Inter Insular #62 2013

The match was played at KGV,Guernsey
on Saturday 7th September 2013
for the Marlborough Trophy
50 overs per side
Umpires HAJ Mountford (Guernsey) and H Kearns (Jersey), S Welch (3rd umpire)
Scorers I Damarell (Guernsey) and D Livingstone (Jersey)
Toss won by Guernsey who elected to field
Jersey won by 14 runs

Jersey innings    RunsBallsMins4s6sSR Guernsey bowlingOvMdnRunWktWNbSRER
*P Goughc KimberbEllis47684169.1Stokes10249110494.9
C BissoncGalebFrith19481039.6Nussbaumer9144111444.9
B StevenslbwbEllis4280014.3Frith10132210163.2
+E FarleycGalebFrith27532150.9Ellis1023231010.73.2
A DewhurstcKnellerbEllis07000Hooper9.4132210163.3
D Morrisonrunout(Ferbrache/Hooper)515050102.0
NAT WatkinscKimberbStokes681075.0
CJ BodensteincFerbrachebHooper191720111.8
C PerchardlbwbNussbaumer460066.7
T MintybHooper450080.0
P Connollynotout03000
Extras(w7,nb1, b1lb5)14
Total(in 48.4 overs)195(at4.01rpo)
1-53 (Bisson 15.6 ov), 2-70 (Stevens 22.2 ov), 3-79 (Gough 26.1 ov), 4-81 (Dewhurst 28.4 ov), 5-122 (Farley 36.5 ov), 6-146 (Watkins 40.2 ov), 7-186 (Morrison 46.1 ov), 8-186 (Bodenstein 46.2 ov), 9-191 (Perchard 47.4 ov), 10-195 (Minty 48.4 ov)

Guernsey innings    RunsBallsMin46S/R Jersey bowlingOvMdnRunWktWNbS/RE/R
GH Smitrunout(Minty)37832044.6Connolly7126110263.7
OE NeweylbwbMinty11262042.3Bodenstein10229100292.9
*JAJ NussbaumercGoughbStevens33535062.3Minty10032230163.2
JDJ Frithc & bStevens3190015.8Stevens101304207.53.0
JSJ GalebMinty6280021.4Perchard100440104.4
R KnellercStevensbConnolly460066.7Watkins30100003.3
+TCR KimberbStevens17340050.0
LB Ferbrachecsub (Jenner)bBodenstein17291058.6
DR Hoopernot out10910111.1
MWR StokeslbwbStevens120050.0
MLA Ellisnot out131120118.2
Extras(w19,b1, lb9)29
Totalfor9 wktsin50 overs181at3.6rpo
Fall of wickets
1-30 (Newey 8.3 ov), 2-88 (Nussbaumer 24.3 ov), 3-95 (Frith 28.1 ov), 4-105 (Smit 34.3 ov), 5-111 (Gale 35.1 ov), 6-115 (Kneller 36.5 ov), 7-148 (Ferbrache 45.1 ov), 8-159 (Kimber 47.1 ov), 9-161 (Stokes 47.4 ov)


Guernsey Director of Cricket Nic Pothas has named the following 13 from which the XI to take on Jersey in next Saturday’s Marlborough Trophy inter-insular at KGV will be chosen.  Pothas took over soon after the island had been heavily beaten by nine wickets in last year’s fixture at Grainville.
Jamie Nussbaumer will lead the side which includes Jeremy Frith, the Man of the Match in 2011 before crucially missing out last year with injury. Pothas has introduced a number of younger players during his first summer in charge and Guernsey made the semi-finals of the Euro T20 tournament in Sussex in July.

