ICC Europe Division 1 Guernsey/Jersey 2011

Denmark v Guernsey (Semi-final)

Venue FB Fields, St Clement on 23rd July 2011

Toss won by Denmark who decided to bat

Result Denmark won by 58 runs

Umpires IN Ramage (Scotland) and R Smith (Ireland)

Scorers I Khokhar (Denmark) and S Veillard (Guernsey)


Denmark innings    RunsBallsDotMins4s6sSR Guernsey bowlingOvMdnRunsWktsWNbSRERDot
†F A KlokkerstKimberbFrith272340117.4Savident40250116.312
S AhmedcMoherndlbRich403931102.6Nussbaumer40410-110.35
* M R PedersenbRich10111090.9Frith40172--124.310
H ShahcSmitbFrith12170070.6Ravenscroft40210--5.37
R T Mahmoodnotout20222090.9Rich40262--126.59
A Ahmednotout181030180.0
S A N Anjumdnb
A B Chawladnb
J Larsendnb
K T Mahmooddnb
Bashir Shahdnb
Extras (b0, lb6, w1, nb2)9
Total (for 4 wkts in 20 overs)136
Fall of wickets
1-55(Klokker),2-79(Pedersen),3-86(S Ahmed),4-101(H Shah)

Guernsey innings    RunsBallsDotMins4s6sSR Denmark bowlingOvMdnRunsWktsWNbSRERDot
T J RavenscroftcPedersenbAnjum2415831160.0Anjum30921-93.0
L SavidentbAnjum11090010.0Bashir Shah3.202341157.2
†T C R KimbercLarsenbPedersen4960044.4A Ahmed2070--3.5
*S E Le PrevostbPedersen11211008.3Pedersen4182--122.0
J D J FrithbBashir Shah41060040.0Chawla40160--4.0
G H SmitcPedersenbBashir Shah5840062.5H Shah201323-66.5
R KnellerstKlokkerbBashir Shah1320033.3
K B MoherndlstKlokkerbBashir Shah171971089.5
J A J NussbaumercandbH Shah2750028.6
S R M BissonbH Shah2960022.2
G J Richnotout99401100.0
Extras (b1, lb1, w5, nb1)8
Total (in 18.2 overs)78
Fall of wickets
1-18(Savident),2-31(Ravenscroft),3-32(Kimber),4-34(Le Prevost),5-43(Frith),6-44(Kneller),7-44(Smit),8-59(Nussbaumer),9-65(Bisson),10-78(Moherndl)


Guernsey Press

‘Guernsey to face Denmark in semi’   by Gareth Le Prevost

DENMARK stand in the way of Guernsey and a place at the ICC World Twenty20 2012 Qualifier in Dubai. The Sarnians cemented their place in today’s European Division One T20 Championship semi-finals in Jersey with a six-wicket victory over Gibraltar yesterday at the College Field. However, Italy’s 98-run thrashing of Norway at the KGV saw them leap-frog over Guernsey on net run-rate to finish top of group A and earn a semi-final with Jersey.

‘The most important thing is that we are in the semi-finals and we have got a lot of confidence from the win over Italy [on Thursday] that against a good team we can turn up and deliver a quality performance,’ said Guernsey coach Andy Cornford. ‘Who we got in the semi-finals was immaterial. The biggest thing is what is at stake. On our day, if we turn up and put on a performance, we will be a test for anybody.’ Yesterday’s win over Gibraltar was secured by an unbroken fifth-wicket stand of 78 off just 53 balls between Jeremy Frith and Ross Kneller after early wickets had left the home side reeling at 10 for three chasing 116. ‘This week we have had a mixture of outstanding performance and then ones like this,’ Cornford said. ‘I do not think it is complacency, it’s just that there is a lot at stake. It is not a case of us not respecting our opposition, but you can get wrapped up in the moment with everything that’s at stake and I think that’s what happened today. The start we got off to was obviously not ideal and it puts pressure on the rest of the order, but a big plus for me today was the way Ross Kneller came in and dealt with the situation in a positive manner.’

Kneller, who finished on 40 not out from 29 balls, admitted that he felt some jitters walking out to bat with his side 39 for four in the ninth over. ‘I was nervous going out there and I got a full toss early on which on any other day you would be putting into the road, but I tried to hit it too hard and it went nowhere – that’s what pressure does,’ he said.


