Women Inter Insular T20 2023 Game 2

Played at KGV, Guernsey

on 24th June 2023 at 3pm

Umpires: Mike Kinder (G) and Stuart Hodgson (J)

Toss won by Guernsey who elected to bat

Jersey won by 8 wickets

Player of the match Rosie Davis (G)

Jersey innings  RunBalls4s6sSR Guernsey BowlingOvMdnDotRunWktEcon 
Maria De Rochac Stahelinb Hubbard10610166.67Bex Hubbard4001914.75(2w)
Lily Greigc Dela Mareb Jennings461066.67Claire Jennings3002518.33(3w)
Grace Wetherallb Merrien212030105Hannah Eulenkamp4003017.5(8w2nb)
Analise Merrittc Dela Mareb Merrien230066.67Emily Merrien3002438(1w)
Trinity Smithb Merien13920144.44Alice Davis2001608(0w2nb)
Chloe Greechan*c Davisb Eulenkamp26330078.79Fran Bulpit4002305.75(2w)
Mia Maguirenot out26371070.27
Aimee Aikenheadnot out151011150
Flo Copleydnb
Georgia Malletdnb
Erin Gougednb
Extras(b 0 lb 2 w 16 nb 4)22
Total(for 6 wickets in 20.0 overs)139
Fall of wickets: 1-10 (Maria Da Rocha), 2-14 (Lily Greig), 3-47 (Analise Merritt), 4-48 (Grace Wetherall), 5-63 (Trinity Smith), 6-116 (Chloe Greechan)

Guernsey innings  RunBalls4s6sSR Jersey BowlingOvMdnDotRunWktEcon 
Philippa Stahelinb Greechan5120041.67Chloe Greechan*400922.25
Liz Wilcockslbwb Copley5100050Flo Copley4101233(4w)
Rosie Davisb Copley02000Georgia Mallet4002516.25(1w1nb)
Alice Davisb Copley160016.67Erin Gouge4001313.25(3w)
Hannah Eulenkampc &b Mallet380037.5Grace Wetherall210502.5(2w)
Bex Hubbardb Merritt7710100Analise Merritt2001015(1w)
Krista De La Mare* †b Gouge23273085.19
Fran Bulpitrun out (De Rocha)8240033.33
Emily Merrienb Greechan140025
Elise Millingtonnot out570071.43
Claire Jenningsnot out4140028.57
Extras(b 1 lb 3 w 11 nb 1)16
Total(for 9 wickets in 20.0 overs)78