Lt Frederick Borne (4041)    

Frederick Borne started College in 1932, leaving in 1941. Whilst at school he won the Brice Cup in the Officer Training Corps for the best recruit of the year 1937. He played for the colts’ cricket team. The following year he progressed to the 2nd XI and in 1939 he played for the 1st XI and was described as a promising batsman who saved the College from defeat in the second match v Victoria College. He was awarded his colours. In 1939 he was right back in the football team being a ‘very reliable player’ and awarded his colours.

His record in 1939 for cricket was:

EC      144-1        dnb                            F W Mourant           127-5

EC      70             6                                GICC                      95-4

EC      180           6                                Vic Coll                   35

EC      55             6                                Commercial Lge      149-9

EC      176-6        2                                HMS Vindictive        103

EC      163           10                              Tauntons school     31

EC      109           14                              Vic Coll                   103    

In 1940 he also featured at right back for the hockey team being the ‘mainstay of the defence’. During his last year at school in 1941 he was the captain of football as well as playing for the hockey and cricket teams. He was also in the music society.

In his military service he was promoted to a lieutenant in the 47th Royal Marines Commando which was formed in Dorchester on 1st August 1943 from selected marines of the disbanded 10th Brigade. The 47th was finally disbanded at Haywards Heath, Sussex on 31st January 1946. He took part in the D-Day landings on 6th June 1944 as part of Operation Overlord. Although they lost large amounts of weapons, equipment and men the survivors regrouped. On 7th June they advanced on Port en Bessin but against all odds the commandos prevailed. The port was crucial as it was where PLUTO (pipeline under the ocean) came ashore which was to supply petrol needed to maintain the Allied advance.

On 11th August 1944, aged 20, he was killed in action at Troarn, Normandy, and is buried in the Ranville War Cemetery just north of Caen.

2nd Lt John Anthony Carey (4044)

John Anthony Carey was born in Uckfield, East Sussex to Lt-Col John Lionel Romilly Carey and Mary Gertrude Dobson of Jersey. John was the 3rd generation of the Carey men to join the Royal Artillery. Grandfather Major General William Dobree Carey DSO was followed by his son John Lionel Romilly Carey who fought with distinction in the Great War also earning a DSO and his grandson John Anthony Carey. In 1939 John married Dorothy Margaret Shaw in Portsmouth. John was a 2nd Lt service number 73053 First Medium regiment, Royal Artillery.

John played for the 1st XI EC cricket team for three years from 1933 to 1935. His most successful match was in his opening year when against Victoria College he scored 107 and bowled 8-4-18-3 in their nearly 200 run victory.

His full record at cricket is:


EC                145               18                GICC                      153-5

EC                123-8           11                FW Mourants          116

EC                89-4             dnb               HMS Kennett, Garry, Liffey         51          2-0-8-2

                                                                                          and     28-8   3-1-25-2

EC                220-9           65                Banks CC               93                3 for 14

EC                92-0             dnb               VA Lewis                 182               10-3-37-2

EC                270               107               Vic Coll                   89                8-4-18-3

                                                                                and     55-2             0 for 16

EC                185-7           24                GICC                      187-3           2-0-17-0

EC                61                16                FW Mourant            237-6           5-0-24-0

EC                76                28                Commercial Lge      169-7           1-0-2-0

EC                68-2             0                  GICC                      155-8d          6-2-12-1

EC                49                0                  RE Spencer             83                7-2-18-0

          and     75-2             16     

EC                182               2                  King Edward           144

EC                60                7                  Pilgrims                  129

EC                98                4                  GICC                      190-8

EC                142               42                Commercial Lge      156-6

EC                185-9d          25                VA Lewis                 145-4           4-0-30-2

EC                178               3                  Vic Coll                   160               6-2-13-3

EC                154-7d          10                FW Mourant            110-6           5-1-18-0


EC                62                32                FW Mourant            162-4

EC                129               13                Commercial Lge      81

EC                110               4                  Pilgrims                  64

EC                172-7d          29                Banks CC               72

EC                147-4           72                FW Mourant            67

EC                128               94                GICC                      50

EC                31                1                  Pilgrims                  109               4-1-3-4

EC                99                0                  King Edward school 90                1-0-6-1

EC                162-5           4                  VA Lewis                 63

EC                72                26                Vic Coll                   166               3-0-8-0

          and     79-9             0       

EC                82-9             24                VA Lewis                 161

EC                132               45                Tauntons school     190

EC                132-8           66*               GICC                      165-2

EC                213               14                Vic Coll                   118

He should make an excellent bat but must try not to be always LBW. Leg stump guard might help.

