Inter Insular T20 2018

For 2018 there is a new format of three T20 matches to be played in the evening of Friday 17th August and two matches on Saturday 18th August. They will form part of both countries preparations for the European T20 qualifiers which will be played in the Netherlands later in the month.

The Inter Insular Series this year Guernsey face Jersey in three matches at the Farmers Ground and Ash Wright emphasised that his side are not viewing it as merely a warm up ahead of the European Qualifiers. “That is a tournament in itself and it is massively important for us.” Wright said, “Jersey have won the last couple of Inter Insulars but this is a different format and I think we have got a really good chance this year.”

farmers ground

The ground at farmers

Squad:    Josh Butler (Captain), Lucas Barker, Zak Damarell, Max Ellis, Ben Ferbrache, Ben Fitchet, Dave Hooper, Luke Le Tissier, Jordan Martel, Ollie Newey, Tom Nightingale, Will Peatfield, Ant Stokes, Matt Stokes

All rounder Tom Veillard has been called up to replace the injured Ben Fitchet

Youthful look to Jersey’s T20 Inter-Insular squad         Guernsey Press 15th August 2018

JERSEY are without several star names for this weekend’s InfrasoftTech T20 Inter-Insular Series at Farmer’s Field.

With both islands using the same 14-man squad who will represent them at the ICC World T20 Europe Qualifier at the end of the month, the Caesareans are missing a wealth of experience as the likes of Peter Gough, Anthony Kay and Nat Watkins are unavailable for the tournament in the Netherlands. Corne Bodenstein and Nick Ferraby are also among the absentees.

However, the potential of teenage newcomers Ben Ward, Julius Sumerauer and Danny Birrell has Jersey head coach Neil MacRae in a positive mood. ‘I’m very happy with the make-up of the squad,’ he said.

‘We’ve got a young, dynamic side with Ben Stevens, Jonty Jenner, Corey Bisson, Rhys Palmer, Ben Kynman and Chuggy Perchard all having experienced the great run we had in 2015 to the global qualifiers. And we’ve seen the likes of Jake Dunford, Harrison Carlyon, Dom Blampied, Will Robertson and Elliot Miles all emerge over the last few seasons in 50-over cricket. Now they’re stepping into the T20 format as well.

‘Ben, Julius and Danny have all come through our under-15 and U19 system and have done well. They have been around the squad for the last couple of years and have been on our radar all the way through junior cricket as outstanding young players who are now ready to step up.

‘We have a few players who aren’t available because of work and personal commitments, so it’s a great opportunity for the youngsters to come in and show the quality they have.’

Guernsey named their squad last month.

Squads for 2018 inter-insular and World T20 Europe Qualifier

Guernsey: Josh Butler (captain), David Hooper (vice-captain), Matt Stokes, Ant Stokes, Luke Le Tissier, Ben Ferbrache, Ollie Newey, Max Ellis, Jordon Martel, Will Peatfield, Zak Damarell, Tom Nightingale, Lucas Barker, Tom Veillard.

Jersey: Charles ‘Chuggy’ Perchard (captain), Corey Bisson, Dominic Blampied, Harrison Carlyon, Jake Dunford, Jonty Jenner, Ben Kynman, Elliot Miles, Rhys Palmer, Will Robertson, Ben Stevens, Julius Sumerauer, Ben Ward, Daniel Birrell.


‘Silverware on Butler’s agenda’    by Gareth Le Prevost at Guernsey Evening Press

TWO years ago he was making his Inter-Insular debut, today Josh Butler leads Guernsey in their quest to regain the trophy. History is being made at Farmers Field in Jersey this weekend as the two old foes battle it out for the silverware over a three-match T20 Series rather than the traditional 50 over contest due to both islands’ participation in the ICC World T20 Qualifier in the Netherlands at the end of the month. It means that for 22-year-old Butler, who was appointed Guernsey’s T20 captain at the start of the season while his club mate Ollie Newey was handed the reins for the 50 over format by coach Ash Wright, the rise from inter-insular debutant to skipper has been swift.

‘I feel a lot more comfortable now,’ he said of the captaincy role. ‘My first role as captain was the Sussex League last year where I did feel a bit like a fish out of water, but you’ve got to take it in your stride, learn from it and get some experience under your belt,’ added the man who chose to join his Weekend Championship club Cobo in the Evening League this season so that he could take charge of a T20 side on the field. It probably also helps that in his job as one of the two groundsmen at the KGV, along with former Guernsey captain Stuart Le Prevost, he is based at the same workplace as Wright and cricket is never far from the conversation. But does the change in inter-insular format – only for this year – and the prospect of three matches instead of one deciding the outcome of the trophy ease the tension heading into the weekend at all? ‘There’s probably a bit less pressure because it’s not a one-off game,’ Butler said. ‘Having three games, you almost have more of a chance of delivering your skills, but at the same time Guernsey versus Jersey is never going to be a friendly so there’s definitely still pressure there.

‘I don’t think either team wants to go into Saturday needing to win both matches, so the Friday game is big in the sense that it will probably ease off the pressure on the Saturday if you win that first one, but also every game you play you want to win. ‘Definitely you don’t want to be going into Saturday 1-0 down, but having said that, three matches gives you the chance to right wrongs and fight back, so we’ll just have to see how the Friday goes.’

Guernsey were helped in the final preparations by having former England batsman and renowned coach Matthew Maynard at their training session on Tuesday to pass on advice. He is one of a few big-name coaches Wright has invited over during the summer to work with his island squad, others including New Zealand all-rounder James Franklin. ‘It makes a big difference having someone there who is in the professional set-up’ said Butler.

‘It’s more discussing game-plans really. A lot of them have said that with the whole new T20 stuff around the world, technique has almost gone out the window and now it’s all about game-plan and delivering in a game – finding your own strengths and backing it. ‘Matt Maynard was good, talking about attacking certain bowlers and playing to your strengths. I’m sure the guys got a lot out of it.’ With both islands using their ICC World T20 Qualifier squads this weekend, Butler has plenty of options at his disposal should they need a change of tack, although the make-up of the squad suggests that spin will play a large part in his plans. ‘The starting XI for the weekend we’ve got in our heads, but it’s definitely nice to have all 14 potentially play a role this weekend and, if not, definitely the tournament.

‘The tournament is going to be a bit different in the sense that we have not seen the pitches, we’ve not seen the other teams and that could influence who plays, but going into this weekend we’ve got the XI in our heads but with there being three games, I wouldn’t be surprised if more than XI were used’

As for the opposition, Butler has long been aware that Jersey would be without the likes of Peter Gough, Anthony Kay, Corne Bodenstein, Nick Ferraby and Nat Watkins as they are unable to travel to the Netherlands so were not considered for the inter-insular. The fact that it has not come as a surprise for Guernsey combined with the change of format arguably means that complacency should not be an issue. ‘For any side, if you take out senior players with very good records it’s obviously probably not ideal for them. Having said that, they’ve picked the best team they can for the inter-insular and to take to the tournament, so we’re trying to approach in the same way as you always do and not worry about the other team, you’ve just got to back yourself, back your own skills and deliver from there. ‘They’ve obviously still got Ben Stevens, who is arguably their best player, and Jonty [Jenner] is back for them, Corey Bisson has been playing nicely over the last couple of years as well so they’ve definitely still got a lot of talent in there and with it being T20, if one person comes off it can win you the game. ‘But we are trying to look after our own team, our own skills and go from there.’

Game #1

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