ICC WCL Division 7 Guernsey 2009

Guernsey v Japan
ICC World Cricket League Division Seven 2009
Venue College Field, St Peter Port on 17th May 2009 (50-over match)
Balls per over 6
Toss Japan won the toss and decided to bat
Result No result
Umpires TC Magee, BD Papworth
Scorers GA Kearns, S Veillard


Japan innings    RunsBallsMins4s6sSR Guernsey bowlingOvMdnRunsWktsWNbSRER
†T ChinolbwbQueripel781-87.5Savident4080--2.0
G B Beathnotout6231-26.1Queripel301615-185.3
*M Kobayashinotout211--18.2
K Muratadnb
K Iriednb
N A Miyajidnb
R A Laidlerdnb
N Miyajidnb
P J Giles-Jonesdnb
Y Matsubaradnb
S Nakanodnb
Extras (b0, lb4, w9, nb0)13
Total (for 1 wkts in 7 overs)28
Fall of wickets

Guernsey innings    RunsBallsMins4s6sSR Japan bowlingOvMdnRunsWktsWNbSRER
L Savidentdnb
†M Oliverdnb
J D J Frithdnb
J R Meadesdnb
*S E Le Prevostdnb
K B Moherndldnb
G J Richdnb
L B Ferbrachednb
J A J Nussbaumerdnb
B A Queripeldnb
S R M Bissondnb
Extras (b0, lb0, w0, nb0)
Total (for 0 wkts in 0 overs)
Fall of wickets


Guernsey Press

‘Howzat for rain’               by Aaron Scoones

Steve Bucknor, the legendary umpire, found Port Soif a lot colder and wetter than his native Jamaica as day one of the Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division Seven was washed out.

There was no play at all between Suriname and Nigeria at Port Soif after water got under the covers during Saturday night’s deluge.  Bucknor took one look at a wet area and ruled that conditions were unsafe.

After a delayed start at the KGV Bahrain were struggling on 52 for four off 13 overs against Gibraltar when rain halted the proceedings.

And there was even less play at the College Field where Guernsey met Japan.  In another delayed start, which turned out to be a stop-start affair, only seven overs were played before the rains from the south-west eventually ended the day.

“It’s obviously disappointing that the weather has closed in, but there’s nothing we can do about it,” said Guernsey captain Stuart Le Prevost.  “We’ll just keep our chins up and crack on tomorrow.”

After winning the toss the Japanese surprisingly decided to bat first when the match got under way at 12.20.  Only 3.1 overs were bowled before the players ran to get the covers onto the wicket.  With the match reduced to 39 overs from 46, an hour later they got back on for a further 23 balls before the rain came again and an early lunch was taken.  During the interval the heavens opened and umpires Trevor Magee and Brian Papworth decided enough was enough and time was called.

Down came the rain at College Field            ICC/CricketEurope

Japan were looking good at 28 for one in their match.  “We really wanted to play and beat them so that it will lead us to win the tournament because we think they are one of the strongest teams, but that’s what happens,” said Japanese captain Masaomi Kobayashi.

All of yesterday’s matches may be rescheduled for tomorrow’s rest day.

Doesn’t look very promising              ICC/CricketEurope

Today could also be a frustrating one for the six teams with more heavy showers possible.  Guernsey take on Gibraltar at Port Soif, while Japan play Nigeria at the KGV and Bahrain meet Suriname at the College Field.