Inter Insular #59 2010

The match was played at Grainville, Jersey
on Saturday 21st August 2010
for the Marlborough Trophy
50 overs per side
1st game in coloured clothing to ICC One day regulations
Umpires John Mountford (Guernsey) and John Edmonds (Jersey), Heath Kearns (3rd umpire)
Scorers Sue Veillard (Guernsey) and Gina Kearns (Jersey)
Toss won by Jersey who elected to bat
Guernsey won by 6 wickets

Jersey innings    RunsBallsMins4s6sSR Guernsey bowlingOvMdnRunsWktsWNbSRER
M HaguecQueripelbSavident1428252050Savident1023321130.03.3
D MorrisoncFrithbSavident1437322037.84Duke61180403.0
R DrivercSavidentbRich3685693042.35Nussbaumer703212142.04.6
+†E FarleystKimberbFrith40104814038.46Rich1004110060.04.1
*P GoughcLe PrevostbSmit2846422060.87Frith1012610060.02.6
S de la HayecRavenscroftbSmit812151066.67Smit50264107.55.2
A Dewhurstnotout2335202065.71Ravenscroft20140007.0
B StevensstKimberbSmit61061060.0
T MintycAtchisonbSmit1320033.33
A KaycKimberbNussbaumer31170027.27
J Faudemernotout3430075.0
Extras (b2, lb3, w12 nb2)19
Total (for 9 wkts in 50 overs)195
Fall of wickets
1-27(Hague,8.1 ov),2-36(Morrison,10.3),3-109(Driver,30.3),4-135(Farley,39.3),5-150(dela Haye,42.5),6-162(Gough,44.1),7-174(Stevens,46.1),8-177(Minty,46.4),9-190(Kay,49.2)

Guernsey innings    RunsBallsMins4s6sSR Jersey bowlingOvMdnRunsWktsWNbSRER
L Savidentc&bStevens2655514047.27Driver91430104.8
I AtchisoncGoughbFaudemer4089735044.94Kay7.30330404.5
+†T KimberbStevens098000.0Stevens1022530020.02.5
J D J Frithnotout56101774055.45Hague70260003.7
T RavenscroftcFarleybStevens3139523079.49Faudemer803813048.04.8
S E Le Prevostnotout3136303086.11Minty51190203.8
G H SmitdnbGough20100005.0
B Queripeldnb
J Nussbaumerdnb
T Dukednb
G J Richdnb
Extras (b0, lb5, w10, nb0, p0)15
Total (for 4 wkts in 48.3 overs)199
Fall of wickets



Guernsey Press on Thursday 12th August 2010
‘Atchison in line for debut’
Wanderers batsman Iain Atchison has been included in Guernsey’s 12-man squad for the Marlborough Inter-Insular next week. He is one of three uncapped players in the party, although the other two – youngsters Tim Ravenscroft and Tom Kimber – already have experience of senior representative cricket through ICC tournaments. Also named in the squad are Argylls’ hard-hitting South African GH Smit and OR’s all-rounder Tim Duke, who were absent from the recent ICC European Division Two success.
Guernsey squad: Stuart Le Prevost (Captain), Lee Savident, Jeremy Frith, Iain Atchison, Blane Queripel, Gary Rich, Jamie Nussbaumer, Jonny Warr, Tom Kimber, GH Smit, Tim Ravenscroft, Tim Duke.
[Tim Ravenscroft was born on 21st January 1992 in Guernsey and played his first one day match for Hampshire in the Clydesdale Bank 40 match against Scotland in 2011]

Tim Ravenscroft                          BBC

Guernsey Press on Saturday 14th August 2010
‘Skipper hails his team of options’ by Matt Lihou

