ICC Europe Division 1 Guernsey/Jersey 2011

Jersey v Guernsey    3rd Place Play-off

Venue FB Fields, St Clement on 24th July 2011

Toss won by Guernsey who decided to bat

Result Jersey won by 8 wickets

Umpires NG Bagh (Denmark) and R Smith (Ireland)

Scorers GA Kearns (Jersey) and S Veillard (Guernsey), 3rd umpire BD Papworth (Scotland)

Guernsey innings    RunsBallsDotMins4s6sSR Jersey bowlingOvMdnRunsWktsWNbSRERDot
T J RavenscroftstFarleybStevens161891188.9Driver402022-125.0
A MartelcFarleybHawkins-Kay22100100.0Hawkins-Kay403812-249.5
*S E Le PrevostbStevens151672093.8Stevens401442-63.5
R KnellerstMorrisonbStevens3732840115.6Connolly202602-13.0
J D J FrithcFarleybStevens1613320123.1Carlyon20130--6.5
G H SmitcDriverbVautier138211162.5Noel201402-7.0
L SavidentcHawkins-KaybDriver1715410113.3Vautier20241--1212.0
D Hoopernotout2013311153.8
†T C R KimberlbwbDriver011000.0
T Dukenotout1200050.0
G J Richdnb
Extras (b4, lb5, w12, nb0)21
Total (for 8 wkts in 20 overs)158
Fall of wickets
1-9(Martel),2-20(Ravenscroft),3-55(Le Prevost),4-82(Frith),5-101(Smit),6-124(Kneller),7-140(Savident),8-147(Kimber)

Jersey innings    RunsBallsDotMins4s6sSR Guernsey bowlingOvMdnRunsWktsWNbSRERDot
D A MorrisoncMartelbDuke333220103.1Savident10150--15.02
†E J FarleycDukebMartel904868187.5Duke30241--188.08
R C Drivernotout13142092.9Frith40250--6.39
*P W Goughnotout141010140.0Ravenscroft403702-9.35
T P CarlyondnbRich30300--10.06
B D H StevensdnbHooper10150--15.00
B J SilvadnbMartel1.2071--75.83
A W Hawkins-Kaydnb
A X Noeldnb
B Vautierdnb
P C C Connollydnb
Extras (b5, lb4, w3, nb0)12
Total (for 2 wkts in 17.2 overs)162
Fall of wickets


Guernsey Press

‘Jersey third as Farley plunders Guernsey’

SEEKING consolation in a last day win over the old enemy, all Guernsey got was another dose of frustration. Guernsey’s batsmen rediscovered their batting touch with an eight-an-over target set, but had it been nine it may not have been enough as Ed Farley pasted the Greens’ bowling all over the wide open expanses of FB Fields. Farley’s 48-ball 90 threatened to smash windows at nearby properties and crack a few heads among spectators lining the opposite big mid-wicket boundaries, but all it did was break a few Sarnians hearts who had them set on finishing the tournament on a high and chalking up another win over the Caesareans.

And while it was the Sarnian batting line-up who had been the side’s Achilles heel for much of the week, this time it was the bowling which lacked the incisiveness and pace of the injured Jamie Nussbaumer. Farley took a liking to them all, first of all Lee Savident and Tim Duke who were both hit out of the ground. By the end of the fourth over Jersey were set fair on 42 for nought with Farley having scored all but three of those runs.

Stuart Le Prevost smites the ball a long way                               ICC/CricketEurope

Old Etonian Farley now teaches art at the famous public school but this was not a particularly artful knock – just brutal. When spin took over, Gary Rich found himself twice crashed high over mid-wicket for massive sixes.

