Guernsey v Jersey Inter Insular T20 International 2019 Game 3

Played at KGV, Guernsey
on Saturday 1st June 2019 at 2.30pm
for the InfrasoftTech Trophy
International T20 game 3
Umpires: Simon Welch (Guernsey) and Robin Stockton (Jersey); Neil Hall (3rd)
Scorers: John Mountford (Guernsey) and Gina Kearns (Jersey)
Toss won by Jersey who elected to bat
Jersey won by 76 runs

Man-of-the-match D Blampied (J)

Jersey battingHow outBowlerRunsBallsMins4s6s Guernsey bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktswnb
J Jennerct Barkerb Veillard34200T Veillard4015100
H Carlyonct Nussbaumerb Le Tissier50323881C Vorster3032150
B Stevensct Neweyb Vorster892210L Nussbaumer4044220
C BissonCt Stokesb Le Tissier23212720D Hooper4043011
D Blampiednot out43333740L Le Tissier4018210
A Hawkins-Kayct Butlerb Nussbaumer17131330J Butler1015000
J Sumerauerb Nussbaumer138820
J Dunford+not out01300
C Perchard*dnb
E Milesdnb
R Palmerdnb
Extras(lb3, b1, w9, nb1)14
Total(for 6 wkts in 20 overs)171
Fall of Wkts:
1-4 (Jenner), 2-54 (Stevens), 3-82 (Carlyon), 4-119 (Bisson), 5-143 (Hawkins-Kay), 6-168 (Sumerauer)

Guernsey battingHow outBowlerRunsBallsMins4s6s Jersey bowlingOversMdnsRunswktswnb
L Barkerst Dunfordb Miles16121130H Carlyon1010000
A Wrightct Jennerb Blampied14162620A Hawkins-Kay2015000
J Butler*ct Jennerb Sumerauer15500J Sumerauer3012200
M Stokesb Blampied28293930E Miles3014200
L Le Tissierct Jennerb Sumerauer24600D Blampied3.4020400
B Ferbrachect Jennerb Miles88800B Stevens4014100
O Newey+ct Stevensb Palmer12300R Palmer2010100
C Vorsterct Sumerauerb Stevens58900
D Hoopernot out12151600
T Veillardct &b Blampied8121200
L Nussbaumerb Blampied01100
Extras(lb0, b0, w0, nb0)0
Total(for 10 wkts in 18.4 overs)95
Fall of wkts:
1-19 (Barker), 2-20 (Butler), 3-39 (Wright), 4-43 (Le Tissier), 5-53 (Ferbrache), 6-59 (Newey), 7-73 (Vorster), 8-78 (Stokes), 9-94 (Veillard), 10-95 (Nussbaumer)

Match report

Unsurprisingly, despite ringing the changes and bringing in some fresh faces, Guernsey were flat in the third and final game. They finished on the receiving end of a 76-run battering kicked started by an impressive 50 from Harrison Carlyon, who hit the only six of the day with an imperious pull over deep square leg as well as eight fours. Corey Bisson and Blampied chipped in with useful runs in the middle order as Jerey compiled 171 for 6 with the pick of the home bowlers being spinners Tom Veillard and Luke Le Tissier whose eight overs between them cost just 33 runs. Barker connected with a couple of reverse sweeps for four in the first over of the reply, but that was about as exciting as it would get as Jersey turned the screw with yet more calculated bowling backed up by athletic and confident fielding. Blampied finished with four wickets with his leg spin to clinch both the man of the match award and the player of the series accolade while paceman Julius Sumerauer also caught the eye as Guernsey were bowled out for just 95.

Man-of-the-series D Blampied (J)


Greens need to pick themselves up quickly Gareth Le Prevost  GEP   3rd Jun 2019

GUERNSEY have to bounce back quickly from being on the wrong end of a whitewash at the hands of the old enemy over the weekend. That was the message from captain Josh Butler who saw his side suffer the disappointment of losing in a ‘super over’ in Friday night’s opening match of the InfrasoftTech T201 Inter-Insular series after the two teams had finished tied at the College Field before falling to comprehensive back-to-back defeats at the KGV on Saturday. ‘If you win a close game, you are always on a high, but to be fair I don’t think that had too much of a bearing – we were quite positive after Friday: Butler said. ‘Obviously a super over can go either way so we took it on the chin.

‘But today [Saturday] we arrived and straight from the off we didn’t hit our areas and paid the price.’ Guernsey are straight back into action in four games against the visiting Netherlands A squad starting tomorrow as part of their preparations for the ICC T20 World Cup Europe Final event that starts here on Saturday 15 June. ‘The Dutch will be tough. We are trying to drill it into the lads that, yes, we might be losing, but we’ve got to learn from it’, Butler said.

‘We feel Jersey are going to be the best team in the [lCC] tournament, they are well organised, they are well drilled, and they are going to be just as strong, if not stronger, with the players they are bringing over. ‘It is trying to showcase that if someone has a good day, we can do it, but we are playing very good teams so it’s trying to be positive and it’s exciting that, as we showed on Friday against who we think is going to be the best team in the tournament, we came very close to getting over that line.’ Jersey captain Chuggy Perchard said his side’s success over the weekend was the result of a lot of hard work over several years and made a little bit more special now that inter-insular T20s hold international status.

‘When you are out there playing, you don’t really regard them with T20 International status, but I suppose when we look back in years to come it will be something we’re really proud of’, he said before adding that Jersey will be full of confidence going into the Europe Final event.