Guernsey v Jersey Inter Insular T20 International 2019 Game 1

on Friday 31st May at College Field at 4pm

for the InfrasoftTech Trophy
Umpires: Martin Tolcher (Guernsey) and Neil Hall (Jersey); Simon Welch (3rd)
Scorers: John Mountford (Guernsey) and Gina Kearns (Jersey)
Toss won by Guernsey who elected to field
Match tied
Jersey won the superover

Man-of-the-match Dom Blampied (J)

Jersey battingHow outBowlerRunsBallsMins4s6s Guernsey bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktswnb
N Ferrabyct M Stokesb Buckle13162320A Stokes4022020
J Jennerct Ferbracheb Buckle291300N Buckle4026302
B Stevensb Peatfield23600W Peatfield4028220
D Blampiedb Le Tissier24272720D Hooper4021200
C Bissonb Buckle26243130L Le Tissier4024100
A Hawkins-Kayct Hooperb Peatfield25213320
J Sumerauerst Neweyb Hooper591000
J Dunford+b Hooper01200
C Perchard*run out12121500
E Milesnot out00200
W Robertsondnb
Extras(lb6, b1, w10, nb2)19
Total(for 9 wkts in 20 overs)128
Fall of Wkts:
1-13 (Jenner), 2-21 (Stevens), 3-25 (Ferraby), 4-64 (Blampied), 5-79 (Bisson), 6-103 (Sumerauer), 7-103 (Dunford), 8-127 (Hawkins-Kay), 9-128 (Perchard)

Guernsey battingHow outBowlerRunsBallsMins4s6s Jersey bowlingOversMdnsRunswktswnb
A Wrightct Milesb Hawkins-Kay15500E Miles4017310
L Barkerct Blampiedb Robertson891910A Hawkins-Kay3020100
J Butler*ct Jennerb Perchard22252440W Robertson207110
M Stokesct &b Miles21212820B Stevens2021000
B Ferbrachect Dunfordb Blampied17232910C Perchard3019110
O Newey+ct Hawkins-Kayb Miles12131510D Blampied4016100
L Le Tissierb Miles53310J Sumerauer2025011
D Hoopernot out19122020
A Stokesrun out15101930
N Bucklednb
W Peatfielddnb
Extras(lb3, b0, w4, nb1)8
Total(for 8 wkts in 20 overs)128
Fall of wkts:
1-9 (Wright), 2-24 (Barker), 3-46 (Butler), 4-70 (M Stokes), 5-86 (Ferbrache), 6-91 (Le Tissier), 7-92 (Newey), 8-128 (A Stokes)

Jenner is Jersey’s ‘super’ hero  Rob Batiste   GEP 3rd June 2019

THE legendary BBC sports presenter David Coleman had his well-used word for Friday evening’s sun-licked events at the Old College Field – ‘Remarkable’ . And it was even after it supposedly ended with part of the crowd disappearing out of the gates believing they had seen a tied match as the umpires whipped the stumps out of the ground and trudged off with the teams. Fifteen minutes later the umpires and players were back out in the
middle to perform, at ICC’s wishes, the first ‘Super Over’ Inter-Island representative cricket has ever seen. Jersey’s duly won that to take a 1-0 lead in the three match InfrasoftTech T201 Cup series and it was over to KGV to complete a programme of bish-bash matches that are perfect preparation for the fast upcoming ICC T20 World Cup Europe Final on the same grounds. This was a game that Josh Butler’s Greens seemed to have won, then let slip, tied with a remarkable saving last over, won again then lost as Jonty Jenner, a Jersey hero bom in Guernsey, decisively intervened with some highly skilled and clever hitting. Guernsey’s ‘Super Over’ had seen Lucas Barker smash Elliot Miles’ left-arm spin over long on for the evening’s first six and then followed it with another legside boundary. With 14 off the over Guemsey allowed themselves to imagine they had won. But enter Jenner to take on the pace of Will Peatfield and promptly ramp over his own left shoulder and over long-leg for a maximum. The next two balls were crashed through the offside for four and a single off the fifth won the day. Initially, Guemsey had won the toss and put the Reds in and until Nick Ferraby launched Will Peatfield for four over long on off the last all of the third, had tied the openers down.

The next ball, bowled by Nic Buckle, saw Jenner dropped at cover by Barker, but it was not at all costly as the very next delivery Jenner smashed a hip-high shortish ball from the young seamer out towards Rue a L’Or and Ben Ferbrache took a good catch at mid wicket.

The Greens would have been happy at leaking just 19 off the opening four and it soon got better, Peatfield castling the dangerous Ben Stevens in the next. The Greens were on top and their grip would get stronger. Ferraby drove down the ground and with Matt Stokes taking a well-judged catch Buckle had his second wicket in the first three overs of his fledgling official international career. The initial six-over powerplay had been overwhelmingly Green with the Reds three down for 31. By halfway they had tentatively moved onto 51 and were in need to get a move on. When Dom Blampied chopped on making room to spinner Luke Le Tissier, Jersey had slipped to 54 for 4 and were struggling to post anything remotely testing.

Buckle’s day improved further when he bowled the dangerous Corey Bisson with a superb yorker, but Jersey’s hundred came up at the start of the 17th and the Caesareans were on a charge of sorts until Dave Hooper struck twice in the same over. The Reds posted a no more than average 128 and, mirroring the home side, they threw the new ball to left arm spinner Miles. Six somewhat squeaky runs came off the bat in the opening over and in the next Ash Wright’s international debut ended with a poor shot, caught for just one. Barker then fell to a quite brilliant mid-wicket boundary catch by man-of-the-match Blampied and the home side were feeling the pressure at two down for 25 in the sixth. It needed a captain’s innings and Josh Butler suggested he might provide one with a couple of delightful offside boundaries off the left-armer Stevens. But it was a false dawn. The next over Butler drove down the ground and was caught just inside the boundary – a big blow. Nine overs in, Guernsey were struggling at 42 for 3 but Matt Stokes and Ben Ferbrache were mounting a decent recovery until the former was caught off a leading edge for 21. Jersey were cock-a-hoop with that scalp, Stokes the most prized wicket they could get. But a second Stokes, younger brother Ant, was soon to enter the fray and stun the visitors. Guernsey had stumbled to 111 for 7 as the final over from young paceman Julius Sumerauer started. With 18 required, the game looked done. He charged in from the Rue a L’Or end and inside six balls learned it is foolish to spray it short when full length is required, especially when it is accompanied by a no ball which was struck for four. Hooper hit a four off the no-ball, a two and a single while Stokes blazed two boundaries before a scampered single off the last levelled the scores. A tie would have been a perfect result to a perfect evening’s cricket, but ICC don’t like ties.