The Guernsey squad in full is:

Jamie Nussbaumer (Cobo Tigers) capt.; Ollie Newey (Cobo Tigers), GH Smit (LML St Pierre and Miton Optimal), Ben Ferbrache (Cobo Tigers), James Gale (2mi Wanderers), Jeremy Frith (2mi Wanderers), Ross Kneller (Cobo Tigers), David Hooper (Goldridge Griffins and Miton Optimal), Tom Kimber (LML St Pierre and Miton Optimal), Matthew Stokes (2mi Wanderers), Max Ellis (LML St Pierre and Miton Optimal), Luke Le Tissier (LML St Pierre and Miton Optimal), and Lucas Barker (LML St Pierre and Miton Optimal).

Last week Jersey Head Coach Craig Hogan confirmed his 13 man squad that included 15-year-old Jonty Jenner. If he plays, he will be Jersey’s youngest ever representative in the annual fixture. The Victoria College pupil and Sussex Academy player, who is the son of former Jersey and Guernsey captain Ward Jenner, was the leading run scorer and most valuable player in the ICC European under-19 tournament in the Netherlands.  Hogan has always been keen on giving youngsters an opportunity to impress and said: “We made the decision to select Jonty after the Under-19s tournament in Holland but he’s been scoring hundreds all over the place this summer. “He’s had great reviews from his games with the Sussex Under-16s and he was the most valuable player in Holland. “I’ve worked with him throughout the winter so I know he’s good enough technically but I wanted to see how he squared up to the mental side of the game. “But he measured up to the Irish and Scottish and is a player with a lot of potential.” Jersey hammered Guernsey by nine wickets in last year’s inter-insular at Grainville and are looking to repeat that performance and lay down a marker for next year’s World Cricket League 5. And Hogan stressed these fixtures are crucial in shaping a winter training squad ahead of that tournament in Malaysia. “We’ve got three games left this season and there’s a lot of pressure on this squad, they have to put performances on the board,” explained Hogan. “I’m already looking forward to the World League in Malaysia, the form we’ve been in there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be promoted again. “Obviously a lot can happen and things can change but we’re confident going into the tournament.” 

Ben Stevens, who has also been named in the squad, is the youngest player ever to contest a senior inter-insular for Jersey, at the age of 16 in 2008. One notable absentee in the line-up is strike bowler Anthony Kay, who has been unable to recover fully from a pectoral muscle injury he sustained in the opening match of the World Cricket League Division 6 tournament in Jersey in July.

Coach Craig Hogan said the Jersey squad had twin ambitions. ‘We’re obviously going to Guernsey to win but we’re again looking to focus on the little components of our game. It’s been a major aim for us all year, to get the little things right. ‘Naturally we want to win, but we’ll be working hard on our own game plans. We’ll concentrate on getting those areas right and hopefully the result will look after itself.’

The squad is: Peter Gough (captain), Corey Bisson, Ben Stevens, Edward Farley, Andrew Dewhurst, Dean Morrison, Nat Watkins, Corne Bodenstein, Charles Perchard, Paul Connolly, Tom Minty, Luke Gallichan and Jonty Jenner.

‘The skipper’s biggest day’    by Matt Lihou in the Guernsey Evening Press

JAMIE NUSSBAUMER is preparing for the biggest moment of his career as he leads Guernsey into inter-insular battle with Jersey at the KGV today. The 26-year-old bowling all-rounder took over the Sarnian captaincy earlier this year and despite playing 47 matches for his island in all competitions already, this one will stand out. ‘For every Guernsey cricketer, this is the one you want to win and to captain in it for the first time will be an incredible feeling,’ he said. ‘Obviously we play a lot of top-quality ICC cricket abroad these days, but for any Guernsey-born sportsman or woman, playing against and trying to beat Jersey is the one. ‘Right now, I have a mixture of nerves and excitement, as well as a lot of pride, while I am sure that my dad will have a tear or two in his eye come the start of play on Saturday morning.’ This will be Nussbaumer’s sixth inter-insular and he is confident that his side can right the wrongs of last year, when they were beaten heavily at Grainville, a game when Jeremy Frith was absent through illness. ‘We have a good balanced squad of players, but so do Jersey, so it will be all about who turns up and executes their skills best on the day. ‘There are some younger players in the group this time and although they will be nervous, they just have to remember that they are there on merit and because their performances have been strong. ‘Saying that, you do want big performances from your senior players and I include myself in that, because they are the people you are expecting to help you win games of cricket. ‘As for Frithy, there isn’t a lot else to say apart from he is the best cricketer in the Channel Islands. If he plays well, then it will go a long way to winning it for us.’ Today’s 50-over game starts at 10.45am.