The century partnership came up in only the 10th over and such was Farley’s domination you hardly noticed the talented Dean Morrison sensibly and skilfully keeping things ticking over at the other end. Not only was their stroke play a delight, their judge of a single showed Guernsey players a thing or two in an area where the Greens are woeful in comparison. ‘Give us a game you donkeys’ shouted one gloating wag as a humiliating 10-wicket win loomed, but Guernsey escaped that when, on 130, Morrison reverse lapped into the hands of Adam Martel. Two runs later Farley attempted his ninth maximum and only succeeded in picking out Duke on the long on boundary. The game was well won by then and lefties Ryan Driver and Peter Gough saw Jersey home without further alarms, if you can call the loss of a first wicket with 130 on the board an alarm.

GH Smit clears the boundary with this shot                        ICC/CricketEurope

Earlier Tim Ravenscroft had again threatened his own form of mayhem, but after a quick-fire 16 he danced yards down the track to the left arm spin of Ben Stevens, got nowhere near the pitch of the ball, which the bowler had subtly dragged down, and Guernsey’s star man had gone. GH Smith, Ross Kneller and Dave Hooper down the order all chipped in with useful runs as the Sarnians maintained a healthy run-rate, but as time was to tell 158 was not enough on this track as Guernsey team manager Pete Vidamour admitted afterwards. ‘In hindsight we should have got another 20 or 30 runs, but even that may not have been enough,’ he said ruefully. ‘We’re very disappointed.’ Enough said.

Cricket Europe article:

A magnificent 90 from wicket-keeper batsman Ed Farley inspired Jersey to an 8-wicket victory over arch-rivals Guernsey in the 3rd place play-off at FB Fields.

Chasing 158, Farley batted majestically with fellow opener Dean Morrison to put on 130 for the first wicket, clearing the boundary on numerous occasions in a destructive display of six-hitting. Guernsey’s bowlers could find no answer to Farley’s strokeplay, the Jersey opener scoring freely either side of the wicket and regularly clearing the ropes. The signs had looked ominous for Guernsey from the off as Farley smashed his first maximum off the fourth ball of the Jersey innings, opening bowler Lee Savident’s first over going for 15. Farley went on in a similar vein and took a particular liking to the off-spin of Tim Ravenscroft, bringing up his 50 in a mere 28 balls with another towering six over the midwicket boundary that ended up in the groundsman’s shed. Farley continued on his merry way and finished with 90 off 48 balls, a remarkable 72 of these coming in boundaries. He eventually perished in the 14th over with the score at 132-1, going for another lofted drive but this time picking out Tim Duke at long-on. Ryan Driver (13*) and captain Peter Gough (14*) then finished the job with minimal fuss but Guernsey had long since given up any realistic hopes of victory.

Earlier the Sarnians had won the toss and elected to bat first in sunny but breezy conditions, setting what appeared to be an above-par 158-8 in their 20 overs. But they started slowly when they lost opener Adam Martel in the 2nd over, nicking one to the keeper off Anthony Hawkins-Kay. Tim Ravenscroft (16) then looked threatening, timing the ball well but often to the fielder, before being out-foxed by slow left-armer Ben Stevens, drawn down the pitch only to be beaten and easily stumped by Farley. Skipper Stuart Le Prevost (15) and Jeremy Frith (16) then shared in successive partnerships with Ross Kneller (37) to move Guernsey on to 82-4 in the 12th over, but both fell victim to Stevens, Le Prevost bowled playing a cross-batted shot whilst Frith top-edged an attempted reverse-sweep to the keeper. Guernsey’s middle and lower order then chipped in with scores to keep up the momentum, GH Smit (13 off 8 balls) and Lee Savident (17 off 15 balls) accompanying Kneller to move the total onto 124-5 in the 16th over. But Stevens then got his fourth victim, Kneller dancing down the track only to swipe at thin air and be smartly stumped by replacement keeper Dean Morrison. Number 9 David Hooper (20*) then played some innovative sweeps off the quick bowlers to give Guernsey a late innings flourish, finishing on 158-8 and what looked to be a decent total. As it was, Farley had different ideas and deservedly picked up the man-of-the-match award for his imperious knock.