Guernsey’s 12-man squad for next week’s inter-insular in Jersey sees a return to a full ‘open-to-all’ policy.
For last year’s encounter at KGV, which Guernsey won, only ICC-qualified players were considered, with that match falling just before the World Cricket League Division Six event in Singapore.
But this year everyone was considered and the squad reflects the strongest performers this year in Guernsey cricket. It contains possibly as many as four new caps in Atchison, Tim Ravenscroft, Tom Kimber and Jonny Warr, who was in the squad of 13 last year but did not play. Captain Stuart Le Prevost explains the reasoning behind the decision. ‘Last year, with the ICC event just after, it was a good chance to use those players and get ready as a team,’ he said. ‘I wouldn’t have called it a practice match, because an inter-insular is important, but it allowed us to see the players ahead of an important competition.’
The main beneficiary of this year’s squad is Iain Atchison, the opening batter having enjoyed a fine season. While the line-up has yet to be confirmed it seems likely that the New Zealander will open alongside Lee Savident, although GH Smit, who was unavailable for the recent European tournament, is one of the alternative options. Atchison is delighted with the call-up, glad that his good form has given him the chance to shine. ‘You never expect to be in a squad, but all I could do was score runs and put myself in the selectors’ eyeline,’ he said. ‘It has been good to get a couple of big scores this year, although I am slightly disappointed I haven’t gone on further on different occasions. If I did open, then I would be looking to stay there for the majority of the innings, although I do understand that as an opener you do have to make sure you put the bad ball away.’
Time Duke is the only other member of the squad who did not feature in the Europeans, the all-rounder’s fine bowling form seeing him as a possible new ball option.
And Le Prevost is more than happy with the squad believing it caters for all areas. ‘The good thing with this squad is that we have so many different options in all departments. There are four guys who can open the batting, four guys who can open the bowling, different guys who can bat in the middle order, and plenty of all-rounders. Now it is just a case of turning up on the day and putting our plans into place.’
Guernsey squad: Stuart Le Prevost (Capt), Lee Savident, Jeremy Frith, Iain Atchison, Blane Queripel, Gary Rich, Jamie Nussbaumer, Jonny Warr, Tom Kimber, GH Smit, Tim Ravenscroft, Tim Duke.
Jersey squad: Peter Gough (capt), Matt Hague, Ryan Driver, Dean Morrison, Ed Farley, Anthony Kay, Ben Stevens, Tom Minty, James Faudemer, Jonny Gough, Sam dela Haye, Tim dela Haye, Andrew Dewhurst.

Guernsey Press on Friday 20th August 2010
‘Kimber ready for year’s biggest game’ by Matt Lihou

As a key part of Guernsey’s recent successes both at home and abroad Tom Kimber has become a man used to the big occasion. But despite the experience of both World Cricket League and European Championship campaign under his belt the 20-year-old admits that he will still be feeling even more nerves than normal tomorrow morning before his first inter-insular clash.
‘There will be nerves big time,’ he said. ‘It is the biggest game of the year against Jersey and also there will probably more Guernsey shouting and support than Jersey ones. So we will have plenty of shouting and support from the side.’
That is more than true but the challenge is likely to be larger than normal on the playing front too. With Grainville being the venue for the match Kimber will be keeping wicket on a pitch that has done a lot for the spin bowlers this year and Guernsey have two fine exponents of the art in Jeremy Frith and Gary Rich.
But although Kimber acknowledges that it will be trickier than normal he does not envisage it being a significant problem. ‘I have kept to Frithy and Richy all year so I am used to it. If it means we can pick up a couple of easy wickets then that would be great.’
If he can do that and Guernsey retain the inter-insular it will cap off a brilliant couple of years for the young Argylls star and he can probably lay claim to being the most improved player within that period. It was in the Singapore WCL event that he really began to make his mark permanently replacing Matt Oliver as Guernsey’s first- choice behind the stumps. But Kimber himself is not sure how the drastic improvement has come about believing much is down to him simply getting older. ‘I think a lot of it is just down to natural progression really. But it is definitely my wicket-keeping that has improved the most.’
His batting has also improved and his destructive style can theoretically be used anywhere in the order although he will probably slot in at number seven in tomorrow’s game. Despite that, he thinks his batting is a long way from being brilliant, believing he needs to add more strings to his bow.
‘I need to learn how to move the field around more and find the gaps. At the moment my only way is to try and hit bowlers out of the ground.’ The future is looking very bright for Kimber and regardless of the outcome of his maiden inter-insular clash with Jersey he has a message for any up-and-coming wicketkeepers. ‘I want to play for Guernsey for as long as I can. I am not going to give it up without a big fight.’