‘Gough: We’ve come a long way’       by Tom Millar in the Jersey Evening Post

JERSEY skipper Peter Gough says his side have come a long way in 24 months since they were humbled by a Jeremy Frith-inspired side at KGV in 2011. It is at the end of a highly successful summer of cricket for Jersey that they travel here today aiming to defend the inter-insular Marlborough Trophy, which they regained in emphatic fashion last year at Grainville.
Craig Hogan’s team have performed brilliantly this summer, reaching the semi-final of the ICC European Division One tournament in Sussex before winning the Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division Six on home soil. In winning the latter, the Reds also secured promotion to the WCL Division Five tournament due to be held in Malaysia early next year. But with all the attraction and hype surrounding these international tournaments, how important is the annual inter-insular clash for Jersey’s modem day cricketer? Gough explained, ‘It’s a competitive game and games against Guernsey will always be big occasions,’ he said. ‘They’ll always draw a big crowd … we respect the traditions and know it’s particularly important. There have been a lot of top players involved in this fixture over the years. ‘It’s a huge game for us and another on the road to Malaysia … we want to play as well as we can in every game and show supporters how we play. ‘But, the ultimate pinnacle for us is to get as far up the world rankings as we can. All our players know that they are vying for selection for the squad travelling to Malaysia as well. When they lost heavily two years ago it was just the start for the young squad, he continued. ‘We were still forming as a team then. We were preparing for Malaysia at that time as well and that defeat turned out to be a great lesson for us. Yes, we lost, but when we played them a month later in Malaysia we were a lot closer [losing by just nine runs].
‘We’d turned it around in a short space of time and the team has matured even more since then. ‘We’re confident after the summer we’ve had and we’ve had a couple of weeks off training which has done us all good. Everyone has missed playing for Jersey since then and we were all keen to get back to training.’ Guernsey are one of the teams that Jersey will face in Malaysia next year and Gough admits that today’s clash is an excellent opportunity to gain insight into how the Sarnians play ahead of WCL 5. ‘We’ll be watching their game-plans to see how they go but we’re aiming to concentrate on our own game really. We have to adapt to their conditions just like when we play away in these tournaments which, again, is good practice. ‘They have a couple of players we haven’t played against before and it’ll be good to size them up also.’


‘Sarnian batsmen again lose the battle of wits’   by Rob Batiste in the GEP

THE slow strangling of Guernsey’s top batsmen – what’s left of them after injuries and retirements – made for excruciating viewing in the late Saturday afternoon sunshine at KGV.Jersey left with the Marlborough Trust Trophy, deservedly so, and the Sarnians were left to mull over an innings repeated time and time again this summer and which had captain Jamie Nussbaumer bemoaning ‘we threw it away again’. Just for once in this international season blighted by Guernsey batting collapses with the pot of gold in sight, Nussbaumer’s men, and he was playing a key role, were in charge and seemingly on their way to victory. Then the collapse: only this was one which was in slow motion, which made it worse for the large home crowd. ‘We should have closed it down and there are no excuses,’ said the captain.    ‘Our fielding and bowling was very good, but we just didn’t back it up with the bat.’ It was to the backdrop of JCBs working away on the site for the island’s first 3G surface that Nussbaumer had won the toss and inserted Peter Gough’s side. A touch surprisingly young debutant Matthew Stokes was given the responsibility of the first over from the Blanc Bois end and in a tight opening over conceded just a cheeky single to Gough to Dave Hooper at cover, and an off-side wide when the strike rotated to the right hand Corey Bisson. Nussbaumer was coming down the slope and proved distinctly sharper than his young team-mate. Not that it seemed to bother Gough much, who produced two crunching drives both of which were superbly fielded at point and extra by Ben Ferbrache and Hooper, who ensured the second over was a maiden. From early on it was clear that there was little bounce in the new strip, Stokes getting the ball to skid through. There were certainly no demons in the pitch either, but Nussbaumer got one to just leave Gough and miss the edge as it flew through to Tom Kimber.
Gough was looking notably assured, though, his footwork crisp and decisive, Bisson less so and to the final ball of Nussbaumer’s second over he was afforded a lucky break his outside edge put down by Kimber diving to his right, the first of three spills by the home team. The runs were soon starting to flow and Gough was looking very impressive, particularly on the drive. The opening six overs saw few successes for the Guernsey bowlers and Jersey will have been delighted to have moved on to 26 without losing a wicket. Guernsey were already moving on the defensive with the second slip taken away and Kimber moving up to the stumps which seemed to work for Stokes, who responded with a maiden, which he followed up with another. The Caesareans would not have worried though, with the first nine having brought 30.
Nussbaumer was having to really bend his back to get any life and Gough drove him sweetly through the covers for his second boundary of the morning.