1935 captain

EC                113               64                GICC                      121-6

EC                178-8d          114               GICC                      184-4

EC                85                1                  GICC                      143-9

EC                64                17                VA Lewis                 87

EC                46                5                  Pilgrims                  70                7-0-14-3

EC                125               7                  Commercial Lge      133               6-0-17-3

EC                46                6                  GICC                      124-3           4-0-31-1

EC                124               6                  Pessimists               91                2-0-13-0

EC                76                1                  FW Mourant            156-9           0 for 19

EC                200-3d          103*             VA Lewis                 107

EC                212               69                Vic Coll                   198               5-2-9-1

EC                157               2                  Tauntons school     134-7           5-0-41-1

EC                157               77                Commercial Lge      136-7           2-0-10-0

EC                115               26                King Edward school 120

EC                174-8           81                Vic Coll                   171

 A good captain.

He was awarded his colours that year. The following year he played right back in the hockey team where he also gained his colours. The comments made about his cricket was that ‘he had batted well but must try not to be always out LBW’. In his last year he was made captain and was ‘still inclined to play across the ball’. He also played Old Siward in the school’s production of Macbeth.

As a member of the Royal Artillery John took part in the rear-guard action at Dunkirk. His regiment (1st Medium Regt. R.A.) was one of three ordered to hold, at all costs, and cover the embarkation of the British Expeditionary Force. It was in action for two days and nights, fired off all its ammunition, and then blew up its guns. John was wounded by shell splinters and died of wounds on the hospital ship at sea on 23 May 1940 returning from France. He had been seriously wounded in the Allied retreat towards Dunkirk. Both Calais and Boulogne were under siege at the time from German land and air forces. His sacrifice is commemorated on the war memorial in St Brelade, Jersey as well as St Thomas’ Church, Bedhampton.

Capt Eric John Crews (4072)

Eric John Crews attended EC from 1933 to 1936. He played for the 2nd XI in 1935 and in his last year for the 1st XIs in cricket, hockey and football. He was described as quite a good medium paced bowler.

His record in 1936 was

EC                165-8d          dnb               Commercial Lge      87-7             5-0-7-0

EC                112               1                  GICC                      113-8           3-1-14-1

EC                105-5           dnb               Pilgrims                  104               5-1-20-1

EC                63-8             dnb               GICC                      172-6           8-2-34-2

EC                116-9           6*                FW Mourant            115               5-1-13-1

EC                122-5           dnb               GICC                      145-4           5-0-32-0

EC                104-9d          10*               2nd Bn Sherwood F  88-6             1-0-7-1

EC                69-5             dnb               GICC                      165-5d          7-1-24-0

EC                127-9           4                  VA Lewis                 103-4           1-0-1-0

EC                131               8                  GICC                      135-7           5-0-39-3

EC                188               10                Vic Coll                   189               9-4-26-2

EC                187               13                King Edward school 201-8d          8-0-26-2

EC                37                4*                Tauntons school     115-8           10-3-27-3

EC                82                2                  Vic Coll                   95                3-0-23-0

                                                                                and    134-6

EC                77                9                  2nd Bn Sherwood F  83-4             9-2-24-1

He passed his ‘A’ certificate in the Officers Training Corps

He was a lieutenant in the 69th brigade of the East Yorkshire regiment, service number 137961. He was promoted to captain in the 5th brigade and was mentioned in despatches. He saw service with the ‘Desert Rats’. On his return from North Africa he was chosen by the War Office to have his portrait painted as one of a group. This was put on show at ‘Salute the Soldier’ week in London and is now in the Imperial War Museum. He was involved in was service in Egypt, Cyprus, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Sicily and NW Europe.

After German citizens in Iran were expelled by Britain, German authorities retaliated by deporting those who were not born in the Channel Islands to Germany with their families. Some 2 200 people from the Channel Islands were removed to camps in Dorsten, Biberach, Wurzach, Laufen and Compiegne. Biberach became a civilian internment camp for people mainly from Guernsey until its liberation by French forces on 23 April 1945. Among those deported were Eric’s father William Henry and mother Edith.

Eric died of wounds he received in France on 11th Sept 1944 and is buried in Leopoldsburg War Cemetery in Belgium with inscription ‘At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them’.

P/O Derek Gordon de Garis (4200)

Derek Gordon de Garis played cricket for the 2nd XI during his time at College between 1936 and 1941. On leaving school he joined the RAF volunteer reserve and trained in Florida, service number 138197.

At 18.37 on 3rd February 1943 he took off in his Stirling R9197 BU-V aircraft, as co-pilot, from Chedburgh, Suffolk to go to Hamburg. A major raid had been planned for that day and 214 squadron with 11 crews responding. Only 10 took off loaded with 1710 x 4 lb bombs and 90 x 4 lb ‘X’ incendiaries each. Two planes returned early with 6 returning after 5 or 6 hours. However, R9197 and R9282 failed to return. In total there were 263 aircraft dispatched to Hamburg with the eventual loss of 16 bombers. After a short but heavy aerial combat at 20:04 hours Knacke downed Short Stirling Mk I R9197. Gunner O’Neill had shot his last salvos from the Stirling which were fatal for the Messerschmitt and killing its pilot. The Stirling, with a crew of eight, 5 Canadians and 3 Britains, crashed between the Valleikanaal and the railway embankment (northwest of the Bruinenburger locks) in the vicinity of the Leusbroekerweg after the aircraft has released its dangerous bombload during an emergency procedure. During the combat with the Stirling the Messerschmitt Bf 110 with pilot Reinhold Knacke and navigator/gunner Kurt Bundrock was also hit and crashed in a meadow near the Modderbeek, at the Helweg, Achterveld. Bundrock survived the encounter by jumping from the aircraft with his parachute, but his commander perished.