‘Turning track will see spin to the fore for both sides’ by Gareth Le Prevost
If ever there was a clear indication of what to expect from an inter-insular it is Jersey’s selection of two spinners in tomorrow’s squad. It was not that long ago that if they picked one it was merely seen as a token gesture in among all those run-in-and-hit-the-deck seamers that littered their highly successful teams through the 90s and into this century.
Now though it is the way to go especially on a Grainville track that has become renowned as a “Bunsen burner” in recent times. Such is the quality of Ben Stevens that he would have been selected anyway, but the willingness of the Jersey selectors to throw in fellow young left-armer James Faudemer emphasises that the way to success is to go slow. Of course, Guernsey captain Stuart Le Prevost is blessed with plenty of options in that department. You would expect Jeremy Frith and Gary Rich to get through their almost mandatory 10-over spells economically with perhaps a few wickets thrown in. Do not be surprised if GH Smit gets through a full allocation as well – having played at Grainville recently I believe his off-spin would be well suited to the pitch.
In a similar vein Lee Savident could turn his hand to a few tweakers if the situation requires, as could Tim Ravenscroft and Iain Atchison who are regular bowlers in club cricket. Even the skipper himself proved to be an adequate exponent of the art in Cobo’s encounter with Optimus in the CI League at tomorrow’s host ground. In short, I would be surprised at anything more than 20 overs of quick stuff from Guernsey. Yet it is those overs that could prove vital and why the selection of Tim Duke was really a no-brainer. It has been a refreshing sight to see the ORs man back at his best this summer, bowling in as much as I hate to say it, a typically Jersey fashion. His ability to get the ball to move around in the air and off the deck at decent pace has given the best batsmen plenty of problems early on in the innings and is one of the main reasons why his club side are top of the CI League. If he could remove one or two of the Jersey top order early it would be a real boost to the Sarnian’s chances.
Jamie Nussbaumer, one of the heroes of last year’s 23-run win, and Savident joins Duke in the pace attack with all indications being that Blane Queripel and Jonny Warr are fighting it out for the final spot in the XI. Whichever way that decision goes, and there really isn’t a lot in it, it just gives Le Prevost another useful option with the ball.
On the batting front it is a familiar story for both sides although debutant Atchison adds a touch of class to the top of the Guernsey order. For Jersey the main men are the experienced Dean Morrison, Mat Hague and Ryan Driver, although in a similar vein to their visitors, the home side bat all the way down.
All in all two well-matched sides both on a high after European Championship success and I agree with former Jersey and Guernsey captain, now Jersey’s chairman of selectors Ward Jenner, it has the ingredients of being a classic.
So the prediction is for an extremely tight and tense tussle with the decisive factor in my eyes being whichever team bowls the fewer loose balls. If Guernsey perform to their potential though then the European Division Two champions undoubtedly have the capability to upset the Division One winners on their home patch.
Tomorrow’s [Marlborough] inter-insular will be the first to be played in coloured clothing and with a white ball as the annual Guernsey v Jersey clash is played to full I CC ODI rules.

Jersey Post Friday on 20th August 2010
‘Two islands locked in epic, eternal battle’ by Mark Saralis

Are you brave enough to admit that you felt a certain amount of guilty pleasure when you heard about Guernsey’s struggles in the ICC tournament in Thailand last year? Or, as a Guernsey man, felt a certain warm glow when you read of Jersey’s misfortunes when they toured Tanzania and Nepal.
There is, on the surface, great camaraderie between the islands, a sense of us against the rest of the world but, lurking just below, that age-old rivalry that has always existed between them simmers, being fed by a desire to outdo the other giving rise to such shameful emotions.
If it did not exist, the inter-insular, and any of the other exchanges between the islands, would be meaningless. Of course this only applies to fairly trivial events which I guess in the general scheme of things a cricket match is although it may not seem like it on the day. I’m sure that should it be a matter of life and death both islands would unite and you should not therefore feel the least bit guilty for harbouring such thoughts; it is surely only human nature to want to see an old enemy suffer a little bit isn’t it?
The competitiveness between the teams is as great as ever as recent results will show the two teams are fairly evenly matched. Jersey of course enjoyed a decade of dominance winning ten on the trot between 1992 and 2001 until in 2002 Guernsey came to Grainville and took the trophy back and held on to it for the next five years. Jersey have since won two of the last three and will be keen to win the trophy back on home soil after last year when they looked to be cruising to victory only to come up short at the end.
This is an historic occasion as it will be the first time the fixture, which also has a new moniker – the Marlborough Inter-Insular – has been played in ‘pyjamas’ (coloured kits) and the form guide says Jersey has a great chance of winning. Their recent exploits in winning the Division 1 ICC Europe title drew many favourable comments, especially the standard of their fielding, although Guernsey matched their unbeaten record in their ICC campaign, albeit in Division 2.
If there is any disparity between the sides, the absence of Chris Jones for Jersey will bring them closer together. Even in his absence, however, there is every reason to expect a Jersey win and hopefully there is no need for those shameful emotions to raise their ugly heads and hopefully you don’t find yourself hoping Guernsey’s captain Stuart Le Prevost slips over or suffers some other mishap as he walks up to accept the trophy after his side have won.
With Saturday’s forecast looking good at the moment you should get yourself down to the ground, preferably as early to the 11am start time and watch events unfold.

