ICC Europe Division 2 Scotland 2006

Guernsey v Israel
European Championship Division Two 2006 (5th Place Play-off Semi-Final)
Venue Royal Air Force Ground, Lossiemouth on 8th August 2006 (50-over match)
Balls per over 6
Toss Israel won the toss and decided to bat
Result Guernsey won by 5 wickets
Umpires AW Scotland (Scotland), RM Wylie (Scotland)
Man of the Match M Oliver


Israel innings    RunsBallsMins4s6sSR Guernsey bowlingOvMdnRunsWktsWNbSRER
*H AwaskerlbwbSavident413111-30.73Savident10037156603.7
E SolomoncOliverbMoody3244615-72.73Queripel401801-4.5
D HotzbMoody1446641-30.43Banerjee102203--202.0
I MassilcOliverbBanerjee153--20.0Moody832353-9.62.9
S GuptacOliverbBanerjee011--0Rich841301-1.6
R AstoncLe PrevostbBanerjee011--0Frith4280--2.0
A VardcFrithbMoody31011--30.0Bisson3240--1.3
†S HayuncBissonbMoody1017281-58.82
N PerreiracOliverbMoody106611166.67
Y Razpurkernotout1973612-26.03
I Talkarrunout1464462-21.88
Extras (b0, lb5, w10, nb6)21
Total (in 47 overs)128
Fall of wickets

Guernsey innings    RunsBallsMins4s6sSR Israel bowlingOvMdnRunsWktsWNbSRER
L SavidentcandbGupta5671-83.33Talkar7119232212.7
†M Olivernotout717212511298.61Gupta803713-484.6
A A BanerjeecHayunbTalkar41414--28.57Massil402504-6.3
J D J FrithcPerreirabTalkar135--33.33Perreira502728-155.4
S E Le PrevostcHayunbPerreira164352137.21Awasker1050--5.0
M L JefferieslbwbPerreira179--14.29Aston1.201201-9.0
*A Bigginsnotout101632--62.5Razpurker1040--4.0
G J Richdnb
S R M Bissondnb
P J A Moodydnb
S P Queripeldnb
Extras (b0, lb2, w19, nb2)23
Total (for 5 wkts in 27.2 overs)131
Fall of wickets
1-5(Savident),2-16(Banerjee),3-26(Frith),4-81(Le Prevost),5-90(Jefferies)


Dave Hearse has named three changes to the Guernsey team that faces Israel today. The island side endured two large defeats over the weekend at the hands of Germany and Greece in the ECC Division Two Championships in Glasgow. Out go Jamie Nussbaumer, Stuart Bisson and Kris Moherndl to be replaced by the Optimists duo, Mark Jefferies and Steve Queripel, who join fit again Matt Oliver back in the ranks. Keeper-batsman Oliver, who has been a big player for the island side over the last few years, missed the Greece game with a stomach bug. He is also suffering from tonsillitis but a visit to the doctor on Sunday has put him back on the right track. Oliver was certainly missed in the Guernsey batting line-up that collapsed to 131 in the Greek game. ‘It was just a virus and he looks fine this morning,’ said Hearse yesterday. ;He likes playing so he wants to come.’

Nussbaumer will hand back the gloves to Oliver after he had a difficult game behind the stumps against the Greeks. The 19-year-old struggled particularly with the spin of Gary Rich on a wicket that offered excessive turn. Bisson will feel hard done by in his demotion after the Rovers seamer did not feature at all with the ball in the last match. Queripel replaces him after performing well with his nagging medium pacer against the Germans on Saturday. Optimists opener Jefferies is given another chance after he got a duck against Germany and Moherndl, the young quickie, is rested after his wayward performance when he came on against the Greeks.

Having finished bottom of group one, Hearse’s men now have two matches to ensure that they are not relegated to the third division. This, after the Sarnians had gone into the competition as one of the favourites to win promotion to the top division. ‘We’ve got to win,’ said Hearse. ‘They need to apply themselves. They’ve got to learn how top play in a tournament. We’re not going to beat on anyone but they’ve got to learn. Now we’ve got to stay in Division Two.’

Vice-captain Stuart Le Prevost echoed his manager’s sentiments. ‘I think coming to a tournament like this where it’s quite intense – playing five matches in seven days – it’s been a learning curve,’ said the Cobo man. ‘It’s frustrating to lose but the machine has not been running very well. We know where it’s gone wrong. We haven’t applied ourselves and it’s our chance to put it right now.’

Israel have also had an up-and-down competition so far. Their first match with Jersey was cancelled when a secure ground could not be found in Glasgow to host the match. On Saturday they lost to Norway by 91 runs before they got the better of France the next day. Due to security reasons, Guernsey’s match with Israel is being played at RAF Lossiemouth on an artificial wicket. Hearse believes this will play into his team’s hands. ‘We’re used to it; we play on it every night in the Evening League,’ he said. ‘We’ve got some flat-track bullies.’

‘Greece’s costly slip up’    by Aaron Scoones

A second major issue has rocked the European Cricket Council Division Two Championship. After the protests in Glasgow over the weekend surrounding Israel’s participation in the competition that led to matches being played 190 miles away at a high-security military base, two of Greece’s players have been found to be ineligible to represent the country. The duo, Michail Poussis and Paul Maraziotis, were immediately suspended until the end of the competition. All Greece’s points from the group stages were deducted as well, which saw them replace Guernsey at the bottom of Group One after they had been at the top and were strong contenders to go on and win the tournament.

Maraziotis was instrumental in Greece’s nine-wicket victory over Guernsey on Sunday when he scored 34 not out to guide his side home. ‘It came as a pretty nasty shock to the two players involved and to me and all the players,’ said the Greek coach, Tim Dellor, who was not involved in squad selection. ‘The management have unknowingly or unwittingly made an error and it’s going to cost us dear. the team had been playing terrific cricket and that makes it all the more irritating. No-one is doubting their Greek citizenship but the rules clearly state they needed to be in the country for a certain amount of time helping Greek cricket and that is where they have slipped up.’

Guernsey heard the news when they were on their coach and only a few miles from Lossiemouth. Technically they should have taken the five-hour trip back to Glasgow to play France in a play-off, as they had now finished third instead of fourth in the group. But it was decided to carry on with the original match as the logistical problems were too great. Instead, Greece played France and after their match was abandoned due to rain, it was awarded t the French as they had a higher net run rate. As a result, Greece were due to take on Israel today to decide who goes down to the bottom league, but they decided not to travel to RAF Lossiemouth.

‘The game is awarded to Israel, who now finish seventh and Greece have finished eighth and therefore have been relegated to Division Three,’ said tournament organiser Richard Holdsworth. ‘I’m disappointed for Israel as they have not been able to play their last game after everything that has gone on in the tournament. I’m disappointed for Greece but I would strongly advise that the ICC rules on eligibility are very clear and that all member countries must abide by those rules or the ramifications are serious.’

Guernsey avoided a relegation battle after they beat Israel by five wickets.


Le Savident was 3rd in the aggregate list with 199 and 1st in the highest score with 136.

Pierre Moody came 5th with his wicket tally of 8, and 1st with a best bowling analysis of 5 for 23.

Matt Oliver and Lee Savident were 3rd in the partnership stakes with 101 v France.