2013 nuss anger

Jamie Nussbaumer in angry mood as he bowls to Peter Gough                              Guernseycricketphotos

Already CricHQ’s scoring system were predicting a Jersey total of 259, worryingly large for the home side. Nussbaumer’s response was to replace himself with Jeremy Frith who was soon getting one to turn sharply past the outside of Bisson’s forward push and the Greens certainly needed an uplift.
The fifty was brought up by a fierce drive from Gough to the fourth ball of Max Ellis’s opening over having replaced Stokes. It yielded just one to the Jersey captain, due to some excellent fielding at mid off, but it made clear a determination not to be pegged down by the slow left-armers. Then the breakthrough. Bisson attempted to drive Frith over the top and holed out to James Gale at deepish mid off, 53 for one after 16. Ellis immediately had two highly optimistic lbw shouts against the new batsman Ben Stevens, but it’s highly doubtful whether DRS will ever come to the KGV, and umpire John Mountford was having none of it, being the sort of official who, as an island batsman himself in the distant past, takes a great deal of convincing in any request by the bowler.

2013 ellis

Max Ellis                                    Guernseycricketphotos

The spinners were exerting some welcome control in their early overs until Gough stepped down the track and put Ellis onto the newly flattened 3G base beyond the sightscreen. That took this impressive player up to 38 and in the same over a juicy cover drive brought four more.
Frith was demanding more respect though, pushing the ball through flatter and quicker and with just a single off his next the 20 over mark was reached with 66 on the board. Frith’s spell lasted five overs and Dave Hooper came on for the 22nd, with possibly the plan for him to bowl his 10 on the bounce. His first yielded just a single which took the teams up to drinks which was to bring another important wicket. Second ball after the break Ellis beat Stevens’ forward push and up went Mountford’s finger to answer the appeal.

2013 stevens lbw

Ben Stevens trapped lbw by Max Ellis                   Guernseycricketphotos

Halfway was reached with Jersey 78 for two and the computer prediction having fallen to 217. Hooper was scurrying in from the park end and skidding the ball onto the batsmen who were finding him difficult to get away. The pressure was telling and to the first ball of the 27th Gough skipped down the track again and managed to get both the finest of edges to Kimber, who also stumped him by a country mile. The complexion of the innings was changing fairly swiftly. The Reds had two new men at the crease in Ed Farley and Andy Dewhurst, son of the former Jersey Muratti striker Steve. Dewhurst survived a very big lbw shout when Hooper skidded one through his fence and pinned him on the back foot, while Gale made a super attempt to catch Farley at mid on, his one-handed dive grabbing the ball but then only to slip from his grip as he hit the ground. But in the same over Dewhurst lofted the ball out to mid wicket and Ross Kneller took the catch to give Ellis his third wicket. Jersey were now in a spot of bother with four down for 81 and the 30-over mark looming fast. Farley drove Ellis for a straight six to push the total up to 99 after 33 with Hooper maintaining his pressure until the 34th when both Farley and Morrison crunched boundaries to put a blot on his figures. Ellis finished his spell and was immediately replaced by Frith and, with Jersey calling for their batting powerplay, Nussbaumer reintroduced himself at the expense of Hooper.