‘Danes prove too strong’ by Rob Batiste

BYE bye Dubai. Guernsey’s hopes of booking one of the two vacant European spots at next year’s World T20 qualifiers in the middle east city disappeared on the back of a shocking batting display at FB Fields on Saturday. Chasing 137 for victory over Denmark, the Greens made a cracking start – only to throw it all away with a succession of poor shots. Out for 78, Guernsey skipper Stu Le Prevost made no excuses and admitted it had been another sub par performance from a line-up which, in theory, bats all the way down and had to as the wickets slipped away in alarming fashion. ‘Our batting hasn’t fired all week,’ he said. ‘Their slow bowlers were good and bowled really well and varied their pace well. Their running between the wickets was also very good.’

Stumping for Tom Kimber                              ICC/CricketEurope

Having already lost a desperately out of sorts Lee Savident, the fateful moment which turned the match inexorably Denmark’s way was when Tim Ravenscroft holed out carelessly to mid-on in the fifth over. Ravenscroft had the capabilities to win the match off his own bat and was looking as if he just might do that when his toying of the Danish bowling came to an abrupt end. Due to the fact that Savident could hardly lay bat on ball and was struggling so badly, Ravenscroft was racing Guernsey’s total along at a cracking rate.

In the second over the Hampshire academy and second teamer greeted the introduction of left-arm spinner Bashir Shah by smashing him over extra cover for six. When Shah, who was to have the last laugh on the Sarnians, over pitched in the same over, Ravenscroft crashed him through mid-wicket for four more. Savident’s misery was not prolonged and, by the end of the fourth over, Ravenscroft had scored the bulk of the 26 on the board.

Tom Kimber is caught on the boundary                                  ICC/CricketEurope

A moment later 26 became 30 Ravenscroft pulled a short ball for another four over long on. But in attempting to do something similar the very next ball he mistimed it fractionally and the pull failed to clear the mid-on fielder who said ‘thank you very much’, in Danish, of course. That was the start of a disastrous five-over period for the Greens. The Danish spinners – three of them – turned the screw and not only did the runs dry up but the wickets fell regularly. To the first ball of the seventh over Tom Kimber, promoted to number three, thrashed Michael Pedersen’s off spin straight down the throat of the long-off field who did not have to move. Jeremy Frith and Le Prevost played out a maiden and from being up with the run-rate after four overs, the Sarnians we struggling at 32 for three after seven.

Tim Ravenscroft takes the catch on the boundary                                          ICC/CricketEurope

The leg-spinner Ahmed pegged Guernsey back even further with just two runs coming from the next, but it was the next three overs which took the match beyond Guernsey’s reach. In the ninth Le Prevost was bowled having a swipe and with Frith struggling to break free, the runs dried up even further and big risks would soon need to be taken. In the 11th Frith was bowled by a fine delivery, which turned past the outside edge of his bat, and , two balls later GH Smit was caught, having spooned a skier to extra cover. When Ross Kneller went third ball it was game over at 44 for seven with almost half the allotted overs remaining.


Ross Kneller given out stumped as he tries to play an attacking shot                        ICC/CricketEurope

With Kris Moherndl and Gary Rich enjoying a modicum of success throwing the bat in the death throes of the innings, Guernsey’s total was given a semblance of respectability, but not much. Coach Andy Cornford admitted it was a sorry batting display. ‘We’ve been outplayed,’ he said. ‘We did very well with the ball, but we haven’t batted well collectively as a unit again. ‘Only once this week have the batsmen come to the party.’ Having won the toss Denmark got off to a flier courtesy of the dangerous partnership of Freddie Klokker and Shehzad Ahmed and for a while it seemed Guernsey might be chasing a score nearer 200 than the 137 ultimately asked of them.

The Danes raced to 45 off six but it all began to go horribly wrong for the Reds when Klokker ran down the track to smash Frith away only to miss and be stumped. Denmark were 71 for one at the halfway stage but things slowed considerably when Gary Rich bowled Pedersen and, in the 14th, had Ahmed caught brilliantly by Moherndl down by his bootlaces on the mid-wicket boundary. Denmark could then hardly buy a boundary and their score seemed to be light of par until they somewhat fortuitously picked up 16 off the last – the first two deliveries of Jamie Nussbaumer’s over being edged to unprotected boundaries at fine third man.

Tim Ravenscroft dispatches the ball for 6                                     ICC/CricketEurope