An eye-witness relates:

‘I was sitting at the table with my mother in the kitchen of our farmhouse, sorting beans. I was 6 at the time. There was a tremendous noise and then suddenly quiet. We were so afraid that we did not go out but stayed inside. Mt father was among those who saw the burning wreckage. Villagers tried to approach the plane but Nazi troops surrounded it. The next day I watched as troops salvaged the engines and other parts.’

The crash site is now a meadow near a trail that was once a railway line. A book belonging to the German navigator Bundrock was found and translated. He details how they had shot down the RAF Stirling R9197 above Lausden and the crash of his own Messerschmitt.

F/O Henry Dale Green (3584)

Henry Dale Green was born in Lahore, India and attended EC in the early 1920s. In 1923 he played for the 1st XI, received his colours and was defined as a ‘much improved batsman with excellent style but often threw his wicket away’. He was the school bantamweight boxing champion in 1923 and 1924. In 1924 he was in the hockey team and was the captain of cricket, the year the pavilion was completed. In his last year, 1925, he became a top order batsman and useful bowler.

His record is;


Played outside left in the hockey team; ‘good and clever with the stick, and will improve when he grows older and stronger’

EC                116               21                Sporting Club         93                1 for 12

EC                53                                    FE Fulford               87                3 for 15

EC                59                                    FW Mourant            103               4 for 24

EC                78                17*               Vic Coll                   187               1 for 43

          and    77                5

EC                110-9                               Manchester Regt    156               4 for 52

EC                105               30*               FW Mourant            114-7           3 for 34

EC                85                                    GICC                      179               3 for 35

EC                128               49                GACC                     130-5

EC                86      and 44-5                 Manchester Regt    97                1 for 14

EC                127               22                Vic Coll                   200               0 for 21

          and    69-6             19


EC                23      and 63-4                 Manchester Regt    79                6 for 25

EC                86                                    GICC                      138               11-1-36-3

EC                66                                    GW Stone               117-2           5-0-20-0

EC                66                4                  Vic Coll                   207

          and    58                2

EC                63                2                  Vic Coll                   89                1-0-10-0

          and     106               24

A much-improved bat with an excellent style, but often throws his wicket away by trying to cut rising balls. The cut is a stroke that can be overdone and it is often safer to leave rising balls on the off side. A fair change bowler and a good field.


EC                23                                    Manchester Regt    79                6 for 25


EC                86                                    GICC                      138               11-1-36-3

EC                66                4                  Vic Coll                   207               1 for 51

                    58                2

EC                63                2                  Vic Coll                   89                1-0-10-0

                    106               24                                              97-2             2-0-14-0

1925 captain

EC                84                2                  GICC                      96-4             5-0-22-0

EC                72                6                  EB Waite                116

EC                103               1                  GW Stone               55                6-1-8-4

EC                58                3                  FW Mourant            63                6-0-19-3

EC                56                1                  DCLI                       64

EC                78                18                GICC                      92                4-0-14-1

EC                141               1                  FW Mourant            76-4             2-0-6-0

EC                172-6           24                Coll Masters            49

EC                71                2                  DCLI                       128               11-2-30-4

EC                75                26                Vic Coll                   187               5 for 26

                    140               10                                              32-2             2 for 16

EC                155-8           10                DCLI                       144               0 for 19

EC                113-4           40                FW Mourant            85                5-0-12-2

EC                72-4             16                DCLI                       135               8-0-28-1

EC                210               44                Vic Coll                   247               2 wkts

He was part of 224 squadron coastal command, with service number 39155. The plane was on search operation and was a Lockheed Hudson Mk1 based at RAF Leuchars, Fife, Scotland.

The pilot, P/O HD Green took off at 17.10, dived into the sea at 22.10. The official record is:

Lockheed Hudson Mk.I N7247 “QX-G” of 224 Squadron RAF. Dived into the North Sea on 7/9/39, 4 miles north-north-east of the North Carr Light Vessel, which was moored off Fife Ness, the easternmost point of Fife. Despite a prolonged search by the Broughty Ferry lifeboat, and Avro Ansons on 220 Squadron, RAF, no trace of the aircraft or the crew was ever found. Two months later a cowling panel from the aircraft was recovered from the sea in the crash area.

One of the panels at Runnymede Memorial near Slough showing Sgt H D Crews