2013 hoops 1

David Hooper’s slower delivery does for Tom Minty                          Guernseycricketphotos

Fifteen overs remained and with the prediction down to 194, Jersey needed to get their skates on. In Farley and Morrison they had the men at the crease to inject that impetus, that as if they stayed. In the 37th Farley attempted to hit Frith onto the fenced-off area and holed out to Gale who took a confident catch. Stokes’ return was greeted with two leaked boundaries square and behind as Morrison pounced on gifts and the recovery continued to the extent that with 40 gone Jersey were up to 144 and 200 plus was one again on the cards.

2013 stokes fields

Matt Stokes gets down to field off his own bowling                          Guenseycricketphotos

But then another turn – Nathaniel Watkins was caught at the wicket to provide Stokes with his first senior inter-insular wicket, but if Guernsey thought they were through the batting they were mistaken. With Morrison ever dominant and Come Bodenstein chipping in effectively, 14 came from Stokes’ final over and the Reds were up to 168 with seven remaining. Hooper put Morrison down off his own bowling with the Aussie on 44 in the 45th and the left hander’s half-century came up off his 49th ball faced. But, the very next ball, Morrison was run out by some super fielding from Ferbrache, and one ball later Bodenstein followed him, holing out to Ferbrache at wide mid-on. The end came in the 49th, Minty attempting to slog Hooper and missing. Jersey coach Craig Hogan had set his sights on 250, but 195 was below par.

2013 morrison ro

David Hooper removes the bails to effect the run out of Dean Morrison                          Guernseycricketphotos

It was never going to be easy to bat second, though, but you would not have thought that as the Greens made a confident start. The first two overs produced just one Ollie Newey single but neither was there any great threat from the two opening bowlers Paul Connolly and Corne Bodenstein. Both GH Smit and Newey were able to get their front foot forward without any worry that they would have their head knocked off and Newey was soon driving sweetly through the covers for the first boundary of the Sarnian reply. Tom Minty’s introduction for the seventh over was hardly impressive either. After the first ball was called for wide Smit helped himself for a two through the covers and then a square driven boundary. There then followed a big leg side wide and the over ended with 29 on the board without loss. But Minty was to raise Jersey spirits in his second over, winning a leg before decision from Mountford to get rid of Newey for 11. The batsman was well forward but it stuck him low on the front pad and it was never going to go over the top. It was something of a surprise to see the skipper come in at No. 3 but he is a positive player and the momentum was continued as he struck the ball cleanly.
Bodenstein was causing a few problems outside the off stump but the increasing noise levels from the ‘hill’ suggested that things were going well for the home side. The fifty came up with a guided single to third man from the captain off the last ball of the 14th and the partnership inched forward, Smit playing with unusual restrain. There was evident determination from the pair to keep things ticking along without doing anything stupid, which they very nearly did then the two dithered over a single and were both stuck in the middle of the track. Comically the Jersey fielder’s brain was equally scrambled and the second-wicket pair got away with it.

2013 smit cut

GH Smit cuts during his innings                        Guernseycricketphotos

Smit had another escape when he drilled the ball straight back at Stevens who failed to hang on. Nussbaumer then began to open his shoulders with two fours in one over from the ineffective Perchard and Guernsey were sitting pretty at 85 for one after 24 with a further 111 needed. Cue hiccup. Nussbaumer smashed a low drive into the hands of extra-cover and Jersey had the wicket they craved. Frith is a good man to come in at any stage, but this was one after noon he failed to come up with the goods. With just three to his name and 22 short of Warren Barrett’s all-time record of inter-insular runs, he crashed a drive straight back at Stevens who, this time, did not let it slip. The wicket fell with 100 still needed. Who would hold their nerve?