‘It’s not just a case of adding youth; we have added quality’ by Andy Bradshaw

All roads lead to Grainville Playing Field tomorrow as Jersey host Guernsey in the Marlborough Inter-Insular, the home side looking to avenge last year’s 21-run defeat.
Peter Gough is captaining Jersey in an inter-insular for the first time and he is anticipating a close game between the teams, who both won their respective ICC European divisional tournaments this summer. Both islands claimed victory in their five matches taking Jersey to the division 1 title in Jersey and Guernsey to the silverware as hosts in the division 2 Championship.
Gough said ‘Everyone is looking forward to facing Guernsey. We’ve played a lot of very good cricket this summer and have focused on putting in another good performance tomorrow. We really played well in the European division 1 tournament; it’s been great getting back working together as a squad this week, and we want to get that playing momentum back and record another win. It’s the inter-insular and it will be a tough game. Guernsey too did well to win their European division and I’m sure it’s going to be an exciting match. We have brought through a lot of youth players and that’s down to hard work by Chris Minty and Craig Hogan of the Jersey Cricket Board. It’s not just a case of adding youth to our squad, the boys have added quality as well as giving us strength in depth. Sam and Tim dela Haye in particular as batsmen and James Faudemer and Ben Stevens as bowlers. Ed Farley too has been a very useful addition as wicketkeeper and he also bats well. Everyone has added something and that has been good for the team. We’ve stuck with the squad from the European tournament because everyone worked well together and we’re hopeful that form will continue tomorrow. The coach is big on everyone doing things together as a team whether that’s watching someone bat or bowl or even going out for a meal together. It makes sense too because it has helped well with the bonding of the squad. Both teams will be full of confidence after their European successes; yes I really want Jersey to win and I’m sure Guernsey will be saying the same. I believe there is no difference in the standard of the two teams and I’m sure it will be a tight and interesting game. It’s my first inter-insular as captain and I have no fears. Previously there may have been nerves but now that we are playing a lot more cricket as an Island team, there is little in the way of nerves.’
Gough said that it was difficult to pick out a possible Jersey match winner tomorrow. He added, ‘During the European tournament there were good performances from many players. It’s difficult to pick out a match winner because we have a strong side and it depends totally on how the match is going. I’m confident that we can play a good game and if we do that then the result should take care of itself. Our fielding in the European tournament was excellent and if we can repeat that tomorrow then we will give ourselves every chance of winning.’


Guernsey Press Monday 23rd August 2010
‘Ice cool Guernsey quick to extinguish the red’s fire’ by Gareth Le Prevost

