at short extra and flew to the hands of the surprised bowler, Mervyn Conway.
An unlucky start – but Keith Howick and Frank Fortey quickly made amends with a sensible partnership of 28 in 35 minutes. Wickets fell, however, and Guernsey collapsed to 29 for five. Survival was uppermost in the minds of Robin Roussel and Pierre Le Cocq – both batting too low in the order in my view – and precious minutes slipped by.
The overs rate was slow but the batsmen decided to give it a go. Boundaries started to flow – a four and a six off successive Pearce deliveries by Roussel raising the scoring – and pulse rate. There were 13 minutes to go and 22 runs required. Then Le Cocq was caught in the deep – and Roussel was run out. Mick Fooks took up the challenge with relish … then skipper Simon Hollyer-Hill was run out.

The Jersey opener is rapped on the pads by G Callaway with M Fooks appealing whilst P Le Cocq fields the ball with K Howick in support. 'Not out' is umpire Ken Clayton's decision.

One over to go and eight runs needed. Four of them, including a no-ball, came, and three runs were needed from three deliveries. But Fooks swung and missed … then swung and was bowled. It was asking too much of Mick Wherry. The Guernsey camp was disappointed … but emerged with plenty of credit.
For the record Guernsey bowled 62 overs … Jersey managed to avoid bowling more than 39 even though they had only one bowler of real pace.

Very heavy rain in the morning made the wicket soggy and although the odd ball turned it was never difficult.
Le Cras, whose irrefutable theories on wet wicket batting were not matched by performance