Cup – Inter Insular T20 2022 Game 3

Guernsey v Jersey

Played at KGV Field, Guernsey

on Saturday 21st May 2022 at 3.45pm

Toss won by Guernsey who elected to field

Umpires: Heath Kearns (Jsy) and Richard Veillard (Gsy)

Scorers: Gina Kearns (Jsy) and Bob O’Brien (Gsy)

Jersey won by 37 runs

Man of the Match Asa Tribe (Jsy)

Jersey InningsRunsBalls4s6sSRGuernsey BowlingOvMdnRunsWktsEcon
Harrison Carlyonb A Stokes02000.00Anthony Stokes402927.25
Nick Greenwoodb A Stokes250040.00William Peatfield403719.25
Asa Mark Tribest Damarellb Le Tissier6532112203.13Matthew Stokes1014014.00
Jonty Jennerc A Stokesb Martel533452155.88David Hooper4042010.50
Julius Sumerauerc A Stokesb Le Tissier7401175.00Declan Martel403919.75
Dominic Blampiedc sub (Johnson)b Le Tissier8810100.00Luke Le Tissier302338.67
Charlie Brennanc Ferbracheb Peatfield171201141.67
Jake Dunford+not out181420128.57
Charles Perchard*not out14910155.56
Elliot Milesdnb
Rhys Palmerdnb
Extras(b 1, lb 0, w 0, nb 0)1
Total(for 7 wkts)185
Fall of Wickets
1 /0( Harrison Carlyon, 0.2), 2 /7( Nick Greenwood, 2.2), 3 /92( Asa Mark Tribe, 8.6), 4 /114( Julius Sumerauer, 10.5), 5 /137( Jonty Jenner, 13.3), 6 /139( Dominic Blampied, 14.3), 7 /163( Charlie Brennan, 17.4)

Guernsey Innings  RunsBalls4s6sSR Jersey BowlingOvMdnRunsWktEcon
Isaac Damarell+c Perchardb Palmer463161148.39Harrison Carlyon402807.00
Luke Le Tissierb Perchard362540132.00Elliot Miles402215.50
Josh Butler*c Palmerb Miles490044.44Charles Perchard402727.75
Matthew Stokesnot out34260084.62Dominic Blampied3035011.67
Tom Nightingalec &b Perchard192221140.91Rhys Palmer402215.50
Ben Ferbrachenot out5700157.14Nick Greenwood1010010.00
David Hooperdnb
Anthony Stokesdnb
Oliver Nightingalednb
Will Peatfielddnb
Declan Marteldnb
Extras(b 0, lb 4, w 0, nb 0)4
Total(for 4 wkts)148
Fall of Wickets1 /70( Isaac Damarell, 8.3), 2 /80( Josh Butler, 10.3), 3 /87( Luke Le Tissier, 11.2),4 /130( Tom Nightingale, 17.2)

With the trophy having been safely retained by the visitors, the Greens got off to a great start in game three as Ant Stokes, opening the bowling with his left-arm spin, claimed the wickets of both openers in his first eight balls. However, the classy Tribe soon took the game away from Guernsey with a quality knock of 65 from just 32 balls with 11 fours and two sixes. The man-of-the-match winner shared a third-wicket partnership of 83 with fellow half-centurion Jenner, with Jersey going on to rack up their highest total of the weekend – 185. In reply, Guernsey did likewise as Damarell and Le Tissier showed good intent up front to put on 70 while Matt Stokes later added an unbeaten 34 as the home side reached 148 for 4 for their second 37-run defeat of the series. Aside from the results, visiting captain Perchard was just delighted to be facing Guernsey once again. ‘It’s been great to be playing some competitive cricket. Guernsey have obviously got a big summer coming up with Finland [the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 European qualifier] and we’ve got a really exciting summer coming up as well, so it’s great to start the build up with a competitive inter-insular series,’ he said. ‘Guernsey played some good cricket in patches. ‘I think they are a young side and just need to play as much T20 cricket as possible. ‘Towards the end of that series they showed some real promise with the bat, some boys batted really nicely in patches, they just probably need to do it for longer periods of time and start dominating games.’