In what is traditionally a passionate and often fraught encounter such a cool and calculated performance to win an inter-insular is deserving of high praise. That it was so noticeable that the match finished in almost low-key circumstances with the hosts resigned to their fate and Guernsey cruising over the finishing line with, in truth, plenty to spare is of great credit to this Sarnian outfit who have grown in character so much since that infamous one-run defeat two years ago to Jersey in European Division Two. Make no mistake about it, this is a good Jersey side, who themselves were on the crest of a wave having won European Division One with an unbeaten record. But the side who wanted it more got their just deserts at Grainville on Saturday even though the start was an inauspicious one.
Having lost the toss and being asked to field Lee Savident overstepped with Guernsey’s first delivery of the match, giving Matt Hague a free hit on the next which he drove straight back past the bowler for four. Jersey were five for nought after one legitimate ball and three more runs gave them a fine first over. Thereafter, however, Guernsey refused to let them get away as the ORs pair of Savident and Tim Duke kept things tight, albeit the rare loose balls getting the treatment from Aussies Hague and Dean Morrison.
Savident made the breakthrough with the first ball of the fifth over with a short-of-a-length ball that rushed Hague and the right-hander mistimed his pull shot giving Blane Queripel a simple catch at mid-wicket. Morrison followed in Savident’s next over, cutting straight to Jeremy Frith at point and he made no mistake – both openers had gone for 14 apiece.
Jersey then enjoyed their best spell of the game with ex professional Ryan Driver being joined at the crease by young wicket-keeping batsman Ed Farley who showed few signs of first cap nerves. Both looked to be positive in their approach in their 20-over partnership which was worth a match-best 73 although it was Farley who found the boundary more often. The one time the newcomer looked in trouble was from a rapid Jamie Nussbaumer bouncer, which he attempted to hook and contrived to get the ball over the slips for a streaky four.
After 20 overs of the innings with Savident having bowled out with a spell of two for 33, which is just what Guernsey wanted, Stuart Le Prevost introduced his main spinners in Frith and Gary Rich. Neither was at his best in terms of consistency and Jersey were able to keep the board ticking over but crucially they removed both the ‘in’ batsmen. Having just had a full toss flat-batted for four Rich claimed the huge wicket of Driver next ball, getting a full delivery to turn just enough for the batsman to slice his drive straight to Savident at cover. Rich almost picked up the wicket of Jersey captain Peter Gough soon after but a retreating GH Smit at mid-off couldn’t quite grasp the ball as he made a valiant dive running towards the boundary.
Gough was leading a charmed life as he then top-edged a sweep just over the head of Nussbaumer and gave Smit another chance – this one low down at square leg – that was not taken.
But it was Farley who was next to depart thanks to a fine piece of bowling from Frith who just held one back as the batsman advanced down the track, got it to turn past the outside edge and Tom Kimber did the rest.
From that point Guernsey took control. With the two main spinners bowled out Smit was brought into the attack and as Jersey tried to up the ante so he benefited. His first two wickets came from long hops which Sam dela Haye and Gough both managed to hit straight to fielders and Tim Ravenscroft and Le Prevost safely pouched the chances.
Kimber then showed his ever-improving capabilities behind the stumps with an excellent piece of sharp work to remove Ben Stevens before Tom Minty skied a drive that Iain Atchison caught with minimal fuss.
From 135 for three Jersey were now 177 for eight and it was only thanks to Andy Dewhurst who made 23 not out at quicker than a run a ball that they managed to get up to near 200. As it was they finished on 195 for nine with Nussbaumer picking up the wicket of Anthony Kay in the final over – well caught by a tumbling Kimber from an under-edge.
To have any chance of victory Jersey needed to pick up early wickets but Savident and Atchison stood firm although the latter survived one huge lbw appeal from Driver early on. Savident looked particularly at ease, stroking some delightful boundaries through wide mid-off with consummate ease as he made it look little more than a training session while Atchison also settled well with a couple of drives through the covers. Together the openers put on 60 before Savident’s somewhat surprising dismissal as he got a leading edge straight back to slow left-armer Stevens as he tried to work the ball towards square leg. It was a tame ending to an innings of so much promise.
Kimber came in at three to see if he could notch some quick runs, but he did not last long as Stevens bowled him around his legs sweeping.
However, for Guernsey fans the sight of Frith walking out to the crease is a comforting one and the man who lives to bat was in his element. After adding a further 21 to the score Atchison fell for a neatly compiled 40, drilling a catch straight to Gough off James Faudemer but he had done his job.
Ravenscroft and Frith joined forces to put on 55 for the fourth wicket to all but extinguish any lingering hopes Jersey had, with the debutant teenager positive right from the outset and giving glimpses of what he could offer the island side for many years to come. He should also be applauded for his willingness to walk when he managed to nick a beauty from Stevens to the keeper to end his innings on 31.
That gave the familiar pairing of Frith and Le Prevost the chance to see their side home. The skipper gave an earlier chance but Morrison spilled it and from that moment on it was a case of counting down the runs. These two have put on so many big partnerships for club and island in the past that they made the matter of 61 look a walk in the park, with Frith bringing up another half century in the 47th over before
Le Prevost delivered the coup de grace – a punch through straight mid-wicket for four – with nine balls remaining.
By then the chants ‘you’re not singing any more…’ from the many Guernsey fans aimed at their Jersey counterparts had long died down such was the nature of the match.
Still, victory remained sweet. ‘It was a really pleasing day,’ said Guernsey coach Andy Cornford. ‘It was great for the boys to have so much support here as well. It costs people money to come over and support us and we as a group really appreciate it and we’re pleased to give them the result they wanted.’
Jersey coach Craig Hogan was disappointed that his side failed to produce the standard of performance that they had done in winning European Division One. ‘Full credit to Guernsey, they played good cricket, but they played the cricket we allowed them to play,’ he said. ‘This is one-day cricket and you have got to play well in all three areas of the game. We did not do that today.’

