David Piesing

David represented the senior Guernsey national team in 1985 (pre-ICC membership) and previously captained Guernsey U-23s. As well as playing club cricket in Guernsey at the top level since 1977, including more than 20 years as captain of club sides, he also played in the Cayman Islands in 1985/6 and in Hong Kong in 1986/7 and as a result has closely followed international Associates cricket ever since.  David is also an ECB Level 2 qualified coach.
He has been involved in cricket administration since 1980 at club level, and at local governing body level since 1988 when he first joined the Guernsey Cricket Association management committee. Apart from two breaks totalling 4 years in the early 1990s, David has been extensively involved in administering Guernsey domestic and/or international cricket since 1988.
In 2003 he initiated the proposal that Guernsey should break away from its relationship with the ECB (via the Channel Islands Cricket Board) and, as Chairman of the Guernsey Cricket Board, together with his counterpart in Jersey, negotiated the smooth transition from the ECB to Affiliate Membership of the ICC, which was granted in 2005, and the subsequent advancement to Associate Membership in 2008.

Richard Holdsworth, ICC Regional Development Manager, stated at the time, ‘This is a credit to the hard work of the GCB and in particular its Chairman David Piesing. Guernsey Cricket should be very proud of itself’.

David attended the ICC Annual General Meetings as Guernsey’s representative in Dubai (2008), London (2009) and Singapore (2010).  He has seen every Guernsey senior match in ICC cricket since it made its ICC debut in 2006.
He has also been a fully committed supporter of cricket development activity, and always looking to see the bigger picture. He deputised for the Division 2 representative at the September 2010 meeting of the European Cricket Committee, and was subsequently elected onto the committee in 2011

In December 2012 Dave Piesing stepped down as chairman of Guernsey’s Cricket Board, with his deputy David Nussbaumer nominated to take his place.

‘My already extensive overseas work travel commitments are now increasing even further,’ he said. ‘I didn’t feel that it was appropriate or feasible to try to continue leading the GCB as chairman when I will be absent so often from the island. With Dave Nussbaumer as an energetic new chairman with fresh ideas, I will be standing down with absolute confidence that the GCB is very well structured to keep driving us forward’.

David remains on the GCB Board, will represent the island at International Cricket Council meetings and continues to chair the island’s domestic cricket sub-committee.

‘My travel commitments will not affect those roles, which are very different in nature from proactively trying to run the board as chairman. It is purely the leadership role which is becoming impossible for me to fulfil in the manner which I believe is vital going forward, when I will all too often be off-island in a far from ideal time zone to deal with any key issues in the right manner,’ he said.

David Nussbaumer summed up the debt Guernsey cricket owes David when he stated, ‘Without his efforts we may never have become an ICC member and be able to enjoy the fruits of their funding and the many competitive opportunities for our various island age-group sides.’

Under David’s chairmanship the Island has hosted the following tournaments:

2007 European U23 ‘B’
2008 European Division 2
2009 World Cricket League Division 7
2010 European Division 2
2011 European T20 Division 1
2012 European U15
as well as Challenge Series at U17 and U19 level.