2013 gale hoik

James Gale is bowled having a swipe trying to get the scoreboard moving                             Guernseycricketphotos

Frith had faced 19 balls for his three and Gale was equally becalmed as a clutch of overs drifted by with little event. Guernsey would have to go up a
gear but chances of that happening were evaporating. Smit was run out in a horrible mix up that brought Kneller to the crease. At first Gale was the given run out, appearing to have sacrificed himself, and bizarrely he was back in the hutch when the decision was reversed and he was called back.
So Smit trudged off, perhaps for the final time in inter-insular cricket given his worsening knee problems. Kneller did not last long, hitting a full toss straight into the air, and not even a positive player such as Kimber could get after the bowling, such was their cute lines, backed up by superb fielding. Seventy-one were needed off the last 10, 63 off eight, 48 off five.

2013 P Gough mofm

Peter Gough receives his man-of-the-match award                              Jersey Evening Post

It was a slow death for Nic Pothas’ men who must now get down to preparing for World League Five in Malaysia and another clash with the old foe.


After a second straight inter-insular defeat captain Jamie Nussbaumer said they must get their batting right. After seeing his side throw away a great position chasing 196 for victory at the KGV the Guernsey captain said the batting ‘was an ongoing concern’. Jersey ultimately won by 14 runs as Guernsey and their skipper lamented losing their way. ‘We bossed 75% of the game and at 85 for one you couldn’t ask for a better position to be in and with Frithy still to come you’d win 98 times out of 100.’ he said. ‘We hit a brick wall in the middle when we couldn’t hit a boundary or rotate the strike.’

‘Bad timing hinders Pothas’    by Rob Batiste

TIME for an analogy. Take Ross Alien, Dom Heaume and Matt Loaring out of the Green Lions attack and the GFC goal threat diminishes as quickly as the falling tide. Guernsey cricket has lost its equivalent to this illustrious forward trio and, not unnaturally, found the scoring of important runs a major problem.

There was some booze-fuelled anger on the western perimeter of the KGV boundary as Guernsey slipped painfully to a 14-run defeat in the Marlborough Trust Trophy inter-insular and consequently the forum trolls spilled some nonsensical fury out over the weekend. But, as they conveniently forget, this is a Guernsey team in the early stages of major change. There was no Lee Savident to underpin the top-order with the calm, skill and assurance of the former county professional he is; no stylish strokeplay from the ‘big man’ Stuart Le Prevost, now sadly retired from international cricket; and no eye-catching brilliance of Tim Ravenscroft, who has fallen out of love with the game. Andy Biggins, now a veteran but a man who could have added ballast and know-how to the nervous middle-order, watched on from the sidelines like the rest of us pained to see the 2013 side fail to come to terms with a low, skidder of a pitch and canny field-placing. We could not hit boundaries and were unable to rotate the strike.

The narrowness of the loss and the acute awareness that despite their tight lines and length, this was very much a pop-gun Jersey attack, made the viewing all the more painful. Guernsey should have triumphed but such is the soft nature of the domestic game nowadays they simply did not have the mental toughness to get the job done. Jersey, a mess not so long ago, but skilfully developed into a ‘team’ in the real sense of the word by coach Craig Hogan, benefited from some tough 50-over tournament cricket this summer, and did not buckle. It was not a disaster to lose and, in years to come, might even be viewed as a good thing. Nic Pothas, with the backing of a more demanding Guernsey Cricket Board, needs to change the outlook our top players have to the game and back it with exposure to tougher cricket than they are currently enjoying – or not. Not all will want the commitment, but as long as the GCB back the elite half-dozen or so who do, then that will be a positive start. My bet is that by this time in 2015 Guernsey will have a young side that looks wholly different to the one we saw last weekend, and it will perform far better than the class of 2013.