NB Pitch prepared was previously two pitches and played in middle of the two!

D Piesing on GCB website
A clinical all-round performance secured an impressive 6-wicket victory for Guernsey in the 2010 Marlborough Trust Inter-Insular at Grainville, making it 7 wins in 9 years for the Greens.
With both teams having achieved 100% winning records in their respective ICC European tournaments this season, confidence was naturally high in both camps before the game and nobody seemed to be predicting anything other than a very close game, which was also the first inter-insular to be played in coloured clothing with a white ball.
Jersey skipper Peter Gough won the toss and elected to bat first on a pitch which was expected to turn later on. After a quite steady start against tight bowling from the new-ball pair of Lee Savident and Tim Duke, openers Matt Hague and Dean Morrison were both back in the pavilion, caught in the ring, following poor shots against Savident by the time the score had reached 35 and it was left to the third wicket pair of Ryan Driver and Ed Farley to build Jersey’s platform. The pair put together a solid partnership of 73 before Driver holed out to Savident off the bowling of Gary Rich for 36, but when that wicket fell at 108 for 3 in the 31st over, Jersey were looking very well-placed to post a score of 230-plus.
Those remaining 19 overs turned out to be the key period of the game, with Jersey’s middle order contriving to find ways to get themselves out, part-time offspinner GH Smit being the main beneficiary with four cheap wickets. Farley started the procession when he was stumped off Jeremy Frith for 40, followed by Sam de la Haye who pulled a Smit long-hop to be caught at deep mid-wicket and then by Peter Gough who pulled another short ball to his opposite number Stuart Le Prevost to be superbly caught low down at short mid-wicket for 28. Andy Dewhurst (23 not out) played some inventive shots to boost the score as the rest of the tail fell around him, Jersey limping to 195 for 9 in their 50 overs. Smit ended with 4 for 26 off 6 overs while Frith conceded just 26 in his 10 overs.
If they were to have any real chance of defending that score, Jersey needed early wickets but the new Guernsey opening pairing of Savident and Kiwi left-hander Iain Atchison put paid to that with an impressive opening stand of 60. It wasn’t totally without any scares though as Atchison seemed fortunate to survive one particularly close lbw shout early on from Driver. The breakthrough came when Savident got a leading edge to give a return catch to the impressive Ben Stevens for 26, and Jersey sensed an opening quickly afterwards when Tom Kimber, promoted up the order as a pinch hitter to try to stop Stevens settling into a rhythm, was bowled around his legs sweeping.
That wicket brought Jeremy Frith to the crease to join Atchison but with the score on 83 Atchison was caught in the ring off Jersey’s debutant left-arm spinner, James Faudemer for a well-composed 40 off 73 balls on debut. In came fellow debutant, 18 year old Tim Ravenscroft, who started to compile a free-scoring partnership with Frith as the boundaries started to flow. The pair had put on 55 when Ravenscroft fell caught behind off Stevens for a fine 31, leaving his side needing 58 off 11 overs with loads of batting to come. Stevens completed another very decent bowling performance with three for 25 from his 10 overs.
Frith continued to steadily accumulate runs all around the wicket and yet again for Guernsey it was a fine unbeaten partnership between Frith and skipper Le Prevost which saw Guernsey home. Le Prevost scored very freely at just over a run a ball to make a brisk unbeaten 31, surviving a good chance which Morrison spilled at mid-on, one which he would normally expect to take. With no further scares, Frith reached his half-century shortly before Le Prevost struck the winning runs with 9 (second powerplay) balls to spare. It was no surprise that Frith’s unbeaten 56 (77 balls) and economic 10-over spell earned him yet another Man of the Match award to add to his collection.
The Guernsey victory culminates a hugely successful 12 months for coach Andy Cornford’s men, having won their final three games at WCL Division 6 in Singapore, all five games in ICC European Division Two and now beating a strong Jersey side to make it 9 wins on the bounce. Jersey’s 2010 was a mixed one, with the big disappointment of relegation from WCL Division 5 in February in Nepal being eroded by the fantastic achievement of winning all five of their games in ICC European Division One on home soil in July under a new captain and with an injection of some new young blood. The two island teams will meet again in Guernsey next summer and also shortly afterwards in WCL Division 6, which promises to be their most important match yet.