Ed Farley               ICC/CricketEurope


THREE defeats in seven. Guernsey’s cricket management did not see that coming as they embarked on last week’s European Division One T20 Championships. On home soil – and you arguably can count the familiar to them FB Field in Jersey as home territory Guernsey expected to do better than fourth place. They were nothing less than a big disappointment. Why, and what are Peter Vidamour and Andy Cornford, manager and coach respectively, going to do about it?  Having seen our two weekend performances in Jersey, the deficiencies in his squad are plain to see, but at the same time, not so easily solved. And, the argument can rightly be made that just because the boys got it wrong in the T20 format, should that sway the selectors when choosing both a team to play Jersey in the ‘Muratti’ at KGV on 3 September, and then the World Division Six championships in Malaysia a fortnight later. Yes and no, I’d say. But the problems won’t and can’t be solved quickly. Guernsey’s poor running between the wickets is the result of an inherent lazy culture in domestic cricket.

Ed Farley – 6                                                                      ICC/CricketEurope

It will take time to remedy that to a significant level. Finding an impact opening bowler is another task, because as very handy and dynamic an all-round cricketer Jamie Nussbaumer clearly is, he is injury prone and not a Miles Dobson, Andy Creed, Ami Banerjee, Nick Derbyshire or Divan van den Heever.

The seam attack is not great, but there again nor is Jersey’s. Nussbaumer should be one of the first names down on the team sheet but both short and long term, Guernsey need a spearhead of the quality of a Dobson or a younger, more penetrative Lee Savident. Which brings me to … what is Savident’s role going to be moving forward? The big man was, by his own lofty standards, very poor in the T20 tournament. He knew it, too. His level of fitness is not what it should be, but the problem is that Guernsey still so need him for the longer formats of the game where his class shines through.

Ed Farley – another 6                                                 ICC/CricketEurope

It is only two years ago he joined the very select band of players to score a century in a Guernsey-Jersey game. He has not become a bad player in the space of a week. Vidamour and Cornford need to produce some clever man management in his case to get the best out of the former Hampshire man, not least in raising his fitness levels to maximise his  all-round performances. What else? As always. the fielding could do with a little work on, but in selection terms there are few serious alternatives.

Ed Farley – and another 6                                     ICC/CricketEurope

One would have hoped Will Peatfield and Andrew Hutchinson might have blazed their way into contention after highly promising 2010 campaigns. But the former has had knee surgery and been unable to bowl this season and Hutchinson has been absent at university and, apparently, will miss much of August due to a family holiday. There are many highly promising youngsters in the under-17 and under- 19 ranks but you could not make a strong case to elevate any of them into the senior side’s immediate run of big international games. Vidamour’s men clearly still have it well within them to turn over Jersey in five weeks’ time, but at some stage sooner or later the team management need to create more competition for places and make individuals hungrier to improve. And one final thought. Given that this ICC predilection with T20 is unlikely to disappear quickly and another European tournament will be coming around every two years, should we not be ramping up our own T20 game and its age-old equivalent – the Evening League? This year’s Barclays Wealth Evening League has been a small improvement on the past couple of seasons, but as T20 and what we know as evening cricket is one and the same thing, surely it makes sense for all our best players to be focusing on it and not giving it scant regard? Title-chasing Rovers had only 10 players for their key game against Cobo Tigers on Thursday and there was a gentlemen’s agreement that Jamie Nussbaumer would not bowl. What is going on? This is madness.

The Clydesdale Bank T20 franchise weekend event in June was a very worthy exercise, but from what we saw here and in Jersey last week, it clearly was not enough to raise the games of our top players. Playing good hard T20 week-in, week-out, might just help. No?


Tim Ravenscroft was 5th in the highest scoring charts with 70 against Italy. He was also 6th in the aggregate runs with 168 and was 1st in strike rate with 148.

Jeremy Frith was 12th in the bowling with 10 wickets.