Inter Insular T20 2018

Game #1

on Friday 17th August at Farmer’s Field, Jersey

farmers ground

Umpires: Mike Kinder (G) and John Edmonds (J)

Scorers: Gina Kearns (J) and Bob O’Brien (G)

Toss won by Guernsey who elected to field

Jersey won by 14 runs

Man-of-the-match     Julius Sumerauer (J)

Jersey battingHow outBowlerRunsMinsBalls4s6s Guernsey bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktswnb
B Wardct &b M Stokes21182140T Nightingale104000
J Jennerct Ferbracheb A Stokes711810A Stokes4024110
B Stevensb Hooper8231800W Peatfield4023200
H Carlyonct Butlerb Le Tissier411700M Stokes110100
C Bissonb Peatfield31202460L Le Tissier4023101
DG Blampiedct Barkerb Hooper33362540D Hooper4025200
J Sumerauerb Peatfield7131200J Martel2020000
B Kynmannot out66600
C Perchard*dnb
J Dunford+dnb
E milesdnb
Extras(lb3, w1, nb1)5
Total(for 7 wkts in 20 overs)122
Fall of Wkts:1-23 (Jenner), 2-31 (Ward), 3-41 (Carlyon), 4-49 (Stevens), 5-86 (Bisson), 6-110 (Sumerauer), 7-122 (Blampied)

Guernsey battingHow outBowlerRunsMinsBalls4s6s Jersey bowlingOversMdnsRunswktswnb
L Barkerct Bissonb Carlyon63610H Carlyon2010100
J Butler*ct Wardb Stevens21331730J Sumerauer4025300
Z Damarell+b Sumerauer491000E Miles3014100
M Stokesct Carlyonb Miles13400C Perchard4026120
B Ferbrachenot out41564820B Stevens4016100
T Nightingalect Bissonb Ward16171701B Ward3016100
L Le Tissierrun out(Perchard)01000
J MartelLBWb Perchard26500
D Hooperct Jennerb Saumerauer65610
A Stokesct Dunfordb Saumerauer56400
W Peatfieldnot out31300
Extras(lb1, w2)3
Total(for 9 wkts in 20 overs)108
Fall of wkts:1-6 (Barker), 2-14 (Damarell), 3-23 (M Stokes), 4-45 (Butler), 5-76 (Nightingale), 6-76 (Le Tissier), 7-85 (Martel), 8-92 (Hooper), 9-105 (A Stokes)

Guernsey v Jersey T20 Cricket Inter-Insular Game 1

Ben Ferbrache hits to leg in his highest scoring innings

Will Peatfield

Will Peatfield

Jordon Martel

Jordon Martel

Zak Damarell

Zak Damarell cuts hard

Matt Stokes bowling

Matt Stokes in bowling mode