Inter Insular #6 1957

The match was played at College Field, Guernsey
on Thursday 8th August 1957
Umpires (Guernsey) and L Honey (Jersey)
Scorers (Guernsey) and J Marons (Jersey)
Toss won by Jersey who elected to bat
Match drawn

Jersey innings    RunsBallsMins4s6sSR Guernsey bowlingOvMdnRunsWktsWNbSRER
B AhiercBlampiedbOffen11Offen14154242.03.9
R MosscBlampiedbSmith0Smith2015112.07.5
C PoreecRobilliardbOffen23Rich20.1264620.23.2
*P O'BrienbRich19Bisson9039154.04.3
P R Le CrasbRich5
J D HarmsworthbRich21
D PenningtoncOffenbRich0
D CarpenterbBisson6
R TreagusbRich73
D PitmanbRich13
G Vowdennotout1
Extras (b, lb, w, nb)5
Total (in 45.1 overs)177
Fall of wickets
1- , 2- , 3- , 4- , 5- , 6- , 7- , 8-94, 9-158(Pitman), 10-177(Treagus)

Guernsey innings    RunsBallsMins4s6sSR Jersey bowlingOvMdnRunsWktsWNbSRER
A C BissonlbwbTreagus6Treagus206314301.6
P D RichcMossbTreagus3Pitman188342541.9
E C H YatesbTreagus2Vowden301204.0
M BlampiedbPitman5Harmsworth30161185.3
A M HunterbTreagus17Le Cras10404.0
+†W RobilliardbPitman0
*R ClarkbHarmsworth29
J A Martelnotout30
G Offennotout5
H F Richdnb
P K Smithdnb
Extras (b, lb, w, nb)9
Total (for 7 wkts in 45 overs)106
Fall of wickets


Jersey Post Wednesday 7th Aug

Only one change has been made in the Island team to play Guernsey in an all-day match being played at the Elizabeth College Field tomorrow. G Newton who was to have shared the pace attack with R Treagus is unable to make the trip and G Vowden, a steady right hand batsman and a more than useful bowler and fielder, has been called into the team.

Guernsey Press

The Guernsey team to play Jersey at the College Field next Thursday has been selected by a committee which included two representatives from the GICC and two from the GCL. The selected team is:

VG Collenette (capt), AM Hunter, R Clark, RCN Roussel, W Robilliard, MJ Blampied, PD Rich, HF Rich, G Offen, JA Martel, AC Bisson.

[AC Bisson played two matches for London University against Glamorgan 2nd XI in 1960]

[PD Rich emigrated to Australia in 1959]



‘Cricket Muratti ends in draw’

Good innings by skipper ‘Nobby’ Clark, Alan Hunter and Johnny Martel for Guernsey, turned what looked to be an almost certain win for Jersey into a draw when the two islands met in their annual cricket match at the College Field yesterday. Although rain which fell shortly after six o’clock curtailed the match by 15 minutes there3 was little doubt that the match would end in any result other than a draw. The only other possibility could have been a win for Jersey but with Johnny Martel batting very well and Graham Offen also seeing the ball adequately a Jersey win seemed extremely unlikely.

The match which an exciting one from start to finish had many turns of fate. Jersey won the toss and elected to bat and at one stage it looked as though they would be dismissed for under a hundred before lunch. A good stand however between Bob Treagus going in No. 9 and Doug Pitman No. 10 saved the Jerseymen from humiliation and put them into a very strong position.

Then when Guernsey replied it looked very much as though they too would be dismissed for under the hundred mark. But here as well the lower batsmen saved the day. When Jersey made their start they had 50 runs on the board in the first hour for the loss of three wickets but then Hilary Rich played havoc with the middle batsmen and the Jersey side were 94 for eight shortly after one o’clock. Rich was able to turn the ball both ways just enough to have the batsmen in difficulty and also bowled the occasional one which left the bat. His slower one was also very well disguised.

But then came the match-saving stand of 63 between Treagus and Pitman. They hit the ball extremely hard and were fast between the wickets. On one occasion when Treagus hit a ball just short of the cover boundary he and Pitman ran five and it nearly resulted in a nine. The batsmen were just completing their fifth run when Offen threw the ball hard at the wicket-keeper. The ‘keeper jumped into the air and just managed to stop the ball, but, had he missed it, then it would most certainly have gone for a further four overthrows.

Pitman was out when the score stood at 158 and his own at 13 and the last wicket added a further 19 before Treagus was bowled by Rich attempting a big hit. Treagus by this time had made an invaluable 73.

With the Jersey side all out shortly before three o’clock it left the Guernsey side three and three-quarter hours in which to get the runs. But after a slow start and then a quick succession of falling wickets the only factor time had to the Guernsey side was how long would they have to stay there to force a draw.

There was a short stoppage for rain just before four o’clock when tea was taken and then at 6.15 when further rain fell and the match was abandoned. When the umpires pulled up stumps and walked with the players into the pavilion the Guernsey side had made 106 for seven with Johnny Martel 30 not out and Graham Offen five not out.

On reflection Jersey were perhaps a little unlucky not to win but the draw was the fairest result.


‘Valiant stand saves Guernsey in cricket Inter-Insular’

Although rain cut out the last 15 minutes play in the cricket match between Guernsey and Jersey at the College Field yesterday and the event ended in a draw, the result would have been little different had the match continued.

Guernsey were fighting to save the match and thanks to good innings by Alan Hunter, ‘Nobby’ Clark and Johnny Martel, they were able to do so. The Guernsey team were replying to Jersey’s 177 and made 106 for seven when the match was abandoned.

On the whole the match was a triumph for fast bowler Bob Treagus of Jersey who took four Guernsey wickets at a cost of 31 runs. But it was not as a fast bowler that he was of most use to Jersey. Coming in at no.9 when the score was 86, he did not leave until it had mounted to 177 having scored 73. Treagus had an invaluable stand with Doug Pitman for the ninth wicket and between them they put on 66 runs before Pitman was bowled by Hilary Rich for 13.

Jersey won the toss and elected to bat and at one stage – before Treagus and Pitman settled – it looked as though they would be all out before the lunch interval. Hilary Rich was bowling very well, and presented great difficulty to the Jersey batsmen. Although the ball was not turning a great deal Rich managed to make it turn just enough to make it awkward for the batsmen. He also ran an occasional one away into the slips and concealed his slower one very well.

But once Treagus and Pitman got together it looked as though nothing would move them. They hit the ball with great power and were running between the wickets extremely well. On one occasion Treagus hit a ball into the covers and it just failed to reach the boundary but by the time the ball had been retrieved he and Pitman had run five.

The Guernsey side also looked as though it would be dismissed for a very low score, but skipper Clark and Martel got their heads down and staved off what looked to be an almost certain defeat.