Robin Roussel

Robin Roussel

On Thursday 11th March 2010 a pavilion at the Memorial Field was opened in memory of Robin Roussel, a great sportsman who was both a former student and a sportsmaster at Elizabeth College from 1957 to 1989. Robin trained to be a teacher at the prestigious Loughborough training college before returning to the island. He first played for Guernsey in 1954 and by the time he had played his 13th game he had scored 303 runs and managed to bowl 3 overs. He was capped in 1957, #11. He took 5 catches and was included in John Le Poidevins’s best team in 1982.

Having retired from teaching he spent more time with his other favourite pastime of sailing. He was the organiser for the Island Games 2003 sailing event in Guernsey.

The GCB now present the Robin Roussel Memorial Trophy annually to an emerging junior player.
Robin was listed 79th in the All time Top 100 Guerney Sporting Heroes  by Rob Batiste in his Big Book of Guernsey Sport, published in 2016. 

At Elizabeth College Memorial Fields the new pavilion was named in his honour